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Leone Admirer:
Now we all know that the reason we all joined here was to talk about the master of cinematic direction, Leone but I figured that there are so many of us cinephiles here that we should all be able to get together and advise each other on different films from different genres as well as certain DVD's? I decided to settle on Film Noir as that is a very popular genre and is having a resurgance through the large amount of DVD releases but we could do seperate threads for different genres (including Westerns, Foreign Cinema (The Criterion Collection in particualr) . I am a filmmaker in training and am always watching as many new films and DVD's as possible in order to learn many things from the filmmakers of old and would like to discuss them with you on this thread. I volunteer to look on these threads and keep them in order if they happen. This is only a suggestion and I dont mind it if the idea is not feasible but I feel there are enough intelligent film lovers on this site to produce a lively review and discussion about films on DVD/Waiting to come on DVD with the associated genres.

Thank you for you time  :)

cigar joe:
Sounds like a great idea, I've watched a few not long ago, The first was Sam Fuller's "Pickup on South Street" with Richard Widmark, Thelma Ritter, and a good looking Jean Peters, it was entierly entertaining.

Then I bought a DVD of one of my personal faves "Touch of Evil" Orson Welles, and the only flaw in the film is Charlton Heston as a Mexican lawyer.  I'm sort of building a film noir collection on the side, I add David Lynch into this category, a Simple Plan and Fargo also.

Another film to see is "Sin City" comic book/Kill Bill/ noir, a lot of fun.

Leone Admirer:
I've selected this page to list upcoming releases, recomended releases (to be reviewed) and noirs missing and yet to be released. Anyone anything to add, just drop me a line and I'll put it down. Thanks!

Upcoming DVD's

* The Film Noir Classic Collection Volume Two
Released: July 5th 2005
Studio: WB
Region: R1
Contains: Born to Kill, Clash By Night, Crossfire, Dillinger and The Narrow Margin.
Info: http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=56595

* Fox Film Noir Wave 3
Released: October 2005
Studio: Fox
Region: R1
Contains: The House on 92nd Street, Somewhere in the Night, Kiss of Death (May change)

* Fox Film Noir Wave 4
Released: December 2005
Studio: Fox
Region: R1
Contains: Where the Sidewalk Ends, No Way Out, The Dark Corner(May change)


* The Film Noir Classic Collection: Volume 1
Studio: WB
Region: R1
Contains: The Asphalt Jungle, Murder, My Sweet, The Set-Up, Out Of The Past, Gun Crazy.
Info: http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=11131
(Highly recomended and review coming very soon!)

* Fox Film Noir Wave 2
Released: June 7th 2005
Studio: Fox
Region: R1
Contains: House of Bamboo, Nightmare Alley and The Street With No Name
Info: http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=56448

Film Noirs Covered By Criterion

[li] Pickup on South Street[/li]
[li] The Killers (Siodmak + Siegal Versions) [/li]
[li] Night and the City [/li]
[li] Thieves Highway [/li]

Info Criterion Site: (A must have DVD collection for all film fans! I love them!) www.criterionco.com

Film Noir Sites

Fox Film Noir Collection Official Site: http://www.foxhome.com/filmnoir/

Classic Noir Online: http://www.classicnoir.com/

Two Kinds of ...:
I love Touch of Evil and if you don't have the DVD, you can see it on TCM tomorrow night.   I love film noir and have loads of them on DVD and VHS.   Cool, cool stuff.

Leone Admirer:
My first review. Apologise for the delay, DVD player broke and all other hell broke loose  ::). I've bought 13 other Film Noirs which are currently (or are waiting) to do the rounds in my new player. I aim to review these DVD's on quality and will give it a mark out of 10. I apologise in advance for any bias that become apparent.  I am not a reviewer- and nor do I want to be - but I want to use this thread as a recomendation of DVDs and films. Therefore I will give a synopsis of the film, my brief opinions on it, then mention the a/v (audio and visual) as well as the extras. I will also give a link for a price comparison of each DVD. PLEASE! If anyone has any DVD's they want to recomend put your reviews here, following the same system if you like. I aim to review a mix of R1 and R2 DVD's but if any of our European friends want to review any of their editions please do so. Well here we go....

The Maltese Falcon

Dir: John Huston
Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre
Studio: Warner Brothers

DVD Details

Region: R2
Studio: Warners
Transfer: OAR 1.33:1
Sound: 1.0 Mono
Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer, Humphrey Bogart Trailers TCM Doco.
Run Time: 99mins aprox
Date of DVD Release: July 3, 2000



After his partner's death, private eye Sam Spade becomes involved in a search for a priceless statuette. Based on Dashiell Hammett's classic novel.

My Thoughts

An excellent noir. John Hustons masterful direction would serve him well in many other noirs (he would go on to direct such as the Asphalt Jungle) and this, his directorial debut, clearly shows this. Bogie, who had become an established secondary player and gangser in the 30's Warner movies (including his brake out hit The Petrified Forest which has many noir elements) hit it big and is succesful in the leading role of Spade and he would make it even bigger playing Rick in the sublime Casablanca. Astor is excellent as the femme fatale, leading Sam along and Lorre is his usual fine self as a rather smug and slimy hoodlum. This great film should be in the basis of all film lovers and training filmmakers (like me) collection.


A very good transfer for an early Warners DVD. Warners have excelled themselves at the moment with their R1 releases, and yet  the R2's generally are of a little less quality, but  this may be corrected. The print desplays great fidelity. Blacks are strong and whites are vibrant. There are however some print defaults, scratches and specks do become common place and in around the 10 minute mark the picture quality drops sharply and continues for a minute before returning to normal. This may be due to the recovery of some dupe elements I don't know, but what I do know is that next year, Warners are releasing (R1) a 2 disc special edition with a re-mastered print so it'll be interesting to see the transfer then.


Sound is presented in its original mono (good for purists  ;D ) and is perfectly servicable. Dialogue is strong and clear, the music may sound a bit weak and muffled but thats of source limitations.


Not a jam packed SE, this still presents us with a quality bunch. The original trailer is included (its SPOILER ridden, of course but enjoyable) as well as the TCM doco, Humphrey Bogart Trailers which is a look at how Warners marketed Bogie throughout his career. AN interesting and informative feature. The nearest I can come close to is the Trailer collection on the Questar: 5 Film Noir Killer Classics DVD boxset.

Overall Score


An fantastic early noir in which you can see the elements we know and love of the genre begining to take shape. This Warners' DVD is a solid choice, and can be had for a rather cheap price if wanted now but it gets only a 'above standard' mark because a superior DVD release is coming soon. Still will you unlock the secrets of the falcon? I hope you do!

Leone Admirer


Price Comparison: http://www.find-dvd.co.uk/D065012.htm

IMDB file: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0033870/

Variety Review Extract

This is one of the best examples of actionful and suspenseful melodramatic story telling in cinematic form. Unfolding a most intriguing and entertaining murder mystery, picture displays outstanding excellence in writing, direction, acting and editing.

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