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The Colt is my law (1965)

A group of bandits are assaulting stagecoaches to rob gold shipments sent by the South Pacific Railway Company to the town of San Felipe (Texas). The gold is intended to pay for land expropriated to build the railway. However, after shootouts between bandits and armed guards and heavy human casualties on both sides, all what the bandits invariably end stealing are boxes full of rocks or Malaga wine. The Railway Company regularly manages to outsmart the bandits by shipping the gold in ways the bandits do not suspect, and  they have been using those tactics while waiting for the Federal Government to investigate and put an end to the armed robberies. However, the hold-ups do not seem to decrease. At some point, and in the same stagecoach, two strangers arrive to town. One of them is an elegant, mild-mannered and not-too-courageous guy from the East, who is going to San Felipe to marry Lisa, Mr. O’Brian’s niece (Mr. O’Brien is the richest man in San Felipe). The other stranger looks more like a cow-boy and says he is looking forward to settle in the area if he likes it. Soon, the second stranger will end working for Mr. O’Brian. But from that time on, all attempted hold-ups are thwarted by a masked rider who seems to come from nowhere.

This movie is not precisely a Leone-style SW (it resembles more a B-AW) and it is very predictable. Directed by Alfonso Brescia, “The Colt is my Law” is an early SW in the fashion of El Zorro or the Lone Ranger. Not great acting and not a very clever script. Not even a semi-memorable soundtrack. This is one of the typical early Euro-westerns made in the lines which were prevalent prior to the release of AFOD,  FAFDM, Django, etc. Definitely, much inferior than other Brescia movies like Days of Violence or Killer Caliber .32. 

The IMDB dates this movie to 1966 but the Spanish copy I watched states 1965.


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