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: Top 100 Westerns  ( 2743 )
dave jenkins
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"One banana, two banana, three banana, four...."

« : July 04, 2008, 10:01:09 AM »

Here's someone who knows what she's talking about:

« : July 04, 2008, 10:05:15 AM dave jenkins »

That's what you get, Drink, for not appreciating the genius of When You Read This Letter.
dave jenkins
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"One banana, two banana, three banana, four...."

« #1 : July 04, 2008, 10:10:14 AM »

Here's the original PR:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 13 AZ-Westrn-Writrs-Top

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- SHANE, director
George Stevens' classic 1953 movie about a weary gunfighter caught up in a
land war between Wyoming ranchers and farmers, is the greatest Western movie
of all time, Western Writers of America has announced.

For top honors SHANE, which Pulitzer Prize-winning Western novelist A.B.
Guthrie Jr. adapted for the screen from Jack Schaefer's novel, edged HIGH
NOON, the 1952 movie that won Gary Cooper his second Academy Award as Best

Western Writers of America, a nonprofit organization of more than 600
professional writers, founded in the 1950s to promote and honor the best
literature about the American West -- including screenwriting -- announced the
100 Greatest Western Movies of All Time on Thursday, June 12, at Scottsdale's
Chaparral Suites during the association's annual convention.

"This year has been incredible," WWA Executive Director Paul Hutton said.
"Cormac McCarthy's brutal little contemporary Western NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN
did great at the box office, taking in over $60 million and was nominated for
a Best Picture Oscar. Directors Joel and Ethan Coen got nominations, too. Paul
Thomas Anderson also was nominated for THERE WILL BE BLOOD, his amazing
adaptation of Upton Sinclair's 1927 novel Oil, with his lead actor Daniel
Day-Lewis winning the Oscar."

Members voted on their top 10 Western movies, and the ballots were
tabulated at the WWA offices at the University of New Mexico.

No. 3 was THE SEARCHERS, director John Ford's powerful 1956 story about a
vengeful Texan's quest to find his two nieces, taken by Comanche Indians,
based on Alan LeMay's novel. No. 4 was BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, the
1969 movie that first teamed Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Kevin Costner's
Academy Award-winning DANCES WITH WOLVES (1990), from Michael Blake's novel,
rounded out the top five.

Rounding out the top 10 were director Sam Peckinpah's bloody,
end-of-the-West opera THE WILD BUNCH (1969); Howard Hawk's first Western, RED
RIVER (1948), which gave John Wayne one of his best roles; the surprise cult
O.K. Corral favorite TOMBSTONE (1993), starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer;
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (1960), a Western retelling of Japanese director Akira
Kurosawa's brilliant SEVEN SAMURAI, and OPEN RANGE (2003), which starred
Robert Duvall in another Costner-directed movie.

"It's not the Top 10 I would come up with," says incoming WWA president
Johnny D. Boggs, "but that's the fun of lists like these. It prompts lively
debate, and members of Western Writers of America can be as passionate about
Western film as they are about literature of the West."

WWA's membership roster is filled with writers who are no stranger to
Hollywood, including screenwriters Kirk Ellis, Steve Harrigan, C. Courtney
Joyner, Andrew J. Fenady, Stephen Lodge, and Miles Hood Swarthout, whose
father, the late Glendon Swarthout, wrote the novel THE SHOOTIST, which became
John Wayne's last movie. Bill Gulick (BEND OF THE RIVER, THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL)
and Max Evans (THE ROUNDERS, THE HI-LO COUNTRY) saw two of their novels
adapted for the screen. Hutton, Boggs and fellow members Michael F. Blake, Win
Blevins, Brian Garfield, and Arthur Winfield Knight have written extensively
about Western film.

In 2009, WWA plans to announce the 100 Greatest Western Television Movies,
Series and Miniseries of All Time during the convention in Oklahoma City.

