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Hi all! Maurizio Graf made the song occhio per occhio (or an eye for an eye) for FAFDM. Does anybody have more info on this? Was it created for the movie or just afterwards using the music for the movie? If it was created for the movie, why was it decided not to use it, etc??



Film Locations / Dublin locations DYS
« on: March 14, 2016, 01:19:34 PM »
Just returned from a weekend trip to Dublin (to visit the country 2 country music festival. As I had a few hours to kill during the day, I took my wife to visit Toner's Bar and Howth Castle, filming locations of the flashback scenes in Duck You Sucker. While it was fun to find these locations and having a few beers at Toner's, it is quite hard t find the exact shots. It is way better / fun to go around the Almeria area, but just checking these locations off the list was ok too. You can only walk around the howth castle premises, going inside is on appointment only (we had no desire). Howth itself is a nice coastal village with great cliffs. Perhaps sergio had better gone over there, but I suppose he reaaly wanted a castle.... Anyways, been to dublin, been to Almeria and been to the Burgos and Madrid areas. Next stop......Rome? I really wish that last year's sergio leone expo in Turin would have a rerun..... Too bad I missed that....

Film Locations / The arch in monument valley is falling further apart
« on: July 27, 2015, 11:05:17 PM »
Last week I again visited the arch of OUATITW in monument valley. In comparison to my last visit tjree years ago, the remains of the arch have deteriorated some more. Three years ago, there was still some wood stcking out of one of the bases that once supported the upper structure. That wood was now gone, with only the two stone bases remaing. So, although there is still plenty of remains to see, it is certainly in a worse condition then it was a few years ago..... If you still have this on your bucketlist, don't wait for many more years......

Film Locations / Just visited the North of Madrid.....
« on: June 03, 2015, 12:03:49 PM »
Hello amigos! I just got back from three full days in Spain. I started out in Madrid airport on Friday May 29 at 10am. I drove my rental car straight to Medinaceli and visited the Plaza Mayor and a few areas surrounding it, that were used as locations in Duck You Sucker. After about an hour there I drove North for another hour and a half to visit Carazo aka Betterville prisoncamp. It's still easy to find ( if you know where to look..), but the sign that was once put up by Tuco Tours is no longer there. After taking a bunch of pictures and hiking back down the mountain, I drove to Sad Hill, going through the town of Santa Domingo de Silos. I spent about 1,5 hours there, taking many, many pictures. The Sad Hill sign and plaque were still there, but most mock up graves were broken (by nature, I hope) far during this day, From the time I left the airport, I think I only saw three people (two of which in Medinaceli)!!! After Sad Hill I drove North, through Contreras and on to Rio Arlanza aka Langstone Bridge. Again I was all alone. The bushes, grass and other vegetation was in full bloom, but I made my way up the mountain and again made tons of pictures. As it was getting later, I closed of the day visiting the Monastery nearby, where some interior shots for GBU were done. The guard there told me that in the one barrack across the street from the monastery they filmed the scene with all the wounded soldiers lying next to each other. Thats seems right after I took a peek inside..... I spent the night in hotel Dona Sancha in Covarrubias, which was a great place to stay. The next day I started, after a good breakfast, by going back to langstone bridge to find more locations and I succeeded. It was already getting warmer and warmer. After the double dip, I drove for about two hours South, to Manzanares El Real. The tuco ambush location was easily found. The vegetation was somewhat unfriendly, but nothing really bothersome. then on to Colmenar Viejo, to visit Dehesa de Navalvillar. First I visited the monastery/church across the street which was used in The Mercenary. Then a big surprise: Dehesa de Navalvillar was closed for cars, you could only get in on foot or a bike. as I didn't have a bike, I hang my backpack with plenty of water on my shoulders and went for a long hike. I visited the Ranch-location (the chimney is still there) where once a ranch stood used in The Hills Run Red. I also saw a few NAvajo Joe, The Mercenary locations as well as some rubble, a picket fence and an information plaque that pointed out White Rocks. After a few hours, soaked in sweat from walking in the heat, I again took my car and drove to Hoyo De Manzanares to visit the San Miguel site. I couldn't get my car all the way there because of poor road conditions, but I had to walk just about 150 meters. There were just two drinking throves and the recognisable background, but nothing else really. It was nonetheless a great place to visit. After this visit I drove to Las Rozas de Madrid to stay in a comfortable hotel there. tapas, a cold beer and FC Barcelona on TV winning the Opa Del Rey made for nice evening closers. On the third and final day, Sunday, I first went back to Dehesa de Navalvillar to find a few more locations (there's so many there!). The next stop was an hour away to the West on Madrid: Aldea del Fresno. This is where the ambush from FOD was filmed. The river is hard to recognize, but the aguaduct is still there. the final spaghetti stop was in Campo de Madrid, where I visited the restaurant where some scenes for FOD were filmed. To kill a few hours before going back to the airport, I toured Santiago de Bernabeu, the home stadium of Real Madrid. At 20.15h, I flew back to The Netherlands, happy with a great trip. Now it's time to go through all the pictures and make a nice photoalbum.

