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Thanks, Cusser.  That little detail always grabbed my curiosity and, being as Blondie isn't exactly close enough to the camera, it's a strain on the eyes to see what he goes for to write with - lol.   I think we can only draw our own conclusions as to what he intended to write with. 

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / What was the instrument that Blondie...
« on: December 20, 2008, 12:06:26 AM »
was going to use to write with to put the name of the grave on the stone?   I'm not quite sure about this.  It's one of those easily-overlooked trivial things in the movie.    Considering ball point pens weren't around then, my guess would be that it's a sharp stone that he intended to use to etch the name with or his cigar ashes.   A quill pen wouldn't be any use, considering he doesn't carry ink with him and any ink already on the pen would be dried up due to the exposure to the air.  Can anyone fill me in on this?  Thanks. ;)

         Do yourself a big favor and forget The Hollywood Soundmakers (one guitar, a drummer and a organ) sounds like something you would here in a seedy bar, and Hugo Monte...... it was also rubbish in 1968 and still is.... Get the original vinyl of Morricone's other works if anything..


Thank you for the advice, ICE.   I just glanced at the pics on you and CJ's post - didn't know it wasn't Morricone's score.  I'll pass on wasting my money on that, then - thanks again for the heads-up on that.   O0

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re: Court Marshall offence.....
« on: December 02, 2008, 01:11:30 AM »
Well, I agree with Cusser.  It may be because the drunk captain and his soldiers were forbidden to blow it up.  It was an order passed down to them NOT to blow it up - and if they did, they would be faced with a court marshal.   When a soldier or any commander in the military disobeys a direct order from the higher-ups, they are court-marshaled.

Thank you for posting the pics of the covers, CJ.   I have the first one you have pictured.  It's the one I recently purchased for two bucks at a flea market near my house over the summer.   The other two, though, I have yet to find, but I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for them.  Thanks again for posting them.   I would have scanned the album cover - front and back - into my computer to post here, but I'm afraid the album cover is way too big for my scanner -  >:(

"i like big fat men like you, when they fall they make more noise and sometimes they never get up."

Yeah  - another great line - love that one, too - lol.

I also like the scene where Tuco is being 'fattened up for the kill', so to speak, and AE asks him, "You like music with your meal, Tuco?"  Tuco replies, "Yes - very good - very good for the digestion".  Then after Tuco's been beaten by Wallace, AE says, "How's your digestion now?"

When Tuco is tied-up and being handed to the sheriff:

Let me go and l'll pardon you and Come back and fight! and Roll it up. Roll it up! l'll give you a good idea where you can put it.  ;D

I LOVE that whole scene - cracks me up every time!  That's a genuine "Leone comedy scene in a western" - great scene - one of my faves - lol.

" When that rope starts to pull tight you can feel the devil bite your Ass"......Classic


I agree - great line - lol.  I mentioned that earlier in the thread, but didn't post the whole quote - lol.

There was a price on Tuco's head, that's why his life was spared.  >:D

Good point - that's true!

You're mistaken, Calamity Jane. One doesn't have to be frenzy in order to be cold blooded.

No, of course not, but a cold-blooded murderer kills people at random for no reason.   He doesn't go on a killing spree like your everyday murderer (i.e. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc).   He kills, but for his own devious reasons.   He spares the lives of those that give him information, with the exception of Stevens, of course.   Stevens tried to kill AE first and AE reacted in the way that any sharp-shooter would that protects his own hide.  I'm not saying that AE isn't cold-blooded.  I'm just merely saying that there is a difference between the everyday, random cold-blooded killer and one who is paid to kill - that's all.

YOU MEAN AN a cold blooded murderer..


I don't agree that he's a cold-blooded murderer.   If he was such, then he would be killing people at random for no reason.  Those people that he 'eliminates' are people that are crooked and criminal such as Baker, who pays AE to get information.   Baker's intention was to pay AE to kill Stevens, but not before he gets the information he wants.   If AE was a cold-blooded killer/murderer, he would have easily killed 'half-soldier' or the woman in the stagecoach or even Maria.   He only kills those that he sees would double-cross him or those he sees as not being of any use or help to him in getting what he wants or is looking for.   To those that cooperate with him in telling him what he wants to know, he lets them live in exchange for the information they give.  In the case of Blondie and Tuco, however, he doesn't kill them 'cause he knows they both have a secret that they're hiding and so, he has to be very careful in how he goes about getting those 'secrets' out of them, though he doesn't succeed with Blondie 'cause he knows Blondie would rather have his part of the secret go to the grave with him.   Anyway, I don't see AE completely as a cold-blooded killer.   He's a hired sharp-shooter that only kills when he feels it's necessary.   Remember too, that AE could have easily had Tuco killed when Wallace was beating on him - he could have told Wallace to simply kill him, but he also knows that Tuco would eventually spill the beans - just took the right 'move' to get it out of him, which was Wallace nearly gouging his eyes out to make him talk.

I love the whole tirade that Tuco spouts as Blondie is turning him in.You've just about named them all.When the Sheriff rolls up the wanted poster,"I can give you a good idea of wear to put it",and he tells Blondie."Your a son of a thousand fathers ,all bastards like you!."That was a pretty low one.And not only does Tuco think that Blondie's mother belongs in a two dollar whore house,but in the end he decides that she is such a whore that it's best not to even speak of her.haha.That whole scene always just amuses the hell out of me.

I totally agree with you on that one, Cole!  I LOVE that scene - it's not just the whole speel that Tuco gives to Blondie that is priceless - it's that whole entire scene - lol.  I also like the line he spews out when Blondie has him tied up and straddled on the horse:  "I hope you come down with Rabies, Colora and the plague!".   

The other quotes I like are: "Don't die like that pig!" and (speaking to Bill Carson) "Don't die!  I'll get you water; don't die until later!" - that's a really uncaring statement, but considering Tuco's disposition and personna, he only cares about himself; cares nothing for anyone else (to a certain extent, of course, considering the hint of compassion he shows when he helps Blondie enter the monastery)and does what he has to to get what he wants.

Angel Eyes is a smart, cold blooded and ready for everything SOB pistolero. He's not a bandit, killer, bounty hunter, or hired gun, he's something much worse - a man who'd do anything to get out of that shit... the richer he can.

In my last post, I mentioned that, when he goes to see Stevens, he tells him "That's why they pay me".  He gets paid to do a job - collects the money for completing the job that is given to him to do.   In my opinion, he IS  a hired gun.  My guess is (not indicated in the movie) is that he is well-known in those parts and many know his merciless and ruthless reputation.   I also assume the word is around about his great ability to go the extra mile to get a job done - all for the money.  That's how he makes his living:  by being a ruthless sharpshooter-for-hire.

Well, if I were to put this question up as a poll, I think Tuco's quote "When you have to shoot, shoot - don't talk" would take the cake, getting the most votes - lol.    I like that quote also.  There's just so many, it's hard to decide which one is the best.    Here's another one that came to mind that I like:  "It's got to hold the weight of a pig".

I also like the line "There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend:  those that cut the rope and those that take the risks".      This one is always makes me laugh, too:  "....., you can feel the devil bite your a**".

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