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: FaFDM DVD - Missing scene?  ( 29077 )
Road Apple
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I'm a llama!

« #30 : November 11, 2004, 06:07:56 AM »

Leone filmed a scene for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly where Clint is in bed with a Mexican woman (Silvana Bacci). This scene was part of the cut Socorro sequence.

Likewise, in For A Few Dollars More a scene was filmed with Clint in bed with the hotel receptionist Mary (Mara Krupp).

These scenes were not included as Leone knew they would diminish Eastwood's character.

These scenes were never part of any official version and it seems unlikely that the original footage will ever be found. All that remains are press stills.

However, there are two scenes that should be included in the fully restored and uncut version of For A Few Dollars More.

The first is the small cut in the beating sequence which has been discussed here.

Secondly there is a very important sequence that nobody has mentioned. This scene was part of Leone's original Italian print. It involves Indio baptising his gun in holy water. As far as I know this scene has never made any western release.

Road Apple
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I'm a llama!

« #31 : November 29, 2004, 11:30:59 AM »

I keep forgetting to ask this, and I don't know if it was ever brought up on the old board, so here goes...

I thought I saw something missing in the DVD version in the scene where Indio and his gang are beating on Monco and Mortimer. At first, Indio is the only one laughing at the scene, but soon the other bandits join in. But then Indio stops laughing, his smile fades into a frown...and then the cut comes.

On the VHS version I have, Indio leaps down from the wall, yelling at them to stop it. He also tells Nino to tie them up in a side room. When one of the others asks Indio why he wants them to remain alive, that's where the cut ended, as Indio asked what the El Paso sherrif was doing at that point.

So why didn't the DVD have that little snippet? ???

May be I'm able to explain this: When the Movie Departement of the German private broadcast station ProSieben worked on a reconstruction of FaFDM they asked MGM in the States for material; unfortunately MGM had no low con print available, but only two versions on Digital-Betacam: one was in fullscreen (4:3), which includes the scenes above, the other one was in widescreen (2,25:1), which does'nt include them ...
In contrast to these two versions the Italian VHS, which is based on the low con material of the producer (at Technicolour in Rome), includes the complete beating-scene, but the film is all in all not complete either: the first shot is shorter, the bounty hunter-insert after the opening credits is missing and Indio's laughter after his jailbreak is shorter too ...
May be a new DVD-edition of FaFDM will include all the scenes for which the fans are looking for ...
PS: I think the bed-scene with Mara Krupp was in the rough cut, but deleted because of reasons concerning the protection of minors ...

Lewis Hawk
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« #32 : November 29, 2004, 12:58:34 PM »

the missing scene in Gbu with Blondie in bed with a mexican girl was in the french trailer. That's included in the movie when tuco is purchasing blondie (remember the scenes with the cigarillos). Tuco arrives in a mexican village. Blondie is doing that girl. And tuco makes an hold up on the all inhabitants of the village in the center of the village. They all put theire monney in his hat. But he lets it a few minut to come and ask a barman if he did'nt have seen a (in french) "un grand blondin". The man doesn't know and tuco beat him. But during this scene, the mexican girl of blondie come and take his hat with the whole money... THE END. So tuco find blondie with Larsen being hang.

al mullock
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« #33 : September 04, 2005, 12:53:24 PM »

Neither women were in GBU as far as credits are concerned and neither played a prostitute nor did any of them end up in bed with Clint. Hope that helps.


 Hi, jouissance (are you french?).
 Did you forget Bill Carson (Jackson)'s girl-friend? She is a prostitute in GBU.At the beginning of a scene, she is pushed down by four drunked singing soldiers. It seems they beated her ,may be raped her.She is angry and insulted them.Sentenza (in English Version Angel Eye ?) waits for her at home and beated her.I remember she was a pretty girl .
Blondie may be was agree with me .  

hi guys im sure that the bill carson girl friend is played by rada rassimov... i saw like you this still and the girl who plays the prostitute in bed with blondie is not in the actors list

Road Apple
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« #34 : September 29, 2005, 05:51:09 PM »

Scroll to the bottom.

dave jenkins
Bounty Killer
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"One banana, two banana, three banana, four...."

« #35 : October 05, 2006, 07:10:16 AM »

In most cuts of the film, even on the UK SE DVD, the scene in which Mortimer and Monco are beaten (end of chapter 26) ends this way:

[Indio stops laughing.]

Indio: What’s he doing now, this sheriff in El Paso?

Groggy: Right now? Looking for the cash that was in the bank.

As you know, that inelegant edit is not what SL intended. The German DVD (2005) from Tobis/Paramount has a more complete version of the scene. For those who haven’t seen the longer cut and are curious, here’s the missing dialog:

[Indio stops laughing.]

Indio: Stop it. Nino, see that they’re tied securely. Slim, keep an eye on them.

Groggy: Why let ‘em live?

Indio: [pause] All things at the right time.

Groggy: What do you mean?

Indio: What’s he doing now, this sheriff in El Paso?

Groggy: Right now? Looking for the cash that was in the bank.

"McFilms are commodities and, as such, must be QA'd according to industry standards."
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Never seen so many men wasted so badly.

« #36 : October 13, 2006, 06:45:12 PM »

That was included on the old VHS version in England, but the begining audio was out of sink with the rifle shot in the opening scene and during the shooting of the credits.

So many of us have had a session in there.
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