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: Music Score in the Grotto Scene  ( 11381 )
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« #30 : June 20, 2012, 01:06:24 AM »

Instead of using Eastwood and Wallach they should have tried to find voices more similar to the original voices. It is possible to find voices that are similar enough.
Or it must be possible to reprocess the voices until they sound similar.

If both does not work it is always the best solution to have the original dub with subs. In Germany most of the reconstructed versions are done with subs, and only a few prestige films are done by a re-dubbing.

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« #31 : March 14, 2013, 04:19:32 AM »

Over 2 years later I believe I can confirm your suspicions, Dirty Rat.  O0

Aside from the horrible dubbing of Eli's lines as well as the 3 bandidos, the score during this scene on the MGM SE DVD/BD never sat well with me. (I don't have an issue with Eli's voice sounding different, what do you expect nearly 40 years later? Instead, I'm appalled by the fact that John Kirk et al. couldn't even get the lines right when it's fairly easy to determine what Eli really says by reading his lips and I'm no professional lip reader!)

Firstly, I don't think Leone/Morricone would have approved the use of the exact same score in 2 totally separate scenes. Also, it's obvious MGM needed to extend the borrowed score a bit by clumsily adding on the intro piece of music in order to fit the scene better.

I was tipped off earlier today by a bootleg download of the complete soundtrack from an Ennio Morricone blog site where the 2nd part of track 5 (i.e. not preceded by the rope bridge score) is titled simply, "In the Grotto (1:03)". I originally thought this score was intended for the lost Socorro scene (incorrectly assuming that MGM got the Grotto scene right) but it makes much more sense that it was actually intended for the Grotto scene. I then played the Grotto scene with the volume down and started "In the Grotto" track immediately after Tuco, while holding out the chicken, says, "....why do you kill yourself working?"

Guess what? It fits the scene perfectly!  :o

When Tuco says, "If you work for a living...." the 2nd time around it doesn't fit with the proper score, which makes total sense to me because I don't think Tuco was meant to say that line again at that moment. I sure can't see his lips moving!!

Furthermore, the track list of the official expanded score is in chronological order and the grotto score comes after the score for the rope bridge and before the score where Blondie escapes being hanged by Tuco at the hotel. The Socorro scene would have followed Angel Eyes at the fort, which wouldn't fit with the order of the tracks on the CD.

Long story short...MGM failed miserably at getting the Grotto scene right. I know many of the folks here don't care for this scene but I'm guessing this has a lot do with how poorly it was "restored". At the very least, I would like to see this scene redone using the proper music.

I just tried playing the soundtrack and the grotto scene, and it really is a perfect fit! Good job!

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