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I watched GBU the other day on AMC - the version with the extra scenes included.  I kept a sharp eye out for 'the car' that was supposely visible in the background in the scene where Wallace and Tuco are waiting to board the train.  During that entire scene, I didn't see the car.   I also looked close during the scene where Tuco and Wallace are 'separated' by the train and Tuco hops back on the train.  Where is this car?   I know this may sound quite insignificant to the rest of the movie, but just wondering because, of all the times I've seen the movie, I didn't notice it once.  It appears someone has a VERY sharp eye to see it!   ;)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Tuco's gun
« on: August 28, 2008, 12:38:39 PM »
When Tuco takes the guns apart in the gun shop, he puts the revolver part up to his ear and rolls it between his hands.  I know NOTHING about guns, so forgive my stupidity - what is the importance of how the revolver sounds - or is it the 'timing' of each shot?   Not sure about this - thanks for the help!

In the scene where Blondie and Tuco are riding on the wagon, just before they get captured and taken to the prison camp, their voices seem to 'change' as does the delivery of their lines.   Their voices sound as if they've been 'voiced over'.  Is it possible (or true) that this scene was dubbed in in the English version of the movie?  They both sound out of character in the way they deliver their lines in this scene - and they're both a tad-bit 'slow' when speaking. 

I also noticed that in this scene, Blondie is driving the wagon while Tuco reads the map to Sad Hill.  Suddenly, the scene changes and Tuco is driving the wagon and Blondie is taking a nap.   Is there a scene missing where the quick change occurs?  I'm just curious 'cause it appears that way.   Thanks for the insight!   ;)

That scene has been bugging me for while.  Can we not only assume that Blondie saw the whole argument between Tuco and his brother - or did he just see Tuco punching his brother?   My assumption is that, when Tuco told Blondie that he had something to tend to, do you think Blondie knew that he was going to his brother's quarters to see him or do you think that Blondie only saw Tuco throw a punch at his brother?   I'm not sure if he sat there through the whole scene or not.  What are your thoughts?  Can we assume Blondie was there the whole time, having seen and heard everything?

if Stevens hadn't drawn his gun to shoot AE?  I know AE said that when he's paid to do a job, he always sees it through, but in the movie, Stevens draws his gun first before AE draws his.   Do you think AE would have just taken Stevens' money offer and left or did AE have intentions of shooting Stevens anyway?   Just another 'what if' question to ponder.    ;)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Tuco's rings?
« on: May 06, 2008, 05:51:05 PM »
I know it doesn't show where Tuco got the rings that he wears on his left hand, but just for fun, can you think of a scenario as to how he got those rings in his possession?   My idea is that he shot one of his hombres that betrayed him and thus, stole the rings off his fingers.   That's just an idea off the top of my head.   Remember - this is just for fun.  We don't know how they came into his possession, so it's just an "I think that...." kind of question - :D ;)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Blondie and Bill Carson.
« on: May 05, 2008, 06:44:55 PM »
The scene that I've pondered over in GBU is when Tuco goes to fetch water for Bill Carson and suddenly, Blondie is right there.   Tuco is talking to BC, trying to force the information out of BC about the grave where the gold is hidden - and he's, of course, focused on BC.  What I'm trying to figure out is how come Tuco didn't see Blondie approach the stagecoach - and knowing the Blondie was near death at this point, how did he get to BC so quickly when Tuco went to get BC some water?    When he props BC up against the doorway of the stagecoach, he's facing BC, of course, but wouldn't you think he would be able to see, out of the corner of his eye, that Blondie is approaching the stage?   Unless Tuco has 'tunnel vision', how could he NOT see Blondie nearing the stage?   Tuco goes to fetch water and, as soon as he turns around, Blondie is right there beside BC.   The question is, of course, how did Blondie get there so fast, considering he could hardly move because of being dehydrated from the sun and near death?   Perhaps someone can fill me in or give me your best assumption?  Thanks. O0 ;)