For information on the WWA convention, call the organization's executive
director's office at (505) 277-5234 or log on to

The complete list follows:

WWA Top 100 Westerns

1. Shane
2. High Noon
3. The Searchers
4. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
5. Dances with Wolves
6. The Wild Bunch
7. Red River
8. Tombstone
9. The Magnificent Seven
10. Open Range

11. Treasure of the Sierra Madre
12. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
13. True Grit
14. The Shootist
15. Stagecoach (1939)
16. Unforgiven
17. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
18. The Outlaw Josey Wales
19. Ride the High Country
20. Jeremiah Johnson

21. The Cowboys
22. My Darling Clementine
23. 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
24. Rio Bravo
25. The Ox-Bow Incident
26. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
27. Lonely are the Brave
28. Will Penny
29. Hud
30. Winchester '73

31. Little Big Man
32. 3:10 to Yuma (1957)
33. The Grey Fox
34. The Alamo (1960)
35. Silverado
36. Ulzana's Raid
37. Once upon a Time in the West
38. Rio Grande
39. The Rounders
40. The Big Country

41. The Hi-Lo Country
42. Duel in the Sun
43. Fort Apache
44. The Last of the Mohicans (1992)
45. The Last Picture Show
46. The Grapes of Wrath
47. Bad Day at Black Rock
48. The Long Riders
49. The Tall T
50. Cat Ballou

51. Tumbleweeds
52. The Iron Horse
53. Man of the West
54. Seven Men from Now
55. The Big Trail
56. Three Godfathers
57. Hell's Hinges
58. The Wind (1928)
59. The Westerner
60. Support Your Local Sheriff

61. They Died with Their Boots On
62. Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
63. The Professionals
64. The Cheyenne Social Club
65. El Dorado
66. Thunderheart
67. The Virginian (1929)
68. A Man Called Horse
69. Hombre
70. Barbarosa

71. Chisum
72. The Big Sky
73. Young Guns
74. Destry Rides Again
75. Junior Bonner
76. Angel and the Badman
77. Warlock
78. The Misfits
79. No Country for Old Men
80. Monte Walsh

81. Four Faces West
82. The Naked Spur
83. The Gunfighter
84. High Plains Drifter
85. Devil's Doorway
86. Law and Order (1932)
87. Coroner Creek
88. Valdez is Coming
89. Hondo
90. The Man from Laramie

91. The Unforgiven (1960)
92. Broken Arrow
93. Bend of the River
94. Giant
95. Blazing Saddles
96. The Culpepper Cattle Company
97. Three Bad Men
98. Pursued
99. McCabe and Mrs. Miller
100. The Great Train Robbery (1903)

That's what you get, Drink, for not appreciating the genius of When You Read This Letter.
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formerly Gay Patrick Stewart

« #2 : July 04, 2008, 11:04:53 AM »

Man, people are stupid  ::)

Tucumcari Bound
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« #3 : July 04, 2008, 11:45:07 AM »

That list is horrible.

"This train'll stop at Tucumbari."
dave jenkins
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"One banana, two banana, three banana, four...."

« #4 : July 04, 2008, 11:51:45 AM »

Tru dat. CJ, Yellow Sky didn't even make the list!

That's what you get, Drink, for not appreciating the genius of When You Read This Letter.

« #5 : July 04, 2008, 01:03:16 PM »

bout 50 of them woulnt even mak my top 200

troubl is, thse assholes who mak thse lists havnt seen a western in so long, thy dont know what thy look like anymore- an i guess anybdy in a cowboy hat an boots turns th movie into a western

so how much did Costner bribe th judges, ta get 2 of his flix in th top 10

cigar joe
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easy come easy go

« #6 : July 04, 2008, 03:30:37 PM »

Yea it is a horrible list. :P

"When you feel that rope tighten on your neck you can feel the devil bite your ass"!
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This post gets Agnew's stamp of approval!

« #7 : July 04, 2008, 05:26:08 PM »

Not only is it a shitty list, I would take issue with the classification of many of those films as Westerns. The Last of the Mohicans? NCFOM? Junior Bonner? The Grapes of Wrath? THE LAST PICTURE SHOW!? Maybe if you have a ridiculously loose and flexible definition of Western, all of those would count.

Then again, the mere fact that Chisum - one of the worst Westerns I've ever seen - is on the list pretty much invalidates it on spec.

« : July 04, 2008, 05:33:02 PM Groggy »

Saturday nights with Groggy
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