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: El Cisco (1966)  ( 2758 )
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« : August 09, 2010, 02:27:32 PM »

An OK SW directed by Sergio Bergonzelli and with William Berger as the main protagonist.

Synopsis: William Berger (El Cisco/Larry) is going to be hanged accused of robbing a bank in Dallas (Texas) despite he claiming he is innocent. He manages a colourful escape by spitting to the ground an explosive cigar he was smoking. A price of $5000 is put to his head. Five years later, he his holding up stagecoaches in New Mexico but the only thing he is stealing from the mail bags are the reward posters with his picture addressed to the sheriff of the town of Calabazas. His only help is a number of dummies dressed as Mexicans that he uses to pretend he is the leader of a gang. At some point, four Mexicans attempt to rob the bank of Calabazas, but one is gunned down, another one is captured, and two others manage to escape and joined the gang of Toro (or Capobanda depending on the movie version). Cisco was in town during the attempted robbery but he does not intervene. He, however, is recognized by Burt Challenge, the bank owner and former bank robber. Challenge sends three men after Cisco, but he kills all three, but not before they kill Cisco's horse. Cisco walks to the ranch of a man called Lowett and he gets a free horse after beating Lowett in a shooting bet. Cisco then goes to Toro's hideout (they know each other, but it is no clear why or where from) and Toro asks for his help to rob the bank of Calabazas. Cisco asks Toro who tried to get him hanged 5 years earlier. Toro tells Cisco that there were actually two (not one) people involved, one of them being Burt Challenge, the current owner of the bank of Calabazas. Cisco kills the first one with a shot to the forehead (his trademark), but shows no commitment  to participate in the bank robbery. However, and without Toro's knowledge, Cisco arrives early in town, robs the bank on his own and hides the money in a cemetery.

Now Burt Challenge is trying to recover his money and Toro is wondering who outsmarted him.

The arrival to Calabazas of Cisco's former girlfriend will complicate things even more.

The movie has a decent musical score from the maestro Bruno Nicolai.

I watched the German dubbed version, which is 93 minutes long. Unfortunately, it seems to have some footage missing, as sometimes the movie lacks continuity. There is apparently a Brazilian DVD with English audio which is 97 minutes long, but I have not seen that version.


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« #1 : July 06, 2017, 12:13:37 AM »

Probably 5/10 is more fitting, though the three girls are palatable. Here the gimmick is the exploding cigar.

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