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A Fistful of Dollars / Re:Who to play the Man with no Name
« on: July 02, 2004, 03:00:51 PM »
And today? What actor would you see to play clint eastwood's character for a fourth film with the man with no name (let's call it "For a last fistful of dollars more")?

I can't see anyone!!!

Off-Topic Discussion / Re:Score used in Kill Bill 2
« on: July 02, 2004, 02:51:30 PM »
i think that was the main them of Fistful of dollars.

"as native american, he hates white men", said Sergio in "Conversations avec Sergio Leone". He's Indian.
Shorty, you can read french, so you should read this book, aviable in La Fnac (if you order it) or in any good shop with books about cinema. I think the last edition as from the Cahiers du Cinema.

So, bronson is a native american, as said Sergio... even if he looks more mexican or latin american when he's young...

Duck, You Sucker / Re:Is FOD/DYS a Western?
« on: March 23, 2004, 10:47:26 AM »
you should all read "Conversations avec Sergio Leone", from Noel Simsolo. I have the book...
I'm sorry, i don't know if any english translation of this great book exists (but i don't think so).

Duck, You Sucker / Re:Is FOD/DYS a Western?
« on: March 23, 2004, 10:45:34 AM »
sergio leone said that the rape scene, at the begining, was setting in an arena, like every final sequence of his precedent western. Here, this is not a shotdown, only a rape (private joke, as we say in french): this is the end of DYS as a western, this is the begining of DYS as a political movie. And then Malory comes...

Once Upon A Time In America / Re:PIERROT LE FOU
« on: March 16, 2004, 10:37:45 AM »
i go on here:
There is no director more formal than godard...

And you should see again "Un aire de Famille", Larsen. I know you've seen it and you didn't like. But just try to see how the director is good in it: it is "sobre" (i don't have the english translation), but very very worked! klapish did a great job with the camera FOR the story (and not the opposite). A script is never enough to do a movie, but every great movie has a great script (or at least a very good one).

In the other and, exept jeunet, Jaoui and Klapish, there is no important director in France today: the major part have no talent with camera, lights look like lights for TV movies, can't chose any real actor, and scripts are AWFULL!!!!!!

last point: i had heard of Cinema Paradisio as a great great great movie; i have always loved (of course) morricone's score, and when i saw some extracts of the movie at Montreal festival of movies, two years ago, i dicebut... what a desappointment! THIS is what you like? :( no actors, no lights, only a few ideas in the script, very cinematographic ideas (like the scene in the theatre when the hero looks all the kisses which had been cut down by the preacher).

Well, that's all this time.

Once Upon A Time In America / Re:PIERROT LE FOU
« on: March 16, 2004, 10:14:52 AM »
well... you're very strange, shorty :)
I'm french, but i don't know this sketch... i'll look for it, because i like les inconnus very much.
That's true that this feeling of superiority is awfull, and isn't justified today. That comes from the french new wave...
I don't love any Truffaut or Godard, i just like a few of their movies very much; and a few sequences. For instance, the end of Pierrot le Fou, the begining of Les 400 coups (even if this is not the best movie of the "antoine douanel movies" of Truffaut)...

I think i understand your point of view (but i don't share it). So, it is strange to see as you dislike Godard: his last movies are ONLY formal...

Once Upon A Time In America / Re:PIERROT LE FOU
« on: March 14, 2004, 04:56:24 AM »
interressing movie (pierrot le fou). I saw it last night. I can't say that i loved (it is very difficult to "enter the movie", but also difficult to go out). Whereas Le Clan des SICILIENS is a bad movie. i think that Verneuil has only be a good film maker with i comme Icar.

Shorty, it is strange to see that you dislike every french film maker... you can't say "i hate godard", isn't it? just see the first scenes of "le mépris". You can't say "i hate Truffaut". just see Le dernier Métro...
What is your matter with french directors?

General Discussion / Re:Leone influenced your life?
« on: February 24, 2004, 01:50:10 AM »
I really understood what cinema was after seeing OUATITW... in that way, i can say that leone didn't influenced my life but has completly chosen it: i want to be a director (and i will be a director) because of OUATITW.

Once Upon A Time In The West / Re:Your cast for a remake
« on: October 18, 2003, 08:19:21 AM »
Frank: Christopher Walken or of course Clint Eastwood
Armonica: ??? can you really imagine anybody else than Bronson?
Jill: Catherine Zeta Jones (even if she isn't a great actress)
Cheyenne: Sean Connery
Morton: ???

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re:suspention of disbelief
« on: September 11, 2003, 10:28:37 AM »
Tuco is diging , looking for the gold... he is so exited that he didn't heard Blondie coming. After that, i think that Blondie knew that angel eyes was somewhere around (he left the town before he and tuco, with his horse... he was of course waitinf for them, hidden somewhere around), that's why he let Tuco diging at the wrong place: he is in fact waiting for angel eyes. He is not really surprised when angel eyes arrive, and now he decides to tell the truth.
That was a trap...

General Discussion / Re:"Duck, You Sucker!" vs. "Fistful of Dynamite"
« on: September 09, 2003, 08:52:19 AM »
i mean the french dvd, which is exactly the same than the uk (and is titled "fistful of dynamite", and not "once upon a time the revolution", as we call this movie in france).
I'm sorry for the bad english :)

General Discussion / Re:"Duck, You Sucker!" vs. "Fistful of Dynamite"
« on: August 27, 2003, 01:09:17 AM »
i bought the R2 dvd of Giu la Testa... there is no final flashback, Juan doesn't say "what about me?" at the end, and "Fistful of Dynamite" is the title that appears at the end.... Awful!
The dvd has no bonus exept a trailer; the sound and the picture are awfull; with some big trouble a few times (like in the french dvd of GBU, when the sound stops just when Blondie says "such ingratitude after all the time i saved your life").

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re:THE PONCHO...
« on: August 26, 2003, 05:56:00 AM »

thanks for Appalosa, Cigar Joe (i hadn't see that you had answered me before...). In fact, i didn't see the movie, i just saw the box of a dvd with marlon Brando with a poncho, but i didn't care to the title.

Anyway, good good good point, Levente17. Almost an evidence... but i think that the three movies have only a few connections, which are just references. Leone said himself to Simsolo that the poncho at the end of GBU was a joke, a private joke. I also said "the trilogie is like a circle". This is cinema, cinema is not real, and Leone's way to do cinema is to film his dreams, trying to convince us that it is real...

We all believe him since we see his movies... but after, thinking to all those things (the poncho, all the actors playing different caracters...), we anderstand that Leone got us... he's just playing with the audience (us).

(i'ms sorry, every time i try to say difficult things in english, i'm not sure that you will be able to anderstand...)

Once Upon A Time In America / Re:Golden Palm
« on: June 22, 2003, 01:57:25 AM »
it would have been great... but not sure. In 1984, the movie that had the golden palm was "paris texas" by wim wenders: an other great great great movie. I prefer once upon a time in america, but i'm not sure it would have won the palm.

An other point is that Leone himself refused to show ouatia in competition since he has seen that there were "international pressions" in canne (i'm not sure you will anderstand what i'm trying to explain...).

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