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: The Return of The Evil Dead aka El Ataque de los muertos sin ojos (1973)  ( 1471 )
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« : December 04, 2008, 11:01:42 AM »

Sequel to the first Blind Dead movie (La Noche del terror ciego).
There is a lot more gore this time around and the pace is quicker (at times it resembles an action picture) but I still prefer the original for its slow build up and creepy atmosphere.
And the Blind Dead looked perfect in the first but here they seem to be too lively at times, often flailing their arms too quickly.
There is an attempt to show that their horses are corpses as well but I couldn't see much of anything because of poor lighting.
Good to see Fernando Sancho in an all out baddie role. Usually his villains were funny and likable... here he's a total asshole. Although there is an attempt at humor when he calls his horny superior on the phone, several times, to ask for help against the Blind Dead (you just have to watch).
Esperanza Roy is apparently not well liked among fans of the series, saying she's too ugly. I disagree. She has a slammin' body and her face, though uncoventional, is exotically beautiful.
I had a problem with the Blind Dead being too vulnerable to attacks. They can be killed pretty easily so it makes it difficult to believe that a whole village with a 100 people in it couldn't stand up against 15 to 20 undead attackers.


Say what you want... it's better than the third movie.

« : December 04, 2008, 11:02:43 AM The Firecracker »

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« #1 : December 06, 2008, 11:30:50 PM »

The most action packed of the three sequels. The Templars get lots of screen time. Not just Sancho, but frequent SW villain, Frank Brana is in this, too. The bits with the faster moving Templars didn't bother me as they did the same thing in the first movie during the bloody train attack at the finale. Each movie is different from the others in that they are all stand alone features. The Templars are only seen destroyed in the second and fourth films. The Templars also featured in a couple other flicks for other directors. The supremely spooky score seriously needs a CD release.

For anyone that may be curious, I did a review here (and a mini overview of the other entries) with a generous amount of pics...

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