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General Discussion / Re: AFI Top 100
« on: June 22, 2007, 02:37:00 AM »
Firecracker, you missed out The Wild Bunch. ;)
Dave Jenkins what is the procedure in order to become one of the Hundred best American movies of all times?
For example;
1.screenwriter I wonder if he has to be born in USA/or living in USA when he made his script?
2.director; does he has to be US citizen or he can be from another country?
3.producents: movie must be released under some american producents or....?
For example Babel 2006. The origine of this movie is France (at least on IMDB), but they also credited USA and Mexico. Various languages are spoken in this movie, so whose film Babel really is? American? France? or Arabic?
My point is this:
How can someone decide that one particular movie only belongs to a certain country? Is it because the producers (guys with a money?), or is it because the guy who wrote the script happens to be from that country?
Or because the language in that movie? Or it all depends on nationality of the director?
Which parameters AFI is using in order to select thiese movies?
For instanse, what about Charlie Chaplin's movies? If I remember correctly he made his movies in Hollywood, but I didn't saw him on this list.

Westerns especially Spaghetti Westerns cannot be made by Quentin Tarantino. Why? Because in all of his movies characters are talking too much. They talk. talk, talk.....Spaghetti W. characters are strong silent guys....Quentin Tarantino would be my last choice for directing any kind of SW. I respect his love for this genre, but his  style is just too diferent.

Once Upon A Time In The West / Re: Favorite Soundtrack Track
« on: June 22, 2007, 12:44:24 AM »
"As a judgement" is perfect piece of music. It fits perfectly with Henry Fonda's character Frank. Also, in the combination with a massacre scene at McBains ends up with a ultimate cinematic expirience.
Of course Jill's America is equally great, main theme Once upon a Time in the West also.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re: The showdown dilemma
« on: June 15, 2007, 10:21:01 AM »
Angel Eye needs Blondie, but I think that he had oportunity to kill Tuco without been shot by Blondie. Remember that scene where Blondie said ; gun....? If I remember correctly at that moment Blondie's hands were full; he had rock in one hand and the pencil in another. Tuco was on his knees, helpless. Angel Eye could easily use this moment to kill Tuco, and at the same time, he knows that Blondie can't harm him. AE made huge error; he left Tuco alive, and he just made his life little more complicated.
I realise that "trio duel" is better then duel with just two oponents. I just cannot understand the fact that AE somehow forgot the fact that he doesn't need Tuco in order to reach Confederation gold.  AE knew what kind of oponent he is against.
1.AE knows this: Tuco managed to escape from his sergeant (and from what we see in this movie he was no joke)
2.Tuco and Blondie anihilated all of his gang members. Just two of them, against what... five or six AE's men.
3. At this point AE had to know one thing. Tuco and Blondie had somekind of weird relationship, love/hate relationship. He saw Blondie when he was prepared to cut the rope around Tuco's neck, and Blondie has rather teamed up with Tuco then with him.
So AE must know,  at least in the back of his mind, that they would shoot at him first, and then it it "resa dei conti" between two partners. I just wanna say AE was so superior trough the entire movie, and then he made fatal mistake.
I guess it is true what Dave Jenkins said:  when badass  loses against the good guy, good guy becomes even more heroic (if it is even possible in Sergio's movies!)
Man, this movie rocks! :)

Once Upon A Time In The West / Re: Harmonica's identity:
« on: June 14, 2007, 01:16:54 PM »
Anyone? :'(

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / The showdown dilemma
« on: June 14, 2007, 01:11:51 PM »
I watched this movie again and again, but only recently I realised something. I always thought that "final trio" duel is marvelous, but I always felt that I am missing something important for the plot development. And it strikes me:
We have this great scene: After "Ecstasy of gold" Tuco is at the cemetery, and he is digging (Arch Stanton grave). Then Blondie came and we have their conversation.
The most important moment; Angel Eye arrived at the cemetery, and he has the gun. He is in a better position then Blondie, not to mention poor Tuco.
My question is this; Angel Eye- Why didn't he killed Tuco? Let us look at the facts; Angel Eye tortured Tuco in military prison. Tuco tells him everything. Everything that has to do with his part of the secret. And he told AE that other part of the secret (name of the grave) wich only Blondie knew.
So when AE arrived at that cemetery he knew this; 1.Blondie knows his part of the secret, name. After Blondies reply "You want see the cent of this money", he can't kill Blondie because he need him in order to get the name and gold with it.
2.Angel Eye knows this: Tuco told him everything he knew, and he knew the name and the place of that cemetery. But now, AE knows it too.
So AE doesn't need Tuco anymore. But he still left him alive. Tuco doesn't have any kind of "shield", he didn't have any "hidden cards" at this point. WHY DID ANGEL EYE LEFT TUCO ALIVE? He doesn't need to. He has sent him into prison camp before, that means that he find out everything he wanted from Tuco. And now at the cemetery, AE knows everything that Tuco knew, perhaps even more, and he left him alive.
I mean Tuco is probably least dangerous oponent in this duel (only in this!), but this is inconsistent with AE's character. He doesn't need Tuco, in fact Tuco will be one of the rivals in his pursuit for gold, along with Blondie. But he needs Blondie. Next logical thing would be: arriving at the cemetery, waiting for the conversation, after "You wan't see the cent.... sentence he would realize that he need Blondie, and the fact that he doesn't need Tuco any more. So logicaly, he had to kill him.
Instead, he left Tuco to participate in this duel, and as the result he couldn't concentrate on just one oponent. He had to watch out for Tuco too. That is why he died. I cannot believe that AE didn't follow his ruthless nature to his very end.
I would like to hear your opinions ???

