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: The Two Jakes  ( 2928 )
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« : December 07, 2005, 08:35:39 PM »

of course I had much appreciated Chinatown when it was released and saw again and again in years. I have to admit though that a recent vision left me perplexed about the verbosity of it. But that is nothing compared to that of this little seen (I presume) part 2. Still verbosity here is little  compared  to the actual impenetrability of the plot: it has never happened to me to be at odds about what is the development of the plot like it happened while watching 2 jakes. Was I alone?

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« #1 : December 08, 2005, 06:41:19 AM »

I love Chinatown. I'm currenty in prep for a Noir short I'm going to do and Noir and Westerns are my favourite cinematic genres. I've been interested in seeing the Two Jakes but have heard rather negative info about it. Cany anyone say whether it be good or bad?

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« #2 : December 08, 2005, 03:05:49 PM »

It's abysmal. Don't bother with it. Apart from some of the characters having the same names as ones in CHINATOWN it's like it's inhabiting a different universe.

Polanski's masterpiece was a chilling genre transformation movie, Nicholson's THE TWO JAKES  merely fetishises the era it's set in, it's props and costumes. Also, Nicholson is on such an ego trip as director and star that he has made fatal alterations to the character of Jake Gittis.

In Polanski's film he is a rather smug and suggestable person, who is manipulated by massive forces beyond his comprehention, both sexually and politically. In Nicholson's film he's just Jack Nicholson, cool guy, with a handle on what's going (which is more than the audience has).

In Polanski's film Gittis is casually racist and this means he misses a vital clue right at the start of that film. "Yeah, bad for the glass." In Nicholson's film, because he's now cool Jack, he explodes and beats the crap out of another character for making a racist remark.

I don't remember anything about the plot, except there's an earthquake at one point. File this one away under:
"it never happened".

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« #3 : December 09, 2005, 08:41:59 AM »

Was I alone?

No, but not everyone was left out in the cold, either.  I liked the film quite a bit.

I remember going to see the film in a packed house.  After about an hour, this overwhelming sensation of collective confusion seemed to rise up out of the audience, and I began to suspect that most people didn't know that the film was a sequel to Chinatown, and were expecting something a little easier to parse, like Batman.

Is the film hard to take sometimes?  Sure, but The Big Sleep has a similarly impenetrable plot, and I love that movie, too.

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