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: Arizona Colt aka Man from Nowhere (1966)  ( 7159 )
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Don't you like music with your supper?

« : May 25, 2007, 02:51:31 AM »

Review from Leone Admire's SW Virgins Guide:-

The Man From Nowhere

A huge leap up from Between God, The Devil And A Winchester this very slick, enjoyable Spaghetti ranks up there and perhaps beyond that of Johnny Yuma in my Spaghetti watching experience so far.
     The film deals with the character Arizona Colt (Giuliano Gemma.) Freed from incarceration for an unknown crime, Arizona refuses to join the bandit band led by Gordo (Fernando Sancho.) He instread goes to the town of Blackstone, whose bank Gordo intends to rob and he becomes attracted to Jane (Corrine Marchand) When her sister is killed she promises to be Arizona's toy if he brings back the killer.
       The first thing you notice when this film starts is how amoral our 'protagonist' is supposed to be. He cheats at cards (something I don't believe I've ever seen in any western, please if I'm wrong do let me know) and he charges the father of the murdered daughter more then he can afford which means money and the giving of his supposedly unwilling daughter.
       The film also contains a very dark humour, one such example can be when Arizona spells out his answer to Gordo's request to join his group with the bodies of Gordo's men he just killed. This makes the character at the begining of the film a touch unlikeable and gives him a sense of self assuredness. All this is taken away from Arizona when he is serverly injured later on in the film.
       The acting is great with Gemma, carrying off the role of Arizona very well, adding to his character with little nuances and habits that makes him whole rounded and makes the often unlikeably character be more bearable.  Sancho plays Gordo with relish, making this over the top character and enjoyable, pantomine like villain. Marchand is also great as up tight girl who slowly melts under the later Arizona's charms.
       Direction is fast paced, the cinematography is very attractive and well framed and the music was again very catchy and of good quality (I adore Arizona's theme both in vocals and with the harmonica solos.)
       Wild Easts DVD presentation was very good, above average picture and audio quality was a great surprise and really highlighted the great composisitions on the 2.2:35 image and the rather good musical score. The picture quality does drop for a short time but Wild East have given us the explanation for this, "An additional scene, missing from the original English language release of THE MAN FROM NOWHERE has been restored by Wild East Productions from a European video source, which accounts for the degredation of quality in that scene."    I must admit I would rather have a uncut film and suffer 20 seconds (which was how long the additional scene is) of not to bad picture quality then have an a cut version of the film.
     Also contained was a collection of interesting Spaghetti trailers and another exhaustive photo collection. As usual there is music scoring the gallery but this time, Wild East have also included the original 30 second radio spot at the begining which was a nice surpise. 
      I very much enjoyed The Man From Nowhere as it seems to take the idea of Clints character in the dollar trilogy then play with it so he is really unlikeable. I heartily recomend this film and its DVD release.

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« #1 : April 12, 2008, 06:52:48 PM »

I more or less concur with LA's assessment, but 108' are still a bit much. many situations tend to repeat themselves and the love side I would have gladly made without.  The finale (inlcuding the explosion) is borrowed from FOD but the gimmick of the fake hands is exhilarating and unexpected. Score good but unmemorable. I give it a 7\10, bordering on 8.

Opening titles:

German trailer:

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« #2 : April 14, 2008, 04:43:38 PM »

but 108' are still a bit much.

Agreed. I seem to recall writing somewhere that if the movie hd been 15 minutes shorter I would have liked it much better.
A Pistol For Ringo (which this film resembles during the first half hour) is still Gemma's (and Duccio's) finest hour.

Chek out Lupo's better Gemma western, California.

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« #3 : March 23, 2010, 01:58:11 AM »

I would like to add that I really liked the role of Roberto Camardiel as "Whiskey". In my opinion, this was one of his best performaces in SWs. I'm surprised Roberto was not mentioned in any of the previous posts, as his role in Arizona Colt is at least as important at Fernando Sancho's.

Nello Pazzafini also plays a very decent role. And the excellent musical score from Francesco de Masi is one of my favourites.


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« #4 : October 13, 2010, 09:51:15 PM »

I searched vainly for a thread on the movie, but apparently it was never opened up before. O was it?

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Smoke Tuco, so you can't bullshit!

« #5 : October 14, 2010, 02:42:48 AM »

O was it?

Yeah it was but onder the title Man from Nowhere, and the year was wrong (1965).

That's why I'm always in favor of original titles, especially when opening new topics.

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What about me?

« #6 : May 06, 2019, 08:51:00 AM »

Anyone catch the in joke when Gordon robs the bank?

He only kills one man; shoots a guy dressed exact3 like Mortimer in FAFDM!

AND of course the musical wztch6

"Other Morton's will come along  and they'll kill it off"

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