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: Just seen Jean Luc Godard  ( 2516 )
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Lonesome Billy

« : April 19, 2006, 11:09:12 AM »

Yesterday in a street of Paris, I've seen jean Luc Godard:) it was quite funny, for those who like him... I'm not crazy about his movies, and I don't think John Baldwin loves him too...

Anyway, it was funny:) it makes 3 famous directors for me (Francis FOrd Coppola and his daughter Sophia were the other two, i've seen them during the shooting of the next Sophia Coppola's movie, marie antoinette, in versailles)...
Have you ever meet famous directors? if you have, tell us the storie....

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« #1 : April 19, 2006, 12:18:37 PM »

I've met Nic Roeg once. I was at a party thrown by a video lable I used to work for, and at one point in the evening I turned round and there he was. I'd had a few free drinks by then, so I smiled at him and went over and said hello, and told him what a genius I thought he was. He seemed extremely pleased at being recognised (he was with some girl 10 years younger than me, never mind him!), and we chatted for a bit. The music was so bloody loud it was a bit difficult. Sadly he left quite early, so I didn't get to talk some more.

I've met Mike Leigh a couple of times, once when I acted as an extra in CAREER GIRLS and later that year when I had to interview him for a documentary. He was one of the most intimidating individuals I've ever spoken to, while the camera was running. As soon as the interview was over though, he was like a different person, affable and charming even.

I spent several days with Freddie Francis, who was not only an interesting director of horror films, but also (like Nic Roeg), a monumentally accomplished cinematographer and multi-Oscar winner. The reason I met him was I did a three day masterclass on that subject he hosted. I met him a few months later at a cinema in London, and was very flattered that he remembered me.

I had a beer with Michael Moore once too, when he did a talk at Channel 4 about his documentary practices (pre-9/11). We were the first guys in the bar at the interval, and got chatting about other documentaries we liked, and the difficulty of finding work (I'm from a kinda Scottish equivilant of Flint). I was amazed at how physically imposing he was, more than just the laid back fat guy he comes accross on camera. I can see how he is never intimidated by anyone.

I met Ken Loach on a directing masterclass once too. I'm sorry to say I found him a very dull person. Very quiet and shy for a director, and a very uninspiring teacher.

I was lucky enough to not only meet Czech animator Jan Svankmajer and his wife Eva a couple of years ago, but to also have dinner with them, and introduce them live on stage and host a short audience Q+A after. I worked at the ICA in London then, and they came over as guests of honour. I could chat to Eva in Russian, but needed a translator to speak to Jan. They were both inspirational people who I never hoped of meeting, never mind getting to spend so much time with them. Sadly Eva died earler this year.

There's a few more, but thats quite enough for now...

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« #2 : April 19, 2006, 12:54:10 PM »

Not a great director(in my eyes) but I did "meet" Wes Craven at universal studios california during Halloween horror Nights(a celebration done during the month of october). I was in a bathroom and er....doing my buisness at the urinal, when I finished I went to the sink to wash my hands. There was a man next to me doing the same. when he lifted his head I saw his reflection on the mirror and recognized him as Wes Craven. It was shocking so I just stared at him, without saying a word(my jaw was probably on the floor) until he left the bathroom. Quickly dried my hands to see if I could catch another glimpse of him but by the time I exited the bathroom he had gotten lost among the crowd of people.

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« #3 : April 19, 2006, 04:47:18 PM »

Met Fellini, at a spa, 20 years ago I think.

Repeatedly (he should live in the same area as me) Marco Bellocchio.

Some other too.

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« #4 : April 19, 2006, 04:54:34 PM »

I only met Gabriel Byrne. Got his autograph too, he was a real nice guy.

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Jamais personne ne t'aimera comme je t'aime

« #5 : April 19, 2006, 04:56:04 PM »

Godart is great for almost 4 movies:Le mepris with Bardot, Piccoli, Palance and..Fritz Lang;
Le petit soldat
Pierrot le fou (with Belmondo)
And my favorite: A bout de souffle (Breathless) with Belmondo again and a stunning Jean Seberg.

Again (as Kubrick or Cassavetes) a cinema which is not necessary accessible to everybody.

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« #6 : April 19, 2006, 05:20:45 PM »

My Brush With Greatness, Film Directors Category: the only one I can recall is shaking hands with Fons Rademakers at a festival screening.

Godard: a great run of films at first, but with Weekend it all began to go terribly wrong.

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easy come easy go

« #7 : April 19, 2006, 07:01:10 PM »

I spent two days fly fishing with Fred Schepisi and his son Nick, he had a couple of great stories, and was a nice down to earth guy.

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« #8 : April 20, 2006, 08:02:10 PM »

  My freshman year in a media class we watched Breathless and I was blown away.  It was my first introduction to French cinema from the 50s and 60s.

  So congrats, noodles, it's always fun meeting celebrities, especially when you like their work.

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