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Post by: COLONNA on December 21, 2003, 03:34:34 AM
Another complicated way choosen by Sergio.
(A friend on this site remarked that they was a hammersmith , ready to cut his chain but ...)

Cheyennes approaches to Harmonica , plays with harmonica's gun , takes it and gives him back . The message is clear: I'm not your enemy.

Cheyennes approaches again to Harmonica, talk to the washing- foot man and takes Harmonica's gun again.
Why ? we discover at this time that CHEYENNES HAS ALREADY  A GUN ( certainly stolen to the guards he killed).
He doesn't need another gun to broke his chains.
But he takes Harmonica's one . The message is also clear:  I 'm not sure you are my enemy or not.I take a security.I disarm you
In fact when the washing- foot man cut Cheyennes' chains there are three gun's:
Haramonica's one hold by Cheyennes
Cheyennes's one hold by washing-foot man
Washing-foot's one staying in his holster

Not complicate at all !

Bloody Sergio  :D
Post by: Il Buono on December 21, 2003, 03:46:31 AM
Good job... He just needed the extra gun for his chains.  Wonderful scene, isn't it.  It is so wonderfully directed and qua atmosphere it is one of the best scenes in the movie.  The way Cheyenne carries the whole scene (his entrance, wow!)...  His little game with Harmonica.  Wonderful.