Col. Mortimer is her brother, and that guy in the flashback is her husband. Most obvious answer.

I think so too. In fact, I think that even col. Mortimer got much more attention then  Clint's character Manco. This is the only movie (out of three MWNN films) where someone else has the upper hand over Man With No Name, At least until the final showdown.
Volone is magnificent, and LVC is great in the role of his nemesis. I think that this has to do with the fact that unlike Manco, they share their past, and they are conected by the deep personal reasons. Result; GMV and LVC characters are much deeper then Manco's.
He is here for the money and nothing more. That is why Harmonica's character had stronger emotional impact then Joe/Manco/Blondie's character (situation with Blondie is however is open for interpretation).

Once Upon A Time In The West / Harmonica's identity:
« on: June 07, 2007, 03:48:46 AM »
I have a question for USA members;
While I was surfing on wikipedia, I found out that there is a series of comic books whith character named Harmonica.
All I was able to find is that it has been published by Malibu Comics Ultraverse series The Solution.
"Little was known about the man known as Harmonica, except that he was enacting a vendetta (this is familiar!!!) against the Darkur, a race of shape changing warriors from the Goodwheel. Whatever the reason, he consistently eradicated any Darkurian he encountered"
"After the Black September event wich changed the Ultraverse's reality, Harmonica's wereabouts were unknown."
Does anyone knows is there any similarities between Sergio's Man with Harmonica and this comics. Does he poses "the instrument"?. Obviously he seek some kind of revenge, so I figured that they are somehow connected, or this comic is perhaps heavily influenced by OUTIW.
I tried to find more informations about this comic, but, obviously I failed. Perhaps someone knows something more about this enigma (well at least it is enigma for me). If someone has some pictures of Harmonica from that comic even better :)

General Discussion / Re: Do you know this man?
« on: June 07, 2007, 01:07:36 AM »
In his hand, poderator.

I hope you can see the similarities:

As I said, the author wasn't best on portraits. Or he did it on purpose, so he couldn't be blamed for using Clint Eastwood for his "advertising"?
Yes, in his hand.  ???But from his hand into his mouth, right? ;)

General Discussion / Re: Do you know this man?
« on: June 06, 2007, 03:53:16 AM »
It is definitely Clint. Just take a look at his clothes. It is the same clothes that he is wearing under his poncho. Also, cigar in his mouth... :)

Once Upon A Time In The West / Re: Frank or Angel Eyes?
« on: June 04, 2007, 02:28:44 AM »

Angel Eyes has a heart. He gives that confederate soldier that bottle o' booze for one. And as for that kid, the kid was armed, not just a little 8 year old holding a bottle of something and a rag (or whatever he was holding)
I don't think that he gave him a bottle of booze because he "has a good hart". Angel Eye never showed any kind of compassion toward anyone. Remember,  he gave food and drink to poor Tuco, and then he brutaly beats him ( actually it was his sergeant, but AE ordered him to beat Tuco). So AE gave that bottle of booze because he knew that soldier will feed him with the informations that he needed about Bill Carson's regiment. He gave him a drink, and soldier told him what AE wanted to know. Simple sharing. Nothing else.
I fail to see how could anyone think that this was the act of kindness by Angel Eye. That deed was carefully calculated, and he find out what he was looking for. He couldn't just walk into the army camp and beat the soldier, he needed a diferent aproach. It is a stick and carrot game. With Tuco it was stick, with a soldier it was carrot. It is a ancient game and guy like Angel Eye knows how to play it.

Yes, that scene on the beach before battle is definitely "Man with a Harmonica", closeups on eyes etc. Also, those pocket watches (Kalipso and Davey Jones) definitely For a few dollars more.

That is the main problem with the sequels of the movies where everything important is already showed  in the original. First Pirates of the Carribean was great because everything was coherent and everything had sense. It has begining and the end. But original made tons of money, and that is why we have this kind of  sequel (Dead man's chest). Everything else is pretty much predictable; bigger budget, more and more special efects, and less character development. What is the result: Pretty long MTV video.
It is the same thing with a Matrix. First one offers some really great philosophical issues, gave us something to think about. But again,movie has earned alot of money. Second and third (I know that this is probably a blasphemy for some of the fans)  managed only to show us  the New Testament in a cyberpunk setting. Really, they ruined the very foundations of the first part of Matrix.
Same thing with a Pirates.  It is sad thing, because original rocks.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Top 5 shots ever?
« on: May 24, 2007, 02:32:16 AM »
1. Look on little Timmy's face when he saw his family masacred.
2. First entrance of Frank and his men behind those they aproach to this little kid.
3.Jill: What does he waiting, what does he doing?... He is wittling a piece of wood, and I gotta feeling when he stops....something is gonna happen!...then Frank enters and music swells up.
4.Final showdown....everything from begining to the end!
5.Would you be back?... Someday...

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