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you mean: Evil Clown Sings Evil Fat Clown?
just "evil clown sings garth brooks".
while there, compare other various evil laughs from some of the men.
from the museum of the hard to beleive  >:D

NOT FAT BUT EVIL ( clown ) what a dump !

click link " EVIL CLOWN SINGS GARTH BROOKS..... " on u-tube  >:D

sorry ! i can't get the link up here.  ;D

let's just say esteban come too mind

Off-Topic Discussion / rthe law west of the pecos
« on: May 11, 2008, 10:41:36 PM »
Roy Bean married 15 year-old Virginia Chavez in San Antonio on 10-28-1866. Their union brought forth four Beanitos: Roy Jr., Sam, Laura and Zulema. They also adopted a son named John. It was Roy's first and last marriage. They divorced around 1880 and Roy left her in San Antonio while he went South.
In the pre-Langtry days in San Antonio, Roy Bean used to haul and sell milk. In order to increase profits, he added creek water to the milk. When the buyers started noticing minnows in the milk, Roy seemed as surprised as the buyers. "By Gobs," he said, "I'll have to stop them cows from drinking out of the creek."
In 1882 Roy Bean was appointed Justice of the Peace for Precinct 6, (then Pecos - now Val Verde County). Roy Bean may have been a heavy drinker and a shady character, but he came highly recommended by Texas Rangers, who felt he "had what it would take" to bring the law "West of the Pecos."
Bean enjoyed his tough reputation and he kept his kindness hidden. Throughout the years, he took some of the fines and much of the collected goods and gave them to the poor and destitute of the area, doing so without it being known. He even took monies collected in the Jersey Lilly, - his own trackside saloon and used them to buy medicine for the sick and poor in and around Langtry.
Explaining why he had helped so many people, Roy Bean explained it this way to his friend: "Well Dodd, I haven't been any gol-dang angel myself and there might be a lot charged up to me on Judgment Day; and I figure what good I can do-the Lord will give me credit when the time comes." He was very sincere in this belief and it was the sum and total of any religious statement from Roy Bean.
An owner of a Langtry restaurant owed Bean money and when he didn't pay, Bean waited until the restaurant was full, then he then took his place by the door and had each customer pay him for their meal. The last few customers paid the interest.
Bean has often been confused with "hanging judge" Parker of Ft. Smith - (perhaps because their slightly unorthodox or creative sentencing). Bean never actually hanged anyone, although he occasionally "staged" hangings to scare criminals. Bean would prepare a script with his "staff" - if they were sober enough - which allowed for the prisoner to escape. Given this "second-chance" - the culprits never appeared before the court again.
Bean never sentenced anyone to the penitentiary. If ANYTHING needing doing in Langtry - the prisoner would do it. If there was nothing to be done, the prisoner could take it easy by simply being staked out in the sun.
Nearly everyone has heard the story of Bean fining a dead man $40 - the exact amount that in the corpse's pocket. Less known is the fact that the $40 bought a casket, headstone and paid the gravedigger's labor. He did, however, keep the man's gun for use as a gavel.
Roy Bean died at 10:03pm March 19, 1903 after a heavy drinking spree in Del Rio. He returned home at 10 a.m. and died that night at 10 p.m. The real reason he died, was he simply lost the will to live. Bean could not adjust to modern times. The thing that sent him on his binge was the start of construction on a power plant on the Pecos River. He used to say that times were changing and he was being left behind.

anyone have anything else to add before going in front of the hanging judge that might keep you from his noose ?

Once Upon A Time In The West / Re: Woodys sawed off Winchester
« on: May 11, 2008, 10:25:38 PM »
i'm reminded of "Mississippi"/ James cann's sawed-off shotgun in el Dorado. 

don't hide arms, get side arms

that look in chuck's eye in the rifleman's intro reminds   me of TMWNN's nod when meeting a protagonist who certainly does not stand a chance. sorry, but don't even think about it. such a look is given to tuco by Blondie just before  angel eye's shows up at sad hill. or jack Elam's shushing the old train station's employee as Elam puts his finger over his mouth. for that matter  all nods and wordless jestures

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: La Roue (1923)
« on: May 11, 2008, 09:59:35 PM »
keep us informed of your opinion

i've a feeling this  has been asked before. a main leone apostle O0

yea groggy. we'll sequestor this one to spaghetti directors only.

Giuseppe Colizzi
Frank Kramer (aka Gianfranco Parolini)
Tonino Valerii
Alberto De Martino
Ted Archer (Nello Rossati)
Julio Buchs
Sergio Garrone 

i hear you got some got your posters liven ' on this here leone farm.   
so where do i purchase my ticket, i just wanta ringside seat
i want to hear and see everything  O0  
i want to know about the rooms behind your minds
is that a vacum there, or am i going blind
or is it just the remains from echoes  long ago,
things like love the board, and let your fancy flo.
i have been here before, in days of ice. and i come back to find, the best threads that have ever been burned. maybe it's just a change of climate. i want to know about the new leone board.
i want to hear a see everything
ah, shucks,  ^-^
if mr. leone could only see me now... 8)

Web Site Announcements / Re: Road Apples (newbies) read this !
« on: May 09, 2008, 04:42:39 PM »

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Rate The Last Movie You Saw
« on: May 08, 2008, 08:50:20 PM »
the president's analyst.  w/ james coburn 

{ firing a machine gun }" take THAT you hostile son of bitch !" >:(

not for the weak.... perhaps not for the strong

A Fistful of Dollars / Re: A Fistful of Dollars toys. coming soon.
« on: May 08, 2008, 03:12:01 PM »
very good. very good indeed !

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