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A very decent Spaghetti Western directed by Leon Klimovsky, starring William Bogart and a very evil Eduardo Fajardo. Good photography, decent acting and an enjoyable musical score from Carlo Savina. An overlooked little gem that I haven't managed to find on DVD but that is broadcasted every now and then on Spanish TV.


Off-Topic Discussion / James Garner RIP
« on: July 20, 2014, 11:27:02 AM »
I will always remember him for Maverick, Support Your Local Sheriff, Support Your Local Gunfighter,  Hour of the Gun , A Man Call Sledge...

Off-Topic Discussion / Eli Wallach RIP
« on: June 25, 2014, 09:08:18 AM »
 He is gone . :'(

Off-Topic Discussion / RIP Sancho Gracia
« on: August 08, 2012, 08:50:11 PM »
Sancho Gracia passed away today, victim of lung cancer.  :'( :'( :'( :'(

Many of you will remember him from a number of Spaghettin Westerns.

The Sheriff Won't Shoot

In a Colt's Shadow

Savage Pampas

Taste of Killing

Django Kill ....If you live, shoot

Guns of the Magnificent Seven

100 Rifles

Outlaw Justice

800 Bullets

Call of the Wild

He was also famous for the Spanish TV series "Curro Jiménez" and "Los Camioneros".

May he rest in peace. I have been his admirer since I was a child. He will be missed by many, including me.

Other Films / 3 Bullets for a Long Gun
« on: January 30, 2012, 09:47:57 PM »


Lucky, the bandit, is about to be shot by firing squad, but he is saved in the last second by "The Major". The reason is that The Major needs one half of a treasure map kept by Lucky, as he already has the other half.

This is a rare South African western which contains many of the ingredients of the SWs. In fact, it is not difficult to see in this movie a poor copy of GBU. Lucky the Bandit tries to emulate Tuco and The Major plays a role similar to Blondie.

Even if this is not a SW, I think that most of the genre lovers will enjoy this film.

As far as I know, there is no DVD release, but there are a few VHS copies available at eBay.

I would give this one 6/10.

Other Films / The Relentless Four AKA I Quattro Inessorabili
« on: January 17, 2012, 06:18:46 PM »

An early SW filmed in Almeria that has all the ingredients of a classic American Western. I found it slow and painful to watch, as everything is predictable. A ranger from Tucson named Sam Garrett has a confrontation with some bounty killers who killed an outlaw who had been declared innocent of his crimes. The baddies kill a local rancher (Roberto Camardiel) and try to make it look like it was the ranger who did it. During the whole movie, the ranger will endeavour to prove his innocence. A little action here and there, but slow in gerneral (yawn!).

The cast includes a number of well-known SW actors like Roberto Camardiel, Chris Huerta, Claudio Undari, and Luis Incuni. The role of Sam Garrett is played by the American TV actor Adam West. The score by Marcello Giombini is nothing special, the title song being the best part of it despite being sang in English??? with an atrocious Italian accent.



This is a rare and unusual Eurowestern from director Volker Vogeler, starring William Berger as "Doc" Holliday and Geraldine Chaplin as Katie Elder. The cast includes other well-known Spaghetti-Western actors like Eduardo Fajardo, Tito García, and Frank Braña. Many of the movie scenes were filmed in Colmenar Viejo, nearby Madrid (Spain).

The story starts in Bavaria towards the end of the 19th Century, where five misfits are being deported due to a number of crimes they have committed. They sail towards America from the port of Bremen, seeking a better life. The started working in Nevada as labourers in a mining company, but afterwards they left the company while taking with them certain amount of money and becoming outlaws. They keep heading West and they kill an old indian named Bent Dog, whose horse they steal. They end in a place named Yanktown where the only jobs they can find is cleaning latrins, and they are constantly being harassed by the locals. Eventually, Doc Holliday convinces them to rob the local bank and steal $ 80,000.

This movie is not easy to find nowadays. I haven't found any DVDs around, but there is a Spanish TVRip on the Web with English subtitles. It is well-worth watching, even if just because of being such a rare film and ..... well, just have a look at Geraldine Chaplin in the poster.

Other Films / Outlaw Justice (AKA The Long Kill) (1999)
« on: August 12, 2011, 12:13:21 PM »

A very watchable Eurowestern made in Almeria (Desert of Tabernas) for TV, with the participation of some veteran SW and AW actors. These include Willie Nelson, Kris Kristoffersson, Sancho Gracia, Simon Andreu, and there is even a very brief cameo of Aldo Sambrell around minute 5 of the movie. Tony Anthony gets credited in the movie as "Supervising Producer", but not so in the IMDB. The movie is directed by Bill Corcoran.

