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: Garringo(1968)(T'Ammazzo,Raccomandati a Dio)  ( 3149 )
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Don't you like music with your supper?

« : May 18, 2007, 10:07:06 AM »

Another newbie i caught up with yesterday,directed by Rafael Romero Marchent.

Peter Lee Lawrence plays a schizophrenic bandit(Johnny) who as a boy witnessed his father being shot by an army officer so inevitably  Johnny grows up hating authority and goes out of his way killing every officer in as sadistic way as he can while robbing stagecoaches etc and to his credit Lawrence does an admirable job in conveying this wickedness as well as being impressive showing a more gentler side to his lady friend in the movie.
Anthony Steffen is Lieutenant Garringo who's assigned to bring in Johnny and its a typically adequate but wooden performance from him.

Not an over-engaging sw  so i give it 6 out of 10. :)

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« #1 : February 28, 2008, 06:50:54 PM »

I'd agree with Banjo, were it not that a movie featuring Solvi Stuebing in her prime and in spite of her donning an akward black wig must be seen anyway.

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Smoke Tuco, so you can't bullshit!

« #2 : September 03, 2009, 05:37:53 AM »

6 out of 10 is about right: entertaining enough SW with lots of known faces around. The characters don't really go anywhere, but it's OK, I wasn't expecting them to anyway. Catchy score in the beginning, and, Solvi Stubing.



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« : September 03, 2009, 06:13:18 PM Dust Devil »

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« #3 : July 15, 2017, 08:38:04 AM »

Under a blood red sky!

Garringo is directed by Rafael Romero Marchent and Marchent co- writes the screenplay with Giovanni Scolaro. It stars Anthony Steffen, Peter Lee Lawrence, Solvi Stubbing, Jose Bodalo and Raf Baldassarre. Music is by Marcello Giombini and cinematography by Aldo Ricci.

Johnny as a very young boy witnesses the murder of his father by a soldier, he grows up to be a double life leading killer of soldiers. Enter a man to hunt him down, Lieutenant Garringo.

This Is Bells City - You Better Return If You Don't Hear It.

A most interesting Pasta Western because although the narrative doesn't have ambitions to expand thematically, there's psychological depth to the principal bad boy. He's scarred by the murder of his father and has become a twisted callous killer, yet he's still capable of hiding his dark half so as to exude as a dandy caring type. That said, pic is more interested in the straight forward conventions of a driven hunter hunting down his prey, to which we have a cool Steffen and a schizophrenic Lawrence acting accordingly.

Sincerely Johnny.

Production crams in genre staples, both traditional American and Spaghetti, so we get camera shenanigans involving canted angles, zooms, close-ups et al. Plenty of violence resides, though some is done down by poor choreography (could the punches be any further from the targets?), and action is in no short supply (great hold-ups and the usual shoot-outs). The locations are most pleasing, which in turn are backed by a nifty musical score that's big on jaunty woodwinds and menacing strings.

A maniac who has to have a gun to be a man!

With both leading characters showing dexterity to marry up with their respective killing traits, it's a film underpinned by both, ensuring this is worth a watch. Hardly a genre classic, mind, but enough here to have a good time with. 6.5/10

UK cable viewing - movies4men - Nice print.

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