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Title: Colmenar Viejo
Post by: Shadow on April 10, 2015, 01:27:59 AM
Hello all,

Within the next two months I will visit a few of the GBU locations. One of these is Colmenar Viejo, where once the western town was in which Blondie and Tuco confronted angel eyes and his gang. I know that this town no longer exist and that there's an Army/Air Force base these days, but does anyone have any pointers or tips where I can still go to make a few photographs that will still capture the backgrounds seen in the movie? I mean, if it's just the army base, is there still some value in visiting that location???? All info is appreciated!


Title: Re: Colmenar Viejo
Post by: drinkanddestroy on April 13, 2015, 07:04:26 AM
There used to be a great site called Sergio Leone Places of Memory - run by Regis Cluseau (something like that) - in French and English, which was a wonderful site that had location info and photos from just about every shot ever made in a Leone Western, but last time I checked the site is no longer up. A while earlier I Googled the site and got a warning that the site may have been hacked. I don't know anything beyond that. Regis used to post here but he hasn't in a while. If you can contact him that would be good, he seems to be the expert on Leone locations.

When you go please take plenty of pics and post them here :)