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: Gone With The West (aka Little Moon And Judd Mcgraw) (1975)  ( 3183 )
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« : February 09, 2010, 07:22:50 PM »

Apparently it's called Gone With The West but I've always heard it refferred to as Little Moon And Judd Mcgraw.

James Caan was tricked into starring in this turd after coming off of The Godfather. Production was halted after Caan walked off the set.
The filmmakers had to make due and add a modern day wrap around story, concerning a journalist writing for a magazine that wants a piece on the American West, in order to end the picture properly.

At least, that's the only way I can accept this movie ever being made.
Garbage from start to finish.
Sammy Davis Jr. is the only thing that is somewhat entertaining.


Here is what an IMDBer had to say about it.

Gone With the West and Little Moon & Jud McGraw are NOT the same films. I have seen both films and it seems to me that Gone With the West is the original version (released in 1972?) and Little Moon & Jud McGraw (released 1975) is most definitely its own movie retelling the story (badly) and having footage from Gone With the West (badly) edited in it.

Though it's difficult to say for sure because of absolutely no valid information surrounding the films, my guess is that the producers of Gone With the West were unhappy with the end product in 1972 and possibly held it from release because of embarrassment. Then new footage was filmed of a writer in a modern setting being told the story (which drastically changes for this new version) by a Native American woman, and that is where Gone With the West footage comes and is edited very sloppy (showing shots from completely different scenes in the film and trying to make it appear that it's happening at the same time). Perhaps the goal of this later version was to make the film a bit more normal and Western-ish, for I'm sure the original version is quite strange to some people, but they made a tragic mistake.

If you saw this film as Little Moon & Jud McGraw then you did NOT see the right film. Try to find it as Gone With the West and see what it was truly meant to be.

I thought everyone should know this because I saw Gone With the West first and am completely in love with it. But Little Moon & Jud McGraw is just awful with its badly edited footage and horrible new music score. I don't want anyone to watch Little Moon & Jud McGraw and think they're watching Gone With the West.

By the way, James Caan's character was not originally called Jud McGraw. In Gone With the West there is a scene where he is called Jebidiah Kelcy so obviously that was his real name. Of course, that bit of the scene is cut from the other movie.

Damn them for making Little Moon & Jud McGraw!

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« #1 : June 26, 2010, 11:02:29 AM »

Well at this point in time I cannot tell what version I watched (the one on YT), nor do I really care. This movie is so bad it doesn't even have a plot summary on IMDb or Wiki, that tells the whole story. It is unbelievable from start to finish, it can't even be put into words, somebody was doing heavy drugs in the process of making it. A lot of (acid) nonsense going around in frenetic rhythm is really hard to follow, the actors seem totally disoriented, and of the top of that the 'OST' only fuels the agony. I think at some point they even borrowed music stuff from various 70s porn movies. (I ain't kidding.)

The initial sequence in the stone fort is sorta watchable, as an allegory at least.

This is as low as it can go, almost modern art.


« : June 26, 2010, 11:03:36 AM Dust Devil »

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