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UPDATE: The Genre-bending 35mm Techniscope Wester/Sci-Fi Feature
“The Archivist” Nears Completion

Last Highway Films LLC has entered the final stages of post-production work on its exciting debut motion picture, The Archivist – a one-of-a-kind, all-original science fiction/spaghetti western/horror/apocalyptic road epic shot in glorious Techniscope on 35mm in Nevada and Georgia.

The production employed vintage TECHNISCOPE 35mm cameras and the same lenses as used on Leone's films that I know many of the members here would appreciate. (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) (Promo Trailer)

All - its been a long while since I posted here. I wanted to share some news on a feature film that we shot out west on the same model Arriflex cameras and lens Sergio employed on his first films (TGTBTU-Duck You Sucker).  I thought some of you might enjoy reading about our journey and dream to produce a 35mm Techniscope feature. 

After years of hunting down the original equipment Leone's DP's used, and going through the script/prep/production process we are now in the middle stages of post production.  I dearly love the look of Leones films and wanted to get the look and not compromise with digital capture and new lenses. The cross country film was shot in GA-Nevada & Utah. I will be posting some pictures and behind the scenes shots here directly. 


Duck, You Sucker / R1 SE DVD release~ Amazing!!!!!!!
« on: June 07, 2007, 10:28:52 AM »
       For those that have not recieved the R1 SE DVD release of DYS as with the other R1 SE releases, you are in for a treat!

Sound A++++
Picture A++++++
Packaging A+
Story A++++

     I have not seen this movie but once in the nineties on a legit edited VHS from Movie Gallery.  For some reason very little stuck with me save the flashback scenes, so for me it was like the first time watching it again.  My wife and I cherished seeing DYS, it is the last time watching something from Leone will have that first time watching feeling :)  I am glad we waited and never sought out a bootleg or R2 release with the PAL speedup.

   People the film looks AMAZING :o.  I must say something for the music in this film, takes me places O0...some of the finest music Ennio put to film.  It's so hard to put in to words the feeling the music conjures up in conjuntion with the scenes on the screen.  Incredible!  My wife and had a long discussion afterwords regarding the music, we compared it todays' films.  One of things we discussed was how soundtracks today are so simple, they tell you what to feel and it is usually very mindless.  Ennio's music presents a complex soundscape, it is in many ways it own story, in stark contrast to the complex story on the screen, but it works perfectly.  Combine the two, sound and film, your mind gets more to digest, it leaves the viewers thoughts of what they experienced open ended. 

   Todays soundtracks simply tell us what to think, quick and simple. A loud crash,.. techno music, synth etc.  Nothing organic whatsoever, no odd intruments i.e banjo, wordless singing, fuzz guitar, strange voices.  Ennio's music was recorded on analog tape which also added it's own natural earth like charactor, I use the same machines he did for my own bands recordings.

   A good example of homogenized, soundtrack refuse is found in Hollywoods recent films like "Constant Gardner" or "Blood Diamond" and many others.  Whenever a scene in these new movies of a African village or a crowded urban area is shown, with black people, the drum beating, chanting "world music" is heard.  I do not care that type of music real or Hollywood manufactured but that's besides the point.

   I seriously doubt that is the only crap that these people listen too.  Yes I am sure today some black locals in Africa write music like this for a number of reasons, but talking to others that have visited Africa they say they often hear local musicians verison of western pop music played or American Country music :o, The Cars, Bob Dylan etc etc etc.  Whatever they can get their hands on.  It so goofy what Hollywood does with these movies.  "Oh, Mr sound engineer when my scene in my movie of the blacks in that poor village is that chanting drum thing again you guy's have in the sound library,  just so the audiences know they are in Africa now and it's time to FEEL village like"  ::)



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