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Title: Morricone's Spanish guitar pieces
Post by: cigar joe on February 26, 2006, 07:34:01 AM
After listening to a DVD of Morricone's GBU the other day I was especially paying a lot more attention to his subdued Spanish guitar pieces, I had Padre Ramirez and Il Tramonto, playing over and over again. You could put both Il Tramonto and  Padre Ramirez  on a continuous loop minus Pablo Ramirez's transition into the GBU theme at the end, I usually do this physically by hitting the repeat right at that point. Anyway, I know that Morricone probably has a lot of these little gems dispersed throughout all his scores, there is one in The Big Gundown when Corbet enters the Mexican cantina looking for Rosita, Cuhillo's wife that I noticed while watching the film yesterday. I know there are probably more in Tepepa, The Mercenary, maybe Companero's and I'm sure in others. I think TGS has something similar during the love making sequence between Silence & Pauline, it would be nice to get all of these pieces on a fan CD sort of as sublime background music  ;D.  Some music to read, write, draw, paint, make love by, or whatever too.

Other SW composers most likely have a few too, so a compliation of all would be a nice little fan project. hint hint,  ;)

I'll offer some renumeration for one of those.

On that note all the saloon piano pieces put together would be another great mood project, music to play poker, or smoke cigars to, lol.
Title: Re: Morricone's Spanish guitar pieces
Post by: Poggle on February 27, 2006, 05:09:54 PM
If you like that sort of thing you'd like the Spanish(Or Mexican) composer Albeniz.
Title: Re: Morricone's Spanish guitar pieces
Post by: cigar joe on February 27, 2006, 05:28:19 PM
If you like that kind of thing, you've gotta get the "Long Days of Vengeance" score by Armando Travaioli-nearly all guitar, all the time 

I'll do that, also "Cemetery Without Crosses" is almost all Spanish guitar score.

I'll check Albeniz out for sure (I do have some classical Spanish guitar CD's, don't recall who by but they are more well "classical") lol, but I'm talking about the mood pieces from the films, you'll hear the piece and be reminded of the film, but not necessary nit over the head with the main themes which tend to build dramatically etc, , etc.

On the other hand another compilation would be just the deguelos (which would be dramatic).