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The Great Silence aka Il grande silenzio (1968)

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i think Corbucci would have used some poetic licence there to get his Marxist message across - but you never know it could be based on a real event.

I misunderstood the word Kopfgeldjäger. Apparently it translates as bounty hunter. 
--- Quote ---"Die Massaker von 1898, dem Jahr der grossen Schneesturme, führten zu ciner entscheiden öffentlichen Verurteilung der Kopfgeldjäger, die unter dem Mantel der Legalität aus brutalem Mord ein einträgliches Geschäft gemacht hatten.

Viele Jahre lang stand in Snow Hill eine Mahntafel, die folgende Aufschrifte trug :
Die stiefel der männer können 1000 jahre lang den staub dieses ortes aufwirbeln. Aber nichts wird jemals die blutflecken der armen menschen auslöschen, die hier umgekommen sind."
--- End quote ---
"The massacres of 1898, the year the large snowstorm, led to one decide public condemnation of the head money hunters, that had made a lucrative business under the coat of the legality from brutal murder.  Many years long stood in Snow Hill a reminding board, which carried the following label:  The boots of the men can 1000 years long the dust of this place whirl up.  But nothing will ever extinguish blood marks of poor humans, who died here."

On my DVD the text is in Italian and the translation is as follows:
The massacre of 1898, the year of the Great Cold, raised the public condemnation of the bounty hunters who, in a climate of false legality, made violence a way of life. An inscription was legible for years in Snow Hill, the area of the massacre: MAN MAY WALK OVER THIS PLACE FOR A THOUSAND YEARS BUT WILL NEVER WIPE OUT THE BLOOD OF THOSE WHO FELL.

There is also an alternate "happy ending" on the DVD where the sheriff comes riding in. Together with Silence he saves all the prisoners held by Kinski and his gang. There''s a note saying:
This "happy ending" was originally created for Asian and North African markets, where the producers felt audiences wouldn''t tolerate such a grim finale. No sound elements were available and there is some question as to whether any audio was ever created.

cigar joe:
There is no town existing now that''s called Snow Hill in Utah, and in the film Frank Wolff was going to take Klaus Kinsky to a jail in Tonopah, now Nevada. Now I think Utah Territory included both states, but there is no Snow Hill in Neveda either.

Actually there were a number of Unionizing Wars and a massacre of striking miners and their families that happened around this time period late 1880''s through 1920 that this may be loosely based on.

Ludlow Massacre 1914

Near Trinidad, in Southern Colorado the Rockerfeller owned Colorado Fuel & Iron Company''s mine workers tried to unionize under the UMWA. The company sent in the Baldwin Felts Dectective Agency (basically hire guns) to break up the organizing activities. They gunned down the union organizer and the mineres went on strike. Since they were striking they were violently evicted from the company homes they were living in. They took to the surrounding hills and set up tent camps. The Baldwin Felts then used an armored car equiped with a Browing Colt (potato digger) machine gun to do a drive by and terrorize the miners, they dug rifle pits inside the tents and continued fighting throught the winter. In the spring Rockerfeller had the Governor send in the state militia. The striking miners at first thought that the militia was there to protect them but the militia took up positions above the tent camps. At the biggest tent camp at Ludlow the militia opened fire with more machine guns an 11 year old boy trying to get water for his family was gun downed.

A freight train that stopped on a siding between the Militia and the tent camp enabled a lot of the women & children to escape abord the train. An attemp by the miners for a truce was attempted but the negotiator was clubbed and shot as he reached the militia. That evening the militia entered the tent city and set fire to the canvas. By morning it was a smouldering ruin. Two women and eleven children were found dead in a pit under a metal cot. It was known as the Ludlow Massacre in all 66 miners were killed.

The news of the massacre put pressure on both Rockerfeller (negative publicity), and  Pres. Wilson to send in the regular army to defuse the situation.

It was on Wild West Tech on the History Channel not too long ago.

i''m thinking of buying this film i here the soundtrack is good but how does it rate as a film?


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