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Title: Noodles' 30 years away
Post by: tsuris on December 30, 2004, 01:12:42 PM
What do you think Noodles was really doing?  I never gave it much thought before, but got the dvd for Christmas (used to have the double VHS) anf on watching today boticed that when he tips the cemetery maintenance man who lets him into the vault, Noodles has a big wad of bills.  Leone''s every film detail had a reason.  Why such a large wad of noney?  And why have Noodles rent a car at the beginning when, in the 1960s, only people with means rented cars.  And his coat and hat are obviously good quality.  His hat fedora has the sort of feather decoration that an older man of the time would have bought if he was well fixed.
Title: Re: Noodles' 30 years away
Post by: grandpa_chum on January 01, 2005, 10:06:43 AM
never thought about this before, but isn''''t it possible that max(senator bailey) was sending him money... he could definitly afford it and he obviously knew where he was... feeling bad about what happened as if he owed noodles he could have sent money... could also explain maybe why noodles even felt inclined to come back, because he suspected who senator bailey might be.

haven''t seen it for a few months so i may be way off on my reasoning.
Title: Re: Noodles' 30 years away
Post by: Blueberry on January 13, 2005, 07:32:02 AM
I havent seen it for 4 months either but I dont think Max sent him money. That would have disturbed Noodles too much in his belief that he was "away and out of the game". He would have either come back to settle scores or vanished again.

I think Noodles has had a normal job for 30 years, and hardly spent any of the money he earned. The feather in the hat symbolizes, I think, that he''s been living like an old man (it''s old, slow, "decent" kind of men who wear hats like that) who everyday at regular hours could be seen feeding the ducks in some park in a small town. He''s brought all his savings back to NY - he suspects this trip back to be the end of the line and a closing of the circle.
Title: Re: Noodles' 30 years away
Post by: Cusser on January 13, 2005, 07:40:39 AM
I agree that Noodles appeared to have had a normal, uneventful job; the deaths of his gang had taken a huge toll on him.