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« #45 : April 27, 2015, 12:57:27 PM »

Of course I don't think Bogdanovich only appreciates three single film makers...
Any serious cineast at least admires 100 people working with films. Or 200...
Yesterday I watched JEUX INTERDITES (Rene Clement, 1952) for the very first time.
One of the best films ever made. I'm happy I still have fantastic classic films to discover.

But you have to stop somewhere. I was even shocked when I saw HOW MUCH I wrote up there.
Must have been a lousy month work-wise for me, if I had THAT MUCH time left to defend ol' Peter :).

TARGETS is of course my favorite :). I saw it in a cinema in 1979, I was quite taken by it being 12 years old.
Great example of pure film making - without much money available, like DUEL... It was a great time for film making.
PAPERMOON, LAST PICTURE SHOW and THE MASK are great too. Too bad he lost it a little bit
in the mid 70s. But so did many of the other star directors of the 70s (NEW YORK,NEW YORK; CONVOY; QUINTETT...)

I used Hawks, Welles, and Ford as examples because those are three American filmmakers that Bogdanovich mentions frequently, those are among his favorite. Not that I thought you were saying he only liked those three.
it just seemed to me that you were implying that he wasn't as into the European filmmakers as he was the Americans, and I just don't think that's so. As I said, it makes sense that most of his interviews are with Americans because he can speak their language, but if you read his writings about the films and filmmakers he admires, it seems to me that he is as appreciative and knowledgeable of the Europeans as he is of the Americans.

he has an interesting story (I think in WHO THE DEVIL MADE IT) about how he went to Germany with Cybil Shepherd and found that some film archive had prints of NINE obscure Lubitch films (I guess that nobody had  seen them since their original theatrical run, but this German archive had prints of these nine films, they must have been deposited there decades earlier?.)
Anyway, the only open slot Bogdanovich could find in a cinema (or screening room?) was a single 13-hour slot. So he and Shepherd sat in that room for 13 hours and watched nine obscure Lubitch films.
Bogdanovich said, as I recall, that one of those movies was one of the five funniest films he has ever seen.
I don't recall the names of any of these movies or whether they have since been released on DVD.

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