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Web Site Announcements / Leone Web Board - Stepping Down
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:04:26 AM »
Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know that beginning immediately, due to lack of time and many other commitments, I will no longer be running this Sergio Leone website and discussion board. Its been a great experience but its time for me to step aside and move on. On a very positive note, another person (Richard Jordan) will be taking it over and has plans to keep it going for all to enjoy. I wish I had the time and desire to do more with the site, but I am a full-time webmaster for a busy college which eats up just about every online minute of my day. This site deserves much more time dedicated to it than I have been able to provide it.  So, I think in the long run, this will be a good thing and  the new owner will not only keep it running, but will make it all that it can and should be for present and future visitors.  I just wanted to let you know what was up. You guys have been awesome throughout the years and I am forever grateful for your help and participation. I wish you all the best.

Cal Anderson

For those of you that like to use RSS feeds to get news and information, this may come in handy. You can use your favorite RSS reader, such as Google Reader, to tap into The Sergio Leone Web Board  to keep up to speed on the latest posts.

I've set up a few pre-made RSS feeds below that you can tap into. These RSS feeds will display the last 15 most recent posts.

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You can also customize these feeds or create news ones using the information below.  Simply tweak the URL to the produce the custom feed you desire.

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Anyway, hope someone finds this useful. Enjoy!  O0

Film Locations / New Room
« on: November 13, 2008, 08:58:12 PM »
Better late then never....  ;)

Ennio Morricone / New Forum
« on: August 17, 2007, 11:04:29 PM »
You requested it. Here it is. Thanks!

PS - Name and description can be updated. Please send feedback to the mods.

Web Site Announcements / Board downtime
« on: March 21, 2007, 06:49:44 PM »
Hi all,

Had some down time last night to move this board over to a newer faster server. Hopefully everyone can access this OK. Any issues, please report them here.

PS - Spell  check has been added to posting and "should" work now. If not, please let me know.


Web Site Announcements / Welcome NEW Board Moderators!
« on: March 11, 2007, 09:53:11 AM »
Please welcome banjo and Leone Admirer as our new board moderators! Please be cool and considerate to them both as they are volunteering their time to take on this extra role to help oversee this board and keep it the great Leone resource it has become!  Thank you both!!

Web Site Announcements / Web Board Updates
« on: December 29, 2006, 08:04:16 AM »
As many of you have noticed, this board has been updated. Unfortunately due to the fact that the old board had so may hacks and tweaks, running any update out of the box removes those old hacks and in some cases brings on new problems. I am working on solving these but there are many bugs that are present right now that will need to be dealt with in the short term. There are still some major things I am working on that might take days/weeks to resolve. Please post any MAJOR issues you have seen or email them to me directly.  Thanks for your patience!

PS - The sporadic SERVER ERROR screen that appears is due to sotware my WEB HOST uses to manage all the sites. They are aware of the issue but can not tell me when this will be fixed. I am VERY disappointed with this answer but will keep you all posted. Please contact me if this becomes more frequent so I can let them know. Thanks.

Web Site Announcements / New Moderator
« on: September 09, 2006, 06:50:25 PM »
Please welcome boardwalk_angel  as our new Moderator. Many thanks!

Also many thanks to Christopher for being fantastic moderator for the last year.

As a favor, I'm posting this news from the Autry National Center. They are promoting a very special event this summer which many of our members will find interesting.


To and board members:

We are very excited to present this opportunity to and to participate in an extraordinary event at the Autry National Center this summer.

In July 2005, the Autry celebrates the work of the renowned Italian director, Sergio Leone in the landmark exhibition Once Upon a Time in Italy . . . The Westerns of Sergio Leone. It is one of the largest and most elaborate exhibitions ever organized to honor a single director.

In order for and subscribers to enjoy both the exhibition and Hollywood-style premier event, they must be Autry National Center members.

We want to invite the subscribers of and to join us at the reduced rate of $50 for a Dual membership. That is nearly 10% off of the regular price!

Membership is a great value as only Autry members enjoy unlimited free admission to both the Southwest Museum of the American Indian and the Museum of the American West with guest privileges, free gifts, discounts throughout the museums and more!
Plus, if and subscribers join at the Copper ($250) level or above by June 15, 2005, they will also receive a free copies of Western Amerykanski and West Fever.

Western Amerykanski represents the devoted collecting by the Autry National Center and research of Polish European poster art created specifically to advertise American Western Films.