The soundtrack is a combination of American an SW styles, plus some Country songs performed by Willie Nelson and Travis Tritt. Not bad.

The plot of the movie is revenge (what else  could it be? ;) :D ). Holden (Sancho Gracia) spent 8 years in prison and he is now coming back to kill 3 of his former gang members. He manages to kill one of them (Tobey) and his son Bryce seeks revenge. He will get the unwanted (but necessary) of former gang members Lee Walker (Willie Nelson), Jesse Ray Torrance (Kris Kristoffersson) and Dalton (a former gang member turned sheriff). Holden has some sort of partnership with Mexican Col. Lupo (Simon Andreu) to help him to kill his former friends. However, those two (Holden and Lupo) hate each others' guts, which makes for a interesting partnership.

The movie has its good share of action, and even contains some hilarious scenes resembling the old Trinity westerns (the arrival of Kristoffersson to town in the stagecoach at the beginning of the movie is priceless). Unfortunately, Almeria seems to have changed in the last 40+ years and some signs of the modern world have made it into the movie (concrete forming part of a highway is clearly seen in the background around minute 17 of the movie). I also find it unfortunate that the movie, being made for TV, has an aspect ratio of 4:3, so we cannot enjoy the panoramic views typical of the Cinemascope in which many of the SWs were filmed.

In a nutshell, this is an entertaining Eurowestern with some likable (and not so likable) badasses, but that lacks the magic of many of the old SWs.


Other Films / Yahsi bati aka Yahsi Bati - The Ottoman Cowboys (2010)
« on: December 30, 2010, 03:10:29 AM »

First time I see a Turkish western and I must say I found it quite watchable and with lots of hilarious scenes. I suspect that a lot of the humour must be lost in the translation from Turkish into English, but what remains was enough to make me laugh quite a bit.

The plot: two Ottoman secret agents go to the Mild (no, it's not a typo) West to deliver a present to President Garfield from the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The stagecoach where they travel is robbed and the bandits steal the present the two Ottomans carry (a necklace with a huge diamond) and take off. The two funny Ottomans will be involved in countless adventures to recover the jewel.

You can watch the whole movie in Youtube.


Off-Topic Discussion / Simca 1000 commercial made in Almeria
« on: December 27, 2010, 10:50:51 AM »
Clearly influenced by the SWs, this commercial was shown on Spanish TV for a few years in the early 70s.

Film Locations / The Arch (2010)
« on: October 06, 2010, 09:25:19 PM »
Well, I finally managed to visit what’s left of the famous “brick” arch from OUATITW!!

Arriving to the place was not difficult thanks to the directions given in this forum by Cusser and others (thank you, guys). Exactly 7.5 miles after crossing the bridge in Mexican Hat towards Monument Valley, one takes a right turn by some sort of (abandoned?) vendor’s shack into Country Road 432,

then follow the directions on this link

Eventually, one sees the remains of the arch on top of a hill. The dirt road is very drivable for any car, the only thing is that towards the end there is a lot of broken glass from beer bottles and all sort of cans.

A close look to the remains of the arch shows that it is actually not made out of bricks, but rather from pieces of the red stones (not sure if the correct geological name is “Navajo Sandstone”) that are found in Monument Valley, the Valley of the Gods and all the surrounding area. Also, it became clear to me that the quality of the construction was quite low. This is not surprising, as it was obviously not made to withstand the test of time (like the real Roman arches) but rather to be in a few scenes of a movie.

I listened to the “Harmonica’s brother’s death” theme on my MP3 player while I admired what was left of the arch.

Here are some pictures:

I asked a few questions to the RV camp manager about the arch. She knows of the location, and she suspects the reason it has not been reconstructed is because it has no meaning to the Navajos.

I also found interesting the fact that there is a place named Sweetwater about 35 miles east of Monument Valley. Not sure if there is a railroad in the area, though.

Other Films / El Cisco (1966)
« on: August 09, 2010, 02:27:32 PM »

An OK SW directed by Sergio Bergonzelli and with William Berger as the main protagonist.

