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: Ten Wanted Men (1955)  ( 2944 )
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easy come easy go

« : April 10, 2008, 03:19:57 AM »

Typical 1950's B western, Director H. Bruce Humberstone, shows a few flashes of inspiration, there as some great landscape shots including a beautiful set piece of a cattle herd crossing a river, and a final gun battle where dynamite plays a big part.  The rest of the film is a good example why America was ripe for Sergio Leone's Westerns.

Almost everyone is immaculately dressed, I saw one hat with a sweat stain, no dust on clothes, no scraggley beards, Skip Homeier looks really out of place in this one. Basically what intrigued me initially into seeing this was the supporting cast especially Richard Boone minus his mustache playing an irrational baddie in obsessional love with a young Mexican girl, who runs to the John Stewart (Scott) ranch for protection. It sounds ridiculous and it is. Wick Campbell (Boone) hires 10 men to start a war with Stewart, Lee Van Cleef is one of them in a part where he's pretty good, but he unfortunately is one of the first to get killed off at the big conclusion. Leon Gordon is the real hard case in this film he even double crosses Boone. Dennis Wesver puts in an apperance as town sheriff.

Not worth a look unless you really like Boone & Van Cleef, their best bad ass days were still ahead of them. O0

Randolph Scott ...  John Stewart
Jocelyn Brando ...  Corinne Michaels
Richard Boone ...  Wick Campbell
Alfonso Bedoya ...  Hermando (Stewart foreman)
Donna Martell ...  Maria Segura
Skip Homeier ...  Howie Stewart
Clem Bevans ...  Tod Grinnel
Leo Gordon ...  Frank Scavo
Minor Watson ...  Jason Carr (Marva's father)
Lester Matthews ...  Adam Stewart
Tom Powers ...  Henry Green
Dennis Weaver ...  Sheriff Clyde Gibbons
Lee Van Cleef ...  Al Drucker

« : April 10, 2008, 03:39:52 PM cigar joe »

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« #1 : April 10, 2008, 02:35:33 PM »

Almost everyone is immaculately dressed, I saw one hat with a sweat stain, no dust on clothes, no scraggley beards,

Haven't seen the movie, but those are the very elements that make these '50's b-movies immediately visually repellent. 

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« #2 : July 06, 2011, 09:13:01 AM »

I didn't realize it was Weaver. But all those night scenes suck, you can't see what's happening and who's who. I save only one scene which makes the movie watchable: when Homeier is taunted into a gunfight and is looking for a gun and.... Had there been a couple more of scenes as suspenseful and with a nice twist like this one (Homeier drops himself to the floor: I had always thought of this as a good way of confusing your opponent in a duel but never saw it before) this could have been quite good. As it is it takes a 5\10 only because of that scene and Van Cleef.

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