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: Why Max was so machiavelic ???  ( 3665 )
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« : September 15, 2005, 06:28:10 AM »

one question that rests for me in this film is :
"why such perversity from Max?"

We know what he is and what he wants to become ;
he wants to reach the greatest materialistic succes.

we could understand that he cannot reach that with Noodles (1) and Patsy and Cockeye (2)
(1) : Noodles has clearly marked his opposition to deal with politicians and mafia. Max knows that he cannot "works" with him.
(2) for Patsy and Cockeye, let's say that Max thinks that they are not able to be great gangster... or that there's only one place in the plans of mafia for example.

well why not... but why imagine such a machiavelic plan ??
I was quite dispappointed in the final "duel" between Bailey and Noodles that never, Patsy and Cockeye were evoked.
They disappear that's all, finally they were only gigs of the gang.
The movie insists about the friendship/opposition betwen Max and Noodles. But at the end, Patsy and Cockeye didn't exist anymore in thoughts of anyone.

Why Max killed (or made killed) fifteen years ago friends, patsy and cockeye???
They lived all three together waiting noodles come out of prison...
the prohibition is dead and Max thoughts of new plans...
but it was certainly possible to continue with patsy and cockeye.
Certainly Noodles has a personality which can't annoy Max n his plan. But Patsy and cockeye cannot really embarassed the great Max in his will of ascencion.
So why kill them????

and Noodles... okay Max must find a defnitive solution with him. he cannot kill him...
but he could have found another solution instead of this machiavelic plan...
Noodles cannot rest with him because of his ambitions but why "killed" his life through this very pervert plan???

i said in another post that his success in life can only be approved by his old friend, the guy who knew him when he was nothing...
the final meeting was certainly waited by Max :
He wants Noodles see what he had become.
he wants Noodles say that he had all the success possible in life :
- the money (he is rich : big house, big fest...
- the status in society (he the senator is a very important person...)
- the love (in his materialistic way : the most beatiful woman in Noodles Mind)

it's as Max has defined the success in the eye of noodles.
Noodles desire of money, status and love is true but pure...
it's a child desire... a basic desire... he is absolutely not ready of all the concessions of adult wolrd and society to reach that.
he wants it easily, basically... as a child.

the last confrontation as in other's leone films design a winner only because the loser is dead ("Max in the trash"). But as usually the winner is a looser in certain way....

well let's come back to the question :  what i said is that Max is surprisingly perverse in his relation with Noodles and with his friends patsy and cockeye.
he could have live his own life and reach his own success without killing or lying them...

either he is really crazy or as it was said, it's only a fantasmagoric dream of a Noodles who tries not feeling him guilty of the murder of his friends and made Max responsible of all the situation...

excuse me for my "not always fluent english"

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