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: Many Rivers To Cross (1955)  ( 1965 )
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easy come easy go

« : October 03, 2008, 08:30:38 AM »

This film is part of the Warner Western Classics set that arrived yesterday.

The other films included are Escape from Ft. Bravo, Cimarron, Saddle in The Wind, The Stalking Moon, and The Law And Jake Wade.  I justified getting the set mostly for The Law and Jake Wade, Stalking Moon, & Bravo, of which the first and the last I've seen and are good and Jake Wade has very impressive scenery.

I've seen Cimarron and wasn't that impressed but I'll give it a second shot. I've never seen Stalking Moon & always wanted too. Saddle in the Wind & Many Rivers to Cross I knew nothing about.

So anyway the wife & I watched Many Rivers to Cross last night. Its mostly a dyed in the wool chick flick. Directed by Roy Rowland, and it stars Robert Taylor as frontiersman Bushrod Gentry  Eleanor Parker as Mary Stuart Cherne,  Victor McLaglen as Mr. Cadmus Cherne,  Jeff Richards as Fremont Cherne,
Russ Tamblyn as Shields Cherne,  James Arness as Esau Hamilton, and  Alan Hale Jr. as Luke Radford.

The whole film revolves around Mary Stuart Cherne (Parker) chasing after the reluctant Bushrod, and she says his name constantly in an annoying pronunciation i.e., "Boooshrod". It may have been better if it have more scenery but probably 85% is shot in studio a real death nell for a frontier film. It even has the cliche swimming naked scene but the tables are turned and its Taylor caught in the water while Parker by his clothes holds a flintlock on him.  It has wasted performances by McLaglen, and Arness, though Hale Jr., has nice little boasting/fighting sequence with Taylor. Pretty much a snoozefest, I'll probably only watch it once.

« : October 03, 2008, 11:43:08 AM cigar joe »

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« #1 : May 24, 2010, 10:55:50 AM »

The italian distributor had a genial idea about this movie: he made the Irish turn into Neapolitans. The dialogues cannot help being ludicrous and make you smile. But there are some other moderately funny scenes too; and the last fight is very well made and Very Funny. 6\10


« #2 : June 04, 2017, 06:31:01 AM »

Adding review.

Finders keepers was the law of the forest!

Many Rivers to Cross is directed by Roy Rowland and adapted for the screen by Harry Brown & Guy Trosper from a story by Steve Frazee. It stars Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker, Victor McLaglen, Jeff Richards, Russ Tamblyn, James Arness & Alan Hale Jr. Music is by Cyril J. Mockridge and photography by John Seitz. It's a CinemaScope production in Eastman Color.

"The more you hug and kiss a gal, the more she wants to marry"

The film opens with a written statement informing us that the film is respectfully dedicated to the frontier women of America. Those tough gals who aided their men as they settled the Kentucky wilderness. It's a nice touch, but, after the film has finished you wonder if those tough gals from years back would have been grateful for the finished product. For the film in plot basically consists of sharp-shooting frontier woman Mary Stuart Cherne (Parker) badgering bachelor trapper Bushrod Gentry (Taylor) into marriage. Even tricking him into said marriage, where, she's aided by her father and brothers at gunpoint and fisticuffs. Of course none of it is to be remotely taken seriously, in fact this is a lovely little comedy that's rough around the edges but smooth in the centre, but it's undeniably archaic to say the least.

This is a film that you really have to be in the mood for because otherwise it could irk you. The direction is sloppy and there is a ream of overacting to tolerate. Yet it's fun, and the cast seem to be enjoying the relaxed nature of the plotting. There's some lovely scenery shot by Seitz, where various locations were used, including at Cloverdale, California and Rock Pile Mountain, Missouri, while Mockridge's music is jaunty and the title song eminently hummable. The advent of High Definition is also a plus point here, since the print of the film is a decent one the Eastman Color is very pleasing on the eyes, whilst suffice to say the sexy Miss Parker, with flaming red hair, also benefits greatly from the mix.

Nice family film with much to recommend, but only watch if you are in a jovial mood to begin with. 7/10

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