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General Discussion / After" THE END"
« on: October 01, 2003, 11:42:32 PM »
After the letters componing THE END disappeared from the wide screen, Harmonica quickly buried Cheyennes under some rocks.
Then he joint the train where he found Morton well and alive, smoking a cigar , a brilliance of devilistic happyness in his eyes.
Morton congratulated Harmonica (whose true name was Diego De La Vega) about the success of his mission.
All the targets were achieved: Frank and his bunch killed, Cheyennes gang destroyed, Mac Bain family too, property of Sweetwater City belonging to Jill , another Morton Agent, in fact his mistress.
 Morton and Diego laughed together about the stupid cruelty of Frank who didn't shoot Morton who was very proud of Jill's idea: imitate a disabled ( a century later  Miss Morton a German  descendant of Morton married Selim Soze a Turkish guy and had with him a kid called Kaizer who used the same idea)

 Morton paid Diego 50 000 $ , took a shower and was ready to join Jill and create the Morton-Mac Bain Trust Company... But this is another folk  

Diego said" Bye, Sir. You know what ?  I HATE to play harmonica.  

He found in a saddle pocket a new impossible mission: be hired by the magnificent seven and try to control a mexican region , where the future Morton Company trains shall pass through !

Once Upon A Time In The West / In bed (again)
« on: September 22, 2003, 05:40:24 AM »
All the comments from Christopher Frayling, Milius, Carpenter, Bertolucci are rich and interesting

One point : Frayling , making a comment about the first visit of Jill MacBain in Sweetwater ranch says: "now she lays on the bed ...  where she will later make love with  Frank."

On the other side Frayling insists on the scenes rupture when Morton joined Frank in Apache caves,  immediately after Frank has shown the station-toy to Jill.

He says that Leone was lost and seems to mix all.,

I don't agree, Leone was too perfectionist for that.

My thoughts:

1° Jill and Frank did not make love in the Ranch.The bed  is strange ,hanged by iron-chains.
2°  In a bonus there is a trailer , a three-screen one, where Jill talks to Frank and says "I'm coming to met a bandit who get many money" or something like that ... Its a missing scene,.I never saw it before.
3° I think that the sequence is:
   A)  Frank shows the station-toy , discuss with Jill, try to kill her, let Jill a delay (for what ?)
   B)   Frank receives Morton , insults him and pushes him
   C)   Jill visits Frank, talks to him and accepts to make love with him.  

Once Upon A Time In America / Missing scenes
« on: September 22, 2003, 05:02:49 AM »
At the end of the photo gallery from the bonus contained in disc 2, we can see a photography of Noodles in bed with Eve. Noodles with hair in a real mess, holding a gun and looking at the camera.
Eve seems afraid

Some thoughts:

  1)   The 50 minutes shot and cut by Sergio seem interesting. He only spoke about "some scenes between Noodles and Eve.." But that one is very puzzling: who menaces the couple in bed,  and why ? Is it a husband or a lover, a mistress, another gang ? May be the gangster who tried to burn the syndicalist? Remember he told to Max ", hey we meet again" or something like that.

When somebody shall show us these bloody missing scenes  ? Never or next century by The Sergio Leone Foundation ?

 2° Sergio definitively did'nt like people in bed . He suppressed all the scenes between Clint and women during the $ trilogy .
And in OUATIA he prefered to keep two rapes.
Modesty ?

Once Upon A Time In America / James Wood's nose
« on: September 19, 2003, 05:36:12 AM »
Has anybody informations about a surgery act made on the James'nose ?
I recently watch " the way we were" a very romantic film. at the beginning James plays a young communist friend of Barbara Streisand . And he shows a nose! what a nose! I'm sure it's impossible to make a career with such a nose.

General Discussion / What do you less appreciate in leone's films ?
« on: September 16, 2003, 06:45:44 AM »
Hey friends, let's tell the truth. I'm sure that , even we LOVED   him, some manners and details always irritated you.

Be brave  and tell us what you don't like in Leone's films.

I begin: I don't like latin people playing wasp , is a weakness for the film and destroy the credibility: In OUTIW, Mac Bain never looks like a Scotsman but like my cousin disguised in red-hair scotsman. It's quite different.  Italian and Spanish people are perfect to play mexicanos (Volonte, Brega ..) but not Federal Officers, POW chief ... On the contrary Rod Steiger was not a credible Peon.Casting errors are what  I really dont' like.  

Once Upon A Time In America / Circle
« on: September 10, 2003, 05:23:38 AM »
OUATIA is in fact a never-ending story.Immediately after the famous smile of Noodles you could see Eve entering her apartment and you could hear "God Bless America " also sung by David Bailey and his rich friends in 1968.

