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: The Reward's Yours... The Man's Mine (La taglia è tua...l'uomo l'ammazzo io)(19  ( 3324 )
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Don't you like music with your supper?

« : May 20, 2007, 03:11:18 AM »

Directed by Edoardo Milargia,this is a completely gripping film about 5 sadistic murders on the trail of a  folk hero called El Puro who has a bounty on him of $10,000.Puro's been on the run for 10 years and by now he is a shadow of his former self and has turned to the booze big time.The bounty hunters are led by a madman called Gypsy who it seems also has a big grudge against Puro though its never entirely established why.
This movie is deliberately slow paced and theres a great build up of tension as frustration gradually mounts up as Gypsy becomes more and more desperate to catch up with Puro,and Puro spends alot of time dealing with personal demons ,staggering about with double vision trying to get his act together to deal with his pursuers.Its definately low on the action side but somehow i got totally absorbed into this movie which is hugely aided by a very impressive and varied score from Alesandro Alessandroni and the main theme uses a variation of the GBU riff  played on various instruments.
The major letdown in this movie is that the final showdown doesn't do justice to the suspenceful build up but there is a neat twist in there somewhere. ;)

If the finale had been better i would have got a higher rating from me,which is 7 out of 10. O0

« : May 20, 2007, 03:12:52 AM Banjo »
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« #1 : October 03, 2008, 01:48:13 PM »

I saw a composite version based on the italian one with inclusion of snippets taken by spanish, enclish and french versions. The total was 102'15''. Now, whoever cut it was right: the movie is slow-paced. Still I wasn't bored at any time by it. Which is strange because this movie is pretty derivative as to scenes (some taken by FFDM) and score (Alessandroni's quotes GBU). The story is elemantary: a gang of outlaws decides to hunt former bandit Woods who is now just a drunkard. You rarely see homo kisses in movies nowadays, at the time this was even more rare. And it didn't bother me like other homo movie kisses did. The leader of the gang is quite a surprise: apparently he starred only in this movie but he is rather original. You may like this or not, still it's a kind of freak which should earn at least a try from cultists. 7\10.

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