Synopsis: William Berger (El Cisco/Larry) is going to be hanged accused of robbing a bank in Dallas (Texas) despite he claiming he is innocent. He manages a colourful escape by spitting to the ground an explosive cigar he was smoking. A price of $5000 is put to his head. Five years later, he his holding up stagecoaches in New Mexico but the only thing he is stealing from the mail bags are the reward posters with his picture addressed to the sheriff of the town of Calabazas. His only help is a number of dummies dressed as Mexicans that he uses to pretend he is the leader of a gang. At some point, four Mexicans attempt to rob the bank of Calabazas, but one is gunned down, another one is captured, and two others manage to escape and joined the gang of Toro (or Capobanda depending on the movie version). Cisco was in town during the attempted robbery but he does not intervene. He, however, is recognized by Burt Challenge, the bank owner and former bank robber. Challenge sends three men after Cisco, but he kills all three, but not before they kill Cisco's horse. Cisco walks to the ranch of a man called Lowett and he gets a free horse after beating Lowett in a shooting bet. Cisco then goes to Toro's hideout (they know each other, but it is no clear why or where from) and Toro asks for his help to rob the bank of Calabazas. Cisco asks Toro who tried to get him hanged 5 years earlier. Toro tells Cisco that there were actually two (not one) people involved, one of them being Burt Challenge, the current owner of the bank of Calabazas. Cisco kills the first one with a shot to the forehead (his trademark), but shows no commitment  to participate in the bank robbery. However, and without Toro's knowledge, Cisco arrives early in town, robs the bank on his own and hides the money in a cemetery.

Now Burt Challenge is trying to recover his money and Toro is wondering who outsmarted him.

The arrival to Calabazas of Cisco's former girlfriend will complicate things even more.

The movie has a decent musical score from the maestro Bruno Nicolai.

I watched the German dubbed version, which is 93 minutes long. Unfortunately, it seems to have some footage missing, as sometimes the movie lacks continuity. There is apparently a Brazilian DVD with English audio which is 97 minutes long, but I have not seen that version.


Other Films / Death on High Mountain AKA Death on a High Hill (1969)
« on: July 10, 2010, 10:03:31 PM »
This is a nice, entertaining SW directed by Fernado Cerchio, with actors Luis Davila, Peter Lee Lawrence, Agnes Spaak and Nello Pazzafini amongst others. The movie starts with a military convoy escorting a large amount of cash being salughtered by a bunch of Mexican bandits lead by General Valiente ("Valiente" means "coragous" in Spanish, but the guy is not precisely the bravest around  ;D). Several of those assaults have taken place in the same area, and it seems that someone in the know is feeding the bandits the adeuate information. The bandits go as far as robbing a bank, but two different guys (Peter Lee Lawrence and Luis Davila) who don't know each other fight them back and eventually manage to recover the loot. However, instead of returning it, they decide to keep it so they are forced to become partners. But as usual, things are not what they seem to be.

The movie is not a comedy per se, but it has many funny moments. I did really had a few good laughs seeing in action the clumsiest gang of Mexican baddies I have seen in any SW, lead by Gen. Valiente (Tano Cimarosa). The movie is well directed and the musical score from Luis Enriquez Bacalov is quite good, but some of the musical score has been recycled from Sugar Colt and El Chuncho.

Unless you are a SW fanatic like myself, this is something to rent, or watch from TV, or borrow from a friend.


Other Films / Four dollars for vengeance (1966)
« on: June 18, 2010, 06:06:27 PM »

This is an enjoyable early "American style" SW, with decent acting, good cinematography, and a good (and very catchy) musical score from Angelo Francesco Lavagnino. Basically, it is a tale of revenge. Roy Dexter is a Union Army captain with an excellent record. His troops are slaughtered by a group of Mexican bandits when they were carrying a cache of gold coins that the Union trrops had captured from the Confederate Army. Roy is left for dead but he survives and manages to return to the local Army fortress, only to be accused of him being the one who killed his troops to steal the gold. He is sentenced to death but the death penalty is commuted for a life sentence in a labour camp. While in prison, someone tries to kill him but fails. Roy escapes and learns of the people who set him up, so he will hunt them down and try to prove his innocence.


Other Films / Gold of the Seven Saints (1961)
« on: June 07, 2010, 09:42:07 AM »
Watched it last night. Great scenery and OK plot, which reminds me to a great extent of the Treasure of the Sierra Madre. It is unfortunate that the movie was not filmed in colour, it would have been a much better experience.


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