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Alex Cox / Lee Van Cleef interview

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Silly me, I forgot to link you guys up.

Here's where you can (legally) download the entire book of 10,000 Ways to Die for free! Right on Alex Cox's own website. It's an interesting read, I highly recommend it.

However, towards the end of the book there's a huge section where he just lists a bunch of spaghetti westerns, along with their directors, plots, casts, etc. AVOID THAT SECTION. IT DIDN'T TAKE ME LONG TO DISCOVER THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS IN A LOT OF THE PLOT SUMMARIES.

Excellent interview. Lee Van Cleef sums up WHY i don't like most of the " circus " sphagetti westerns.  He said they were spoofs of westerns. Thats exactly the tone i get from the majority of the non Leone Italian westerns.   


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