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Rub me the wrong way, and I'll go off in your face

« #15 : April 19, 2006, 12:55:52 PM »

Unforgiven was the last great Western IMO. And yes, shame on you, Firecracker.  >:( ;)

I'll go stand at the corner:'(

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« #16 : April 20, 2006, 08:11:19 PM »

  Unforgiven is the last great western, agree with ya there Beebs.  But for me, Tombstone is the most fun I've had watching a western in the years since Unforgiven.  Open Range was good too.

  Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer MAKE that movie for me, and the supporting cast just goes on and on forever.  And I like the nod to the older westerns with Harry Carey JR making an appearance, albeit a short one.  :-\

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just the man

« #17 : April 21, 2006, 05:54:56 PM »

Cigar Joe has got it here, the Westerns these days are packed with huge dialogue and there is a real lack of the feeling of the west, funny really that the greatest westerns of all time were shot in Spain and Italy, even old Hollywood got it right shipping off Wayne, Mitchum and co to Utah.
The last two movies that really used America to stunning effect in my opinion was Dances with Wolves and Last of the Mohicans.
Now onto the thorny question of Clint Eastwood and the movie Unforgiven.
Eastwood to me is the last of the real Hollywood movie stars and has given us no end of great films, but as Eastwood says himself he does a film on time and in budget which has been great for the accountants. but not for the scope these Westerns should have been apart from the man himself the towns don,t look right the clothes are a little off, the actors look a little clean cut.
Eastwood could have done more justice to the westerns he made if he hired some of the old Leone crew to design the sets and gather the props and weapons. and I talk here also of Pale Rider, Josey Wales.
Eastwood and Leone could have made Unforgiven a classic, not just one of the better Eastwood westerns
If anyone of Eastwoods westerns got near the feel of a Leone type film it was High Plaines Drifter
I do not give up on Westerns as I am sure one day we will get a new director and actor that will breath new fire into the genere.

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« #18 : April 21, 2006, 07:59:49 PM »

I thought Unforgiven was great.  I saw it a long time ago, and I should really see it again.  I thought Open Range was pretty mediocre, although the shoot out at the end had its moments. 

cigar joe
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easy come easy go

« #19 : April 21, 2006, 09:01:19 PM »

Its as if some of these directors get part of the ingredients but forget others, yea the action shoot out at the end is good in this film (Open Range), in that one we have authentic dialog (True Grit), in this one over here (The Quick & The Dead) we have gone overboard in the SW story line, but forgot its a "Western" and should be packed with western scenery.

Eastwood allways seems to do it on the cheap, he didn't learn the Leone way of "spectaculaizing" the genre. We NEED Spectacle! lol

Somebody will do their homework and get it right eventually.

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« #20 : April 22, 2006, 05:35:58 AM »

open range was ok... nothing spectacular... the missing with tommy lee jones was better, i think ron howard directed it... better still was the three burials of melquiadas estrada which may not really be a western, but it's close enough to be mentioned here... and I may get shot for saying this, but shanghai noon wasn't bad... let's just say it was closer to a great western than it was to being another wild wild west(which is the most horrendous movie ever made)... but still if i had to pick the best western since unforgiven(which I love and is in my top 10 westerns of all time simply for when eastwood goes apesh*t on everyone)... I would pick either the missing or the three burials over open range any day.

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