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Title: Titanus 1904-2014
Post by: dave jenkins on August 01, 2014, 08:49:08 AM

Already available on

Some highlights from the book:

> Neapolitan silents
> Matarazzo's melodramas
> Mastro5's revue films and musical extravaganzas
> Risi and Comencini's early comedies
> Tourneur and Corbucci's peplums
> Ava Gardner's Italian films
> nouvelle vague Italian style (Olmi, Zurlini, Petri)
> confessions of Visconti's editor
> Aldrich's Sodom and Gomorrah backstory
> De Santis on The Wolves director's cut
> memo from producer Goffredo Lombardo
> unfilmed projects
> 150+ photos
> essays by Roberto Turigliatto, Simone Starace, Bernard Eisenschitz, Sergio Toffetti, Sergio M. Germani, Miguel Marías, Chris Fujiwara, Olaf Möller, Jean Douchet, Stefania Parigi.

As you can see from the first link, the text is in both Italian and English. And any book that features a production still from Girl With A Suitcase on the cover is certainly deserving of purchase.