Angel eyes

Film Locations / Colmenar Viejo
« on: April 10, 2015, 01:27:59 AM »
Hello all,

Within the next two months I will visit a few of the GBU locations. One of these is Colmenar Viejo, where once the western town was in which Blondie and Tuco confronted angel eyes and his gang. I know that this town no longer exist and that there's an Army/Air Force base these days, but does anyone have any pointers or tips where I can still go to make a few photographs that will still capture the backgrounds seen in the movie? I mean, if it's just the army base, is there still some value in visiting that location???? All info is appreciated!



Hi All,

I know this could be posted under the "Western books" topic, but I figured this book deserves its own topic. It has been talked about before, but the definitive book on GBU is still coming! Three weeks ago, I exchanged emails with its writer, who stated that the book is finished, all that still needs to be done is selecting a printing company and then the actual distribution. As a courtesy, the writer (from Germany) sent me five of the pages of the book, which look really, really promising. I just wish the book would be out tomorrow, as I would love to read all the info and see all the photos.......... Anyways, I do hope this book will be in my hands sometime this year!


General Discussion / Sergio leone's autograph
« on: February 24, 2015, 11:17:54 AM »
Hi all,

I happen to have an original Leone autograph, acquired at a Berlin Film festival. It was signed on a page of a movie magazine.
As I happen to have no idea About its value, I was wondering if anybody could give a rough estimate. And no, it's not for sale  :)

Angel eyes

Film Locations / Regis, where's Your Great locations website?!?!
« on: February 12, 2015, 01:57:08 PM »
Regis, i love your website and all its info? Where Did iT go? Can you please bring it back?
I need THE info for future trips to Spain too, of course!!
Keep up THE good work!

Angel eyes

Film Locations / Request: exact leone locations in Monument Valley
« on: October 19, 2014, 01:38:58 PM »
I would think my question has been answered before, but I have a hard time finding the answer anyway.
Three years ago I was in Monument Valley and I did find the Arch, so that is covered. But now I'm looking for the shots from Jills journey to sweetwater by carriage. As well as the spot of the  "bar in the middle on nowhere" where harmonica and cheyenne first meet. Any (driving) directions, gps coordinates etc are much welcomed. I will be visiting MV in summer next year and while I have my family in tow, I don't have too much time to search...... :)


Angel Eyes

Hi all,

In a few months I'll be off to the states, among other places visiting Monument Valley. Now I've heard there are still remains to be found of the structure used to string up Harmonica's brother, the famous arch. Can anybody provide directions how to get there?

Much obliged!


General Discussion / A permanent thread for Spaghetti Top 20
« on: February 06, 2005, 03:23:28 PM »
As I have become a regular visitor of to this site, I wonder more and more if it would be a good idea to have a permanent thread named "All time Spaghetti western Top 30". People could vote, choosing from a list of about 100 titles. I think this would help greatly in pointing new fans to the ones to get and the ones not to get. So, webmaster, and others for that matter, what do y'all think?

In random order, I would at least like to see the following spags in the Top30:

FOD, FOFDM, GBU, OUATITW, Django, A Bullet for the general, the Trinity duo, companeros, cemerary without crosses, the ringo's, stranger in town, the stranger returns, death rides a horse, the big gundown, the big silence, the mercenary, keoma, mannaja, django kill, viva django, day of anger, my name is nobody, requiescant, face to face, sabata, sartana.

I hope more of you share my few and a top XX wil soon be part of this site!

I'm riding off into the sunset...........creating a long shadow.......

General Discussion / Spaghetti soundtrack top 10
« on: January 22, 2005, 12:40:19 PM »
I have been collecting spaghetti soundtracks on CD for quite a while now and although I can imagine this question being asked in the past I would like to know "what are the favorite spag soundtracks of the fans?". I am especially interested in your favorite non-morricone soundtracks, as the most of these are trival top 10 contenders.

To give this topic a start I'll kick it off with my list:

Top 10 tracks:

The sundown (GBU)
The trio (GBU)
Run man run (Big gundown)
Run man run (Run man Run)
Sabata (Sabata)
Vamos a matar companeros (companeros)
Django (Django, English vocal)
The wild bunch (my name is nobody)
Snake (Mannaja)
They call me Trinity (Titoli, They call me Trinity)

Top 10 albums:

Good bad ugly (extended)
La resa dei conti (extended)
Sabata (limited edition)
Django (limited edition)
My delicious spaghetti western
More delicious spaghetti western
The mercenary (definitive)
They call me Trinity

Well, let's see what y'all com up with............

Sergio Leone News / Where can I found this Leone Museum?
« on: January 01, 2005, 04:07:24 PM »
Hi! In the docu Once upon a tim Sergio Leone I saw something like a museum with wardrobe displays of the costumes worn by Eastwood, Van Cleef, Terence Hill, Eli Wallach and others in the Leone-movies. Does anybody know where I can found this "museum"? I would love to go there!!!!!!!!!!!


The shadow

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