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Title: Macho Killers (El Macho) (1977)
Post by: titoli on December 04, 2007, 11:13:26 AM

I never liked Monzon as a fighter, in spite of his notable achievements. His style had no fantasy and I think that in the matches against Briscoe (expecially the first one in Buenos Aires) he was awarded a generous verdict. So it is a surprise watch him managing a better style as an actor (expecially after having seen the embarassing performance furnished in a Gemma SW by his predecessor on the throne of middleweights, Nino Benvenuti. I haven't seen the Marvin Hagler movies made in Italy). This is a latter day Spaghetti, with a plot not full of originality but with a sustained rhythm and some good scenes like the Monzon hanging and the shooting at the end with the added duel on horses. Monzon plays a double of a member of a band led by Hilton who tries to recover a stolen booty. Things are not as they seem though...   All in all worth a solid 6\10. Which could be even worth more if you like the ladies Malisa Longo and Susana Gimenez (a Janine Reynaud type, at the time Monzon's life companion): I always prefer Malisa (DJ, she has beautiful eyes but also the rest: check her out).  The score is very imaginative, I wouldn't mind having a cd of it.
Title: Re: Macho Killers (El Macho) (1977)
Post by: The Firecracker on January 26, 2010, 10:11:18 PM
A real turd of a film.
The protagonist is awful.
No charisma.
George Hilton (who recently was rumored to have died but it turned out it wasn't true) embarasses himself with a ridiculous costume and, to add insult to injury, he is given nothing to do.

The main theme is about the only thing I can recommend.


The worst among the so-called "twilight spaghettis", which include
Silver Saddle

all of which, near as I can tell, are defined by their strange, mossy color palette.
El Macho has the same kind of look to it.