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Title: Frank Wolff
Post by: Bill San Antonio on April 10, 2004, 07:28:05 AM
I hope you will understand my English a bit, because I haven't often used this language.   :-X
I'll do my very best!

I collect any kind of information about Frank Wolff. It's difficult to find information about him, I do already know a bit about him, his suicide, what he studied, movies with him, and a little bit about the person Frank Wolff, how he is described. Please post everything you know about him!


Thank you!

Bill San Antonio  
Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: General Sibley on April 11, 2004, 03:24:22 AM
Welcome Bill!

I think there's some Frank Wolff trivia in the OUATITW section, but you'll have to read all the threads.   I remember some people were talking about his blacklist years and things like that.  Soon you can cut slices as thick as a door.

Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: Bill San Antonio on April 16, 2004, 08:27:56 AM
Thank you  :D!
Unfortunately I already read the "Brett McBain"-Thread...
I'm searching for more information.

We discussed what "blacklisted" means. Does it mean, that you aren't alowed to make movies in the USA or does it 'only' mean, that the producers or directors aren't interested in some actors, because they don't need them for their films. What are the reasons for being "blacklisted" and what is it?

What I know is, that Frank Wolff made movies in the US. Mostly he worked in Italy but he was active in US-Productions until the 70s/ until his death.
Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: Half Soldier on April 16, 2004, 11:51:34 AM
I've done a little bit of checking out for you and

has a list of films, plus someone has started a message board that you can contact (unless this was you!)

good luck
Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: cigar joe on April 16, 2004, 03:38:50 PM
They were blacklisted for either being members of the Communist Party or communist sympathizers, or refused to testify and rat out their friends before the McCarthy Hearings in the 1950's
Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: Frank on April 16, 2004, 10:38:41 PM
The blacklist was indeed for one time communists and those who refused to cooperate with a Senate investigation conducted in the 1950s of communsit influence in Hollywood.

The blacklist was not an official law or anything of the government, it was developed by the studios who feared either a public backlash or further government action if they continued to employ the more tainted individuals.

It is ironic that to this day the Hollywood left castigates those who cooperated with the Senate (Director Elia Kazan) and hystirically screams:  Blacklist  over any government concern, yet has always given a pass to their own employers who actually ran the blacklist.  
Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: Bill San Antonio on April 17, 2004, 05:13:01 AM
I wasn't sure, but now I am. I remember to have read an article, where was described, that Edward G. Robinson was that, (because I see now, that both topics are connected) what is called "blacklisted". Am I right?
Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: cigar joe on April 17, 2004, 03:26:52 PM
You are right.
Title: Re:Frank Wolff
Post by: Bill San Antonio on April 27, 2004, 07:37:03 AM
I'm also serching for movies (PAL, not NTSC!) and fotos of Frank Wolff. This two lists: ( (
include a few fotos of him, all taken from movies, which you needn't link. I'm especially interested in fotos which aren't taken from movies, if somebody has and can link it here or send it to me in an e-mail. But I'm also searching for other fotos (taken from movies).