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Les Petroleuses (Las Petroleras in Spanish) is a lighthearted western comedy with a French touch. In the movie, les femmes are clearly the bosses while les hommes are depicted as subservient and clumsy. I couldn't stop laughing when seeing Cardinale's treating her 4 brothers (all of them in their 20s at the very least) as if they were little children and making them do laundry, cleaning the house, etc. Priceless. Not to talk about the ultra-clumsy sheriff (Michael J. Pollard). In a nutshell, it depicts the West as it could have been had the French had populated it (welll, sort of).

The plot is simple (ATTN: SPOILERS!!). An evil Dr. Miller discovers there is oil in a ranch that is for sale and buys it after killing his partner (the chemist who tested the soil samples from that ranch). When travelling by train to take possesion of the ranch, a group of outlaws lead by certain Frenchie King (all dressend with black pants, shirts and hats) assault the train and take all the valuables from the passengers. Dr. Miller opens his travel bag to give the money to the bandits, but attempts to keep the ranch document of sale. The bandit Frenchie King takes all (money and papers) and kicks Dr. Miller out of the train, but leaves the bag behind. We can see later that Frenchie King is Brigitte Bardot and the rest of the gang are her 4 sisters. They find the ranch property papers and plan to take it over. Later, one of Claudia's 4 brothers finds in the train the bag and gives it to Claudia, where she finds hidden a map of the ranch that contains the oil (coincidentally, that ranch is adjoining to hers). She tries to buy it but she is told the ranch has been sold to Dr. Miller. Then, Brigitte and her 4 sisters come into town to take possession the ranch. From then on, Brigitte and Claudia will have several confrontations (one of them very physical), while Claudia's 4 brothers are more interested in courting Brigitte's 4 sisters.

The only nudity scene that can be seen in the copy I have (a Spanish version recorded time ago from TV) is when Brigitte and her 4 sisters are bathing in the river. However, there is no front nudity and the scene is not exactly a close-up.

I would give this movie 6 out of 10. It really gave me many good laughs.

Here are come clips from Youtube.

The opening titles

The Bardot-Cardinale fighting scene

Some other scenes

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