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: Gunslinger (1956)  ( 1797 )
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« : July 21, 2010, 12:29:52 PM »

Corman's debut in western, unfortunately it doesn't keep up to the promise of the first 6 minutes. You have a sheriff woman but the incongruity of it comes to the fore when the Ireland character appears. The production values are scarce, there are too many runaround dialogues. But some small touches of originality (like the finale) makes it worth a single watch. Italian dvd has only italian audio. 6\10

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This post gets Agnew's stamp of approval!

« #1 : July 21, 2010, 01:23:52 PM »

I'm pretty sure this flick was on MST3K. I found it excrutiatingly boring.

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« #2 : April 18, 2017, 05:56:10 AM »

I think that this Corman western with it's unusual twisty plot deserves to be better known. It gives the gals a chance to be tough and it does it well. The austere dialogue reminds of that in the noir genre at times. I like the way that Beverly Garland and Allison Hayes go head to head as the female toughies.


« #3 : April 25, 2017, 02:33:57 AM »

It's pretty poor!

The Gunsligerette

Gunslinger is directed by Roger Corman and written by Charles B. Griffith and Mark Hanna. It stars John Ireland, Beverly Garland, Allison Hayes, Martin Kingsley, Jonathahn Haze and Chris Alcaide. Music is by Ronald Stein and cinematography by Frederick E. West.

When the sheriff of Oracle, Texas, is murdered by outlaws, his widow Rose Hood (Garland) takes over as Marshal and sets about cleaning up the town...

As Roger Corman started out directing, a few years before he would turn his hand to the Edgar Allan Poe adaptations that would find him respect and leave his mark on cinema, he ventured into the realm of the Western. None of these Westerns were particularly good, in fact they are some of the lowest rated Westerns on IMDb, with Gunslinger currently at the bottom of the pile with a 2.8/10 weighted average! Yet, and it's really not a movie you would want to revisit often - if at all, there's a quirkiness and feminist angled bravery about the whole thing that earns a tiny bit of respect.

The problems are many. It's over talky and slow, and what action there is is so badly staged it comes off like an amateur playhouse production. Then there's the acting. Ireland kind of escapes criticism because he walks around in a dazed state, it's like he can't believe what he is doing there, you can see him thinking to himself that he was working for Howard Hawks and Anthony Mann not long ago! Garland is OK, spunky and at least correct in line deliveries and visual reaction to situations, and Hayes is sexy enough to get away with the incredulity of it all. The rest, however, are desperately poor, with some of them resorting to auto-cue type acting.

Visually it's also poor, with barely dressed sets looking as fake as fake can be, especially when they shake as actors bump into them. Filmed in Pathecolor, the exteriors are sadly lifeless, the colours bland, and this in spite of the decent DVD print that I viewed. The sped up horse riding sequences raise a chuckle, while goof spotters will have a field day here. All told, with a weak and preposterous finale sealing the deal, it's a well below average "Z" grade Oater. One that's fun for the wrong reasons, but still! The sight of Garland blasting away with shotgun in hand, with star badge on chest, is a sexy image I shall not forget in a hurry! 3.5/10

Available on its own or part of a Corman Box Set

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