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Off-Topic Discussion / Stanley Kubrick homage
« on: February 04, 2011, 10:45:48 PM »
I wanted to share with you guys, an homage that one of my long time friend did on Stanley Kubrick. He started this video some time ago, compiling a few hundred hours to achieve it, and now, this is the final work. He posted this on youtube along with a few blog spots on cinema. Positives responses are extremely well received by now. As we are all Leone's fans, I'm sure many of you appreciate also Kubrick's movies. I did a small part on the project, which is editing the music of the first part (music by Dead can dance). So here it is, put the volume at a reasonnable level and enjoy!!  

Once Upon A Time In The West / The arch (2008 version)
« on: September 11, 2008, 08:44:50 PM »
Hi all. Presently on vacation. I am in Flagsaff, taking the road for Sedona tomorrow. We went to the Grand Canyon (2 days) and Monument Valley at Goulding's lodge. The view from our balcony was breath taking! I went to the arch and gladly saw that it was the same (almost) as it was in 2005 when I went for the fist time. The wooden beam is still there. I don't think many folks (besides Leone fans) go there quite often, fortunately. Took around 15 pics but the first time I went, I took something like 50 pics from all angles. Inside Monument Valley, I saw a few shot locations, but it is forbidden to get off the road to take a closer look. I tried, but one of the fellow Navajo resident horse riding yelled at me from a distance. I couldn't understand a damn thing but it was easy to understand that he tried to tell me to get the out of there. Anyway, so far it is an extremely nice trip and felt sad and melancolic on site! 

Once Upon A Time In The West / Has anyone noticed that before??
« on: September 25, 2005, 07:30:31 PM »
As a big fan of Leone and specially OUATITW, I noticed something I never noticed before, since the DVD came out. When there's that closeup of the eyes of Charles Bronson, that closeup is said to be the "Closest" closeup of all Leone movies, but as the camera move on to his face, at the very last moment we're about to loose sight of his mouth, well, he opens it!! Just like if he's really entering into his memory, really remembering that moment as Frank's standing in front of him. That's really another small detail that add realism and strenght to this movie, particularily to this sequence.

Once Upon A Time In The West / My trip to monument Valley and the Arch
« on: September 25, 2005, 07:22:26 PM »
Well, I did it. I made a trip to monument valley and Grand Canyon last week. The goal of this trip was to see the remains of the arch. I am so glad I saw it as it's not much destroyed than what I saw on some SW web sites and on the OUATITW Bonus DVD. Thanks so much to Warren Oates on a previous post, he indicated the exact location very precisely, I found it very easily. Some of the questions I was asking myself have been answered now. For instance, when we see Frank coming out of the hill to go to young Harmonica, does that hill is somewhere far or near the arch? Well, it's exactly the same location, placed like it's supposed to be in the film, I mean, that hill could have been a few miules from the arch, but nope, it is really in front of the arch. Here's a picture taken on top of one of the base, showing the cement tracks for the back travelling sequence and, in the background, the hill that Frank came out.

The arch has been painted cause in the movie, we can't see the cement between the bricks, but with time, wind and natural effects, the arch has been kind of "sand blasted". The beam that we see in the next picture is not a beam thrown into the arch like that. It is part of the structure. The arch has been made of wood, then recovered with bricks.

Here's the inside of the arch:

The Arch is located on a hill and can be seen from up to 4 miles (without binoculars) Leone chose this location for the nice background of monument Valley we can see. This next picture is taken with a 10X zoom:

The central part of the arch had collapsed in the mid 80's according to Frayling's book. Here I am with the arch, nice souvenir for me:

If some folk on this forum has pics of the arch before it came down, please let me know and send them to me, this would be very much appreciated. I just wish I could've seen the arch complete.

The location

That's funny! Watch the trailer from a french movie that already came out in France, but will be out here in Montreal soon, movie called LES DALTONS. I've seen this trailer at the movies  yesterday and I was greatly surprised. Movie look ridiculous though.├ęs.

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