West Fever explores the mythical and factual West through the art, artifacts, and objects in the Autry Museum's collection.

For more information, please check out the following links:

Once Upon A Time In Italy: The Westerns of Sergio Leone
(Check out the cool Quicktime movie)

More Information about the Exhibition (PDF)

To take advantage of this offer, contact the Membership department at 323.667.2000 or via email at


Sounds like fun!

Web Site Announcements / Looking for a moderator for this forum!
« on: February 27, 2005, 11:06:04 PM »
OK, here is the deal. Apparently as of late, there have been one to many jackoffs lurking around this board with intentions of ruining it for the majority of visitors. I appologize that have not been as frequent a visitor as I would like but the solution here is that this board now needs a full time moderator.

So, if anyone is interested, please PM your reasons directly to me. Specify why you would like to moderate this board and any other specifics you feel you'd like to share.

I'm looking for someone who enjoys Sergio Leone, has a level head and has not had a history of getting into it with other members.  Need someone who can frequent the board often as well. This is not something you'd get paid for either, it's strictly on a volunteer basis. If you think you fit the bill, please PM me.


Register to win The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Collector’s Edition DVD (available from MGM Home Entertainment)

Clint Eastwood stars as "the man with no name" in the most stylistically influential western of all time brought to full glory on a two-disc Collector’s Edition DVD with 18 minutes of restored footage featuring new English audio track recordings which originally only existed in Italian audio.  Packaged in a collectable box,  The Good, The Bad And The Ugly collector’s set is armed with gun-slinging special features, including new interviews with Eastwood and Eli Wallach, deleted and extended scenes, three documentaries, two featurettes, an audio commentary by film historian Richard Schickel, a poster gallery and the original theatrical trailer.

How To Enter

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Collector’s Edition DVD contest is very simple: just register now on this Web Board and participate in a discusion thread(s). Users that are already members, should  NOT register again, since you are already in the drawing pool. Winners are picked at random. Remember, only registered members that have participated in a discussion on this board are eligible, and sign up is free!

Beginning May 18 and ending May 22, one winner will be drawn each day for five days. There will be 5 winners in total.

The Rules

  • Only one entry membership per person (do not register multiple times).
  • To be eliglible, members must have participated in at least one discussion thread
  • Due to restrictions by the studios (who provide the prizes), only residents of Region 1 territories (namely the USA or Canada) are eligible.
  • Winners will be notified by email the day after the contest closes.
  • Please allow two to four weeks for delivery of DVD.
Register and join in now to WIN!

Good luck!

For more information on this forthcoming DVD, visit

Web Site Announcements / Upgraded Board
« on: December 25, 2002, 02:12:03 PM »
I just upgraded this board. If you experience any wierdness, please post it here and let me know.

Web Site Announcements / Problems Posting? - Read This!
« on: December 03, 2002, 08:45:29 PM »
Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6 have much tighter default security settings which may create problems when logging into Web Boards such as this one.

If you are using I.E. 6 and can't post messages try this:

On your browser menu bar, click Tools/Internet Options and click on the Privacy tab. Near the bottom of this window click Edit and enter the text field and then click ALLOW.

This will allow this site only to use cookies, which is what is used to store your login information.

If you are using I.E. 5 and can't post messages try this:

On your browser menu bar, click Tools/Internet Options and click on the Security tab. Then click on the Trusted Sites icon and click Sites. Add inside the text field and UNCHECK the box that says "Require server verification..." Click OK.

That should do it!  

If not email

A Fistful of Dollars / Final scene - thoughts!
« on: November 24, 2002, 08:52:49 PM »
Don't get me wrong, I love this film. However, this is a fairly new board and I need to start some discusions  ;)


Did anyone feel the final scene may have been a bit over the top and unrealistic? I think Clint was taking a huge chance confronting 'Johnny Wels' with just a plate of metal over his chest. I mean, c'mon, one hit to the head and that's all she wrote, no? In all the other films, including this one, Clint takes on 3, 4, and even 5 men at once single handedly with hi pistol. Why not confront him armed and simply take him out? Just seems a bit risky the way it was played out if you ask me. But truly enjoyable none-the-less. :)

Trivia Games / Where's Ponch! (and I don't mean from CHIPS!)
« on: November 24, 2002, 08:42:04 PM »
True or False?

It was Eastwood's idea for The Man With No Name to where the famous 'poncho'?

2nd part.

Where is it today?

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