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: ennio's ears.........  ( 4115 )
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« : December 12, 2007, 07:54:53 PM »

have you guys noticed how large ennio's ears are in profile?
this part of the ear collects the impulses we perceive as audio, it's direction, height, depth, etc.
do you think that he has an advantage?
by comparison, herbie hancock's outer ear is rather small, and yet he has made some very beautiful music as well.
even Stravinsky has rather large lobes.
the shape of the outer ear is important to collecting and sorting sound direction and tone.
our brains then equalize this to a standard response given our surroundings.
btw, i, personally think ennio has some of the best pair of lobes in the history of music.
with this, my opinion of art doesn't count.
as you know already, i'm a qualified audio engineer, studio designer and composer, myself.

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The glance that makes holes in the silver screen

« #1 : December 13, 2007, 09:08:53 AM »

Maybe the same goes with directors, too... At least Kubrick had big eyes :D

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« #2 : December 14, 2007, 04:55:38 PM »

I never really noticed Ennio's ears until you pointed them out.  ???

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This post gets Agnew's stamp of approval!

« #3 : January 06, 2008, 06:20:32 AM »

Ennio's Ears:

One on each side, like a dainty cup
So gently they hold thine eyeglasses up
So round and nice, with a subtle ridge
There's no bone in there, it's cartilage

Saw the thread title and I had to post this. :D

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« #4 : January 16, 2008, 05:20:13 AM »

maybe ennio should have stayed retired.........
a friend gave me a DVD of his Munich 2004 concert.
great recording of a fairly mediocre performance.
the orchestra looked like they were asleep most of the time.
the tempi were all over the shop.
i've better recent ones on youtube.
and that soprano (red dress).....she killed Ecstasy of Gold dead.
faked a lot of the phrasing. (it IS fairly hard to sing).
i think a lot of these appearances by ennio served to make him visible to the public again.
good, but no cigar.

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