End and beginning are perfectly pasted, mixed and perfumed by Opium smoke.This film is a  circle.A ring of Moebius where we are on the two sides in the same time.

So Sergio was also perfectly free to cut the ring where he wanted: after the garbage, after the meeting with Deborah 'son, after in fact every scenes:  the circle allows that the beginning be placed immediately after the end. .

Once Upon A Time In America / Nights and days
« on: September 09, 2003, 07:39:02 AM »
When Max wait for Noodles at the jail gate it's during the day. It's a rainy day , but what time was it? 6PM or midday .. Nobody knows.
But they leave the jail during the day and they arrive in NY ... At  night.
Are we in winter when night falls at 5PM ? No, people don't wear wintercoat and the night seems warm.All the scenes after (robbery, car-falling in the water shall show that we are in spring or summer).
So the night fall around 8 PM?  OK it was at 8 PM
But Max shows Fat Moe restaurant, oh it's closed. At what time a restaurant close ? 10 PM, later ? .OK it was at 10.30 PM
But Max says" I will show you a place which never we are after midnight?OK it was around 1or 2 A-M
But after few minutes Max presents Noodles  some mafiosi eating pastrami and, it's dawn !
It was at  5 A-M !

So the lenght of trip in funeral- car was 10 hours , the jail was very far from New York: it's also a part of  the explaination why nobody visit Noodles, the jail was at 500 miles  from NY, may be more .

And Noodles made love during 10 hours... Lucky guy.
And that's why the "dead" woman was very tired and refused a glass.

« on: July 03, 2003, 02:13:24 AM »
Friends , warning , there are currently TWO different offerings of OUATIA  (area 2)

One called "SPECIAL EDITION" 1984  (2 discs ) with  DE NIRO face on the cover
Another called " COLLECTOR EDITION (2 discs) with only the Bridge on the cover.

Both are proposed by AMAZON fr  : COLLECTOR by September, SPECIAL with a short delay (14 days)

But ONLY SPECIAL EDITION 1984 is currently proposed by PLAY com (a good UK site) and not the COLLECTOR.

I don't know the differences but prices are the same.
My recommandation: DON'T BUY DE NIRO FACE

Once Upon A Time In America / Debra and Max love affair beginning ?
« on: July 02, 2003, 06:09:24 AM »
I'm wondering: after rape (but it was decided before) Debra left NY and went to California (Hollywood?)
after "death" Max went to california.
is it only a coincidence ? Have Deabra and Max begun a love affair during Noodle jail time ?

What your feeling about ?

What is your opinion ?

On the beach when noodles said "you are mad" Berkovicz was furious and answered" never more say that ".

After Noodles has called the police but also before the tragedy Wood's character's  met Noodles who said again " you are mad " and  Wood knocked him out.

Two explainations:

Wood  is really furious and loses the control, it is an unplanned accident and Mafia killers must search Noodles after this mistake

Or  Wood loves Noodles and knock out him before the tragedy in order to save the life of his best friend.

Tell me what you have understood  

General Discussion / Famous people in Spag.
« on: June 22, 2003, 07:17:39 AM »
There is a Belgian Dictionary about 548 spagh western realized .

Some famous people were involved in this saga:

Pier Paolo PASOLINI played in 'The Requiescant"
Orson WELLES ,Johnny HALLIDAY, James MASON...

JODOROWSKY  made the music of El Topo and Anton DVORAK (with Udo JURGENS) himself those of Potato Fritz.

Surprising no ?

Once Upon A Time In America / missing scene
« on: June 22, 2003, 07:07:54 AM »
I saw a picture from OUATIA where Senator Bailey seems very angry ,shaking one's fist at the teamster syndicate boss (played by Treat Williams) who is very confused.

Is that shoot included in the new DVD ?
has somebody informations about this meeting between James and Treat ?

Off-Topic Discussion / Archbishop of Lima
« on: June 19, 2003, 07:06:24 AM »
Bob de Niro is currently playing the Archbishop of Lima . I recently saw a picture where he wore the complete uniform .

he his very strange with white hairs and an enormous golden hat .
And still his laughing face.

Once Upon A Time In America / Golden Palm
« on: June 17, 2003, 05:46:53 AM »
many film critics declared in 1984 that it was a pity that OUATIA was presented at Cannes 'out of competition' because it  shoud have won the Golden Palm .
great no ? :)

For a Few Dollars More / Make-up
« on: June 17, 2003, 05:39:27 AM »
In FAFOD Joe was terribly beaten and his face became very  ugly (as Rocky fighting Apollo)  .
In FAFDM he was also beaten but , its a miracle,he stayed fine with no scare .
what the explaination ? Mario Brega suddenly tired ? No budget for the make-up?

happily in GBU Clint offered us a wonderful burnt face !


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