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: philosophical meanderings  ( 2762 )

« : May 30, 2003, 08:27:45 AM »

being "the good"  character  in  GBU,  blondie becomes more personable.  it's as if blondie's finally lets us into his "club".   but in the end he knows he can never reveal too much  being times are xtrm.  &  survival is of the fittest.                                                                                                                                                                         ie.  offering tuco a cigar, careing for the dying johny reb, offering him a cigar :'(.  escaping hanging by cannon fire from retreating troops.   ;D

another cannon blondie uses to fire @ tuco in order to  slow him up and create  the scene, where w/ out a horse ,  tuco must now run through sadhill on his on his own two feet creating unspeakable splender.  :o

coming accross the dynamite  that will "make those idiots go someplace else and fight" so the duo  may proceed accross the river to the gold, and save many lives which heretofore were headed for certian death.

getting the name on the grave from bc @ just the right moment  that saved  his hide from a p.o.ed tuco.    >:(

carson poping up. just at the right second.  blondie never lifts a finger.   except to motion tuco closer.    :)

it's as if sergio is saying in this world my friend,  there are THREE  different kinds of people.  the ugly,  which works harder olny to gain less.  the good  reaches the gold.   the bad  winds  up dead in an open grave. another convevience for blondie.  ::)

 if leone had been living  3,000 years ago there may have been a section in the bible. virtues & their contrary vices: the book of leone.  :-\                      we olny get these kinda guys veery rarely.   :(
sela !
end of sermon & press conference   :P

i know. kermit you're in the wrong topic range again.   :(
i just don't  care.     :-\                                                                              koolest klint lines from all 3 spaghettis would do.   ante up ?   8)
been thar, donit ? won't break ma heart !!!!   :'(

and now dear freinds LESS TALK ABOUT YOU ! and may god be praised ! he hates the yanks too.  

« : May 30, 2003, 11:19:30 AM KERMIT »
Millions in Hand
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The next Dollars Movie

« #1 : May 30, 2003, 11:48:22 AM »

Ive never seen so many damn smilies in a thread like this!

Ah, great topic. Thats the one thing I noticed. The quoting of "Theres two kinds of people...." When in reality, theres 3, just like the title says. I always saw that as somewhat of joke.

Indeed, we are opened to a more personal Monco/Joe/Blondie/ect in this film. At the same time, I kind of feel that we are exposed to too much. In the previous films, we get a more "hard" "badass" type of character. While still present in GBU, he is directed to be a little more of a "good" character, and not just a "badass."

But at the same time, Im glad his character was made this way in GBU. The contrast between him and Tuco and Sentenza would have been really different, if he was just the plain "badass." You could argue though in the other films that he has a genuine "niceness" to him, but it wasnt portrayed as much as in GBU.

Seems like Im probably just repeating what Kermy said, but hey, its all good.

What I found funny was the relationship between Sentenza and Blondie. The first time that are in a same scene is at the second Tuco hanging. He refers to Blondie as a golden hair angel. It almost seemed that he somewhat "liked" Blondie. After Tuco gets "jacked" at the camp, Blondie is finally able to converse with Sentenza. He knows Blondie wouldnt talk, and needs the info. Thats not necessarly a sign that he likes, but he knows what kind of person he is. At the final scene, Sentenza looks very worried about the 3 way duel, but I almost get a sense that he was going to shoot Tuco, and not Blondie. The reason why, is because I think he has somewhat of a "respect" for Blondie, whether its because he knows Blondie is a faster draw, or because Blondie isnt a Rat like Tuco. Another reason for my "idea" is because Sentenza always finishes his "job." With that kind of attitude, one would think he still has some "morals" or "principles." So keeping his end of the deal, he would have shot and killed Tuco, and he and Blondie would have split the money. Thats just a theory, and obviously no way of saying its true or false.

Working on a good quote, check back later.
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Lincoln's grandfather

« #2 : May 30, 2003, 02:23:36 PM »

Oh please! Don't kid yourself. Watch the scene again. Angel Eyes is staring at Blondie in most of his closeups and he's looking to his left when he draws his gun. He knows Blondie is the faster draw because of the way he killed the man who snuck up on him while he was "asleep." And also the way Blondie handled his gun when Angel Eyes returned it to him at the prison camp. So he's got to kill him first or else he's dead.


« #3 : May 30, 2003, 02:59:43 PM »

fellas we gotta live one here.  used faces to attract attention.  " sorry tuco.  :-["
 if angel eyes always finishes a job  it's murder. as in al capone- not duelling. no love lost.
all 3 have a love/hate relationship and leone's valor/code of the west that rules.  all 3 have reputations as being the best @ what they do.  that is if your a movie goer & not a citizen of this dream like world leone constructed.

and i use  past tence@ as right down to the electric guitarist on the score getting a heck of a lot twangier than 1st. 2 installments  all things evolve, characters, leone, morricone, clint. everything. thats why they pay to see it.  there's olny one. and when it's done i go back to the top and see it again.  why ? becaues i always catch 2-3 things i missed before. plus nothing else

hung jury kermit

just the duell the trio have ought to reopen a lot of graves @sadhill.  ie. we've all discussed this  before.

« : May 31, 2003, 10:47:41 AM KERMIT »
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« #4 : May 31, 2003, 04:54:26 AM »

and i use  past tence@ as rat down to the elec. guitarist on the score getting a heck of a lot twangier than 1st. 2 installments  all things evolve, charecters, leone, morricone, clint. ever damn thang. dis is good no ?  :)



Could you write in classic English ? Many people in this site are foreigners  .
Personnaly I don't understand any word.
For example your sentence above is like chinese for me.
Regards old chap !

sempre sempre ci ni sara banditinelli in macchia Corsa

« #5 : May 31, 2003, 10:11:10 AM »

no pb.  aaronson,
thank you dear chap,
i will follow through w/ your suggestion.
regards & best wishes,
kermit   ;)  

« : May 31, 2003, 10:19:24 AM KERMIT »
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