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: His Name Was Sam Walbush, But Thet Called Him Amen(1971)  ( 2764 )
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« : May 25, 2007, 05:06:23 AM »

Firecracker's  Crappiest sw's review:-

The plot is a standard revenge flick. A gang of outlaws enter a saloon and kill everybody in sight, all except for a gunfighter named sam(or amen if you prefer).sam survives the massacre and is hell-bent on revenge for the murder of his brother. turns out the outlaws are respected people in a town. Which makes sam's job a bit harder than need be.

The film has ludicrous acting, and the dialogue feels as if it were written by a 12 year old. Sometimes characters do things that are not rational. There are a bunch of plot holes every where.
There is an amusing scene that consist of a fist fight in a bar that goes on for a good 3 minutes and the kicker is, it has nothing to do with the story or the main characters. Its just there for no purpose at all. The main hero(robert woods, in the first spag western I have seen him in) looks like one of the blokes who gets shot in the opening gun battle of a spaghetti western rather than being the hero of one.

But some how with all its flaws(and there are alot) the film holds together. And it is very entertaining, a guilty pleasure really. The action is high in the film, lots of gunfights and such(some not as good as others). Towards the end there is even a nice gatling gun sequence which is always welcome in a spaghetti in my book.

as a bonus Gordon Mitchell has a very bit part as a wanted outlaw called...Gordan mitchell(not kidding).

Is it crap...yes, but it is marvelous crap.

worth a look, only if you buy the "diamond entertainment spaghetti western" box set which comes with 13 other spags and for a cheap price as well.

If you happen to find a solo copy, DO NOT pay more than $7.00  for it.



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« #1 : November 21, 2009, 03:20:24 PM »

Terrible film, but a lot of fun!

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