It struck me funny that, in the scene where Tuco is tied up and sniveling on the porch of the marshal's office, the marshal comes out with the 'wanted' poster of Tuco's face, Tuco accuses him of not being able to read.  Then, later in the story, there are two instances where TUCO can't read:  when he and Blondie go into Angel Eye's hideout after they shoot AE's gang, Tuco finds the note and tries to read it, but can't.   Blondie had to read it to him.   The second scene, of course, is the more well-known line:  "Un-k Un-k - there's no name on it".   Blondie had to tell him it was 'unknown'.   We see that Tuco himself can't read, but yet, he accuses the marshal of not being able to read.  Talk about a case of calling the kettle black, eh?  lol.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Sad Hill Cemetary: Is it....?
« on: April 25, 2008, 09:11:47 PM »
a movie set or is it an actual cemetary?  I know this sounds like a dumb question, but each time I watch GBU (which has been dozens of times), I've always wondered whether it's a real cemetary or if it was created for the movie.   

Thanks in advance for the info - :D

Why or why not?

I personally don't like remakes of movies or tv shows - especially classic movies such as GBU or The Wizard of Oz and classic sitcoms as well.   I'm a stickler for the original - cast and crew included, of course.   I just can't picture a new cast and crew for any classic movie, no matter what genre it is.   

If you could remake GBU, what actors would you choose to play the roles of AE, Blondie and Tuco?  Wallace?   Tuco's brother, etc.?   Who do you think would be the most effective in directing a remake?    I think these questions may be hard to answer because, personally, I don't think anyone could top Eli, Clint and Lee, but it's just a thought to ponder is all.    I also don't believe anyone could even come close to the Sergio Leone's superb job of directing this film.   I'm just curious to see what your thoughts are on this - that's all.  It's another one of my 'what if' questions (hope none of you find them boring.  If so, at least hold back your 'yaaawns' until you answer the qeustion - lol).   ;)    Thanks.   

Tuco told him the name of the cemetary?   I'm wondering about this because, earlier in the movie, he kills Stevens after he tells AE Jackon's alias name 'Bill Carson' because Baker paid AE to get the name.  Then, he kills Baker after Stevens pays him $1,000 to kill him.  The only thing I can figure is that AE wasn't paid by anyone to kill Tuco, so it wasn't worth going through with it.    Instead, he has Wallace take him 'somewhere', which leads me to my next question:  Where was Wallace taking Tuco?    I don't recall anything mentioned about where he was taking Tuco.  The only thing AE says to Blondie is "He's in good hands", but no specific place to where Tuco is being taken.     

Thanks for your input and help  :D

When Tuco goes to see his brother Pablo, he's happy to see Pablo, but he doesn't feel the same about Tuco.   Tuco's brother slaps Tuco across his face, then Tuco punches him.  When Tuco heads out of his brother's room, Pablo calls out to Tuco with a face of regret and sorrow.   What changed his attitude toward Tuco?  It was like an instant change.  Was it Tuco's punch or fit of anger that caused this sudden change?   

Also, why did Pablo wait until Tuco left before asking for his forgiveness?  Not sure why he didn't say ask for his forgiveness right after Tuco helped him to his feet.     Perhaps this is something we can only speculate on.

Thanks for your replies - :D

I found this review on regarding the 2004 release of the restored version of GBU and was wondering if this is true or not.   I want to get it, of course, but if the soundtrack and original sound effects (i.e. gunshots, explosions, etc.) don't sound like the original, I'm getting second thoughts about buying it.   There are good reviews, too, but this review rather shocked me, considering what a great movie it is and all the work that has gone into restoring it.  Should I ignore this person's review or should I take heed and not waste my money?   What's your opinion?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!  :D

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Would you consider Tuco as....
« on: April 16, 2008, 08:03:05 PM »
the 'funnyman' in the film?  Did SL have intentions of adding humor in the movie when he created the character of Tuco?    I ask this because he seems to be the 'cut-up' or wisecracker throughout the movie.   Just an observation I thought I'd mention and ask you all what you think.   Thanks for your replies.   ;)

If Blondie had shot Tuco after collecting all the reward money, how would you have continued the story without Tuco?   Would you have added another character in Tuco's place?  If so, would he have been a bandit or a straight-up guy like Blondie?   How about Blondie and AE together from the point of Tuco getting shot dead by Blondie and having both of them (Blondie and AE) go the rest of the journey together to Sad Hill?

These are only 'what if' questions, if you could alter the story or change it in any way (not that it should have been changed at all - just a fun kind of question - :D

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