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: These Thousand Hills (1959)  ( 1730 )
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easy come easy go

« : January 09, 2009, 07:41:34 AM »

I received "These Thousand Hills " off of netflix yesterday and watched it last night.  Director Richard Fleischer has some spectacular cinematography of a cattle drive from I think Texas to Montana but most of of the scenery looks like neither, I would guess its Colorado, no filming locations are shown on imdb to verify that.  ;)

Anyway this is a MELLER and a chick flick,  the story is about Don Murray who plays  Albert Gallatin 'Lat' Evans, who's family has a good name in Oregon, who interested in starting a ranch in Montana, Chinook is mentioned but again it looks nothing like Chinook, see below:

Tom Ping played by Stuart Whitman is Lats trail buddy and they take up with a couple of "saloon girls"  out of an establishment run by Richard Egan plays gambler/pimp Jehu who runs a local saloon,  Lee Remick plays "whore with a heart of gold lite" Callie who falls for Lat and he for her. Lat & Clallie relate their experiences growing up Lat tells her of the time his father caught him in the hay with a local girl and how he whipped them both, Callie relates a similar story but says her father didn't whip her just threw her out.  :'(

Jehu doesn't like this but the relationship continues up to the point where Lat and his good buddy decide to winter in a cabin in the high country to shoot buffalo and poison wolves they get $2 a hide from the buffalo and $5 for the wolves. They want to use the money to buy a spread and raise cattle. Callie remains a whore back in town.

Lat is attacked by some indians and shot and Tom brings him back to town where he recoperates with Callie taking care of him. He recovers and goes to the local banker Albert Dekker played by Marshal Conrad to see if he can borrow money. His idea is to fence off the property hay it in the haying season put the hay up in the barn and feed the cattle in the winter rather than let them free range. Lat has no collateral or money but Callie gives Lat her earnings $2000 and the banker matches that and he buys the ranch with Tom as his partner. The banker's niece or daughter Patricia Owens as Joyce is the third part of the triangle in Lat's life she begins to come on to him and he forgets his old friends and decides to become respectable and preserve his good name. When Tom approaches him to stand up for him and Jen Callie's saloon girl friend Lat tell him that she is trash.  Tom punches out Lat and their partnership is dissolved.  :'(

Things go seriously downhill for Tom & Lat runs for the State Senate, its all come down to a big confrontation at the end between Lat, Jehu and Callie. Its as if this film would get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, lol, the wicked get punished the hero redeems himself, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Watch only if it floats your boat, Lee Remick is candy for the eyes.  Royal Dano  plays a cowhand named Carmichael, it would be a great intro to show before say "For a Few Dollars More" to emphasise the difference between AW's & SW's if the target audience could stay awake.  ;D

« : January 09, 2009, 07:50:03 AM cigar joe »

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« #1 : April 09, 2010, 02:57:42 PM »

I subscribe your review. You didn't solve the mystery though of why this flick was ever produced.

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