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Title: the morricone, leone formula pt. 2
Post by: KERMIT on May 07, 2003, 07:12:57 PM
leone wouln't dream of shooting a scene until first he had head the score morricone submited  giving him the vision needed for the next scene. many times leone would sent morricone back to rewrite the score until he had the vision he needed to shoot. which may explain the dream like quality this blend would produced.

in american cinima the director shoots first and then has the music added later.  

to me, no scene from eny film is even in the same building as the one where tuco is running through sadhill looking for the grave while "the extacy of gold" is playing not  to mention "the trio" sountrack just before the G.B.&.U square off .  inserting " indio's" musical pocket watch score was a blend of madness & genuis together.