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Off-Topic Discussion / The many genres of Quentin Tarantino
« on: December 14, 2012, 05:49:24 AM »
Kill Bill (Martial Arts)
Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs (Gangster)
Inglorious bastards (War movie)
Four rooms "The Man from Hollywood" (Comedy)
Django Unchained ("Spaghetti" Western)
From Dusk to Dawn (Horror)
Jackie Brown (Blacksploitation)

The only ones he has yet to do is Sci Fi and a Musical.  Maybe the Blue "Vega" Brothers is in the works.

Sergio Leone News / Movies on youtube.
« on: November 30, 2012, 03:39:53 PM »
Classics like A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL, Professional Gun and The Big Gundown seem to be back online....

Catch them quick before youtube deletes them again

Remake...No way Angel eyes, and Im not buying into the idea of AE twin brother Colonel Mortimer being in it.

So Prequel for me........

a story about Stevens and Jackson on how they got that gold....Plus a back story on how Tuco & Blondie got to know all about Angel eyes.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / The "Il tramonto" scene
« on: October 28, 2012, 05:16:34 AM »
I know it would be messing about with a masterpiece......but how many people here would prefer to have this scene right at the begining opposed to the bounty hunt for Tuco?

For many years in the 80´s I actullay thought that "Il tramonto" was really at the start of the movie....maybe because it was the "late night" T.V. cut, or maybe it was the powerful image of Angel eyes riding in with Ennio´s beautiful score.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Who were you rooting for in the film.
« on: October 26, 2012, 03:52:39 AM »
For me it was blondie all the way until the Ecstasy of Gold kicked in.

The only thing about OUATITW there´s a bit TOO much dialouge for my liking between the main characters.... Which I felt compromised the balance of the film.

I would have prefered a cut where you see Mr Choo Choo´s train getting raided and maybe Cheyenne´s escape....   We were spolit for action in GBU.

But everyone is different  :D

Off-Topic Discussion / A FISTFUL OF GOLD
« on: September 18, 2012, 12:50:09 PM »
Sorry not a title of a lost Leone masterpiece   :D  but a interesting story I picked up off the internet.

Gold Haul Found At Dead Loner's Nevada HomeA 69-year-old recluse died with just $200 in the bank - but officials could hardly believe their eyes when they went to his home.

uthorities in a US city have been talking about an astounding discovery made at the home of a man who died alone in apparent poverty.

Walter Samaszko Jr left only $200 (£123) in his bank account - but a search of his house in CARSON City, Nevada revealed a wealth of treasures including gold bars and coins valued at $7m (£4.3m).

"You never anticipate running into anything like this," clerk-recorder Alan Glover told the Los Angeles Times.

"It was a run-of-the-mill 1,200 sq ft tract home that still had orange shag carpet. This guy was everybody’s next-door neighbour."

Mr Samaszko, 69, was described by officials as a loner who went about his business and kept himself to himself. He had been dead for at least a month when he was found by worried neighbours, who alerted officials.

Mr Samaszko, who suffered from heart trouble, had lived in the house since the 1960s. He shared it with his mother until her death in 1992.

Mr Glover said the gold was found by workers clearing the property.

"He was a hoarder. There was everything inside that home you could think of," he said. "The workers found a crawl space from the garage. That led to everything else.

"He was apparently buying gold from a local coin dealer. We found it in sealed boxes marked 'books'.

"We also found gold wrapped in tin foil stored in ammunition boxes. There was just more and more. We found a family silver set with rolls of $20s and Mexican five-peso coins."

The gold coins had been minted as early as the 1840s in countries that also included England, Austria and South Africa.

Based on its weight, Mr Glover said the haul was worth around $7m, but the figure could be higher as some of the coins appeared to be collector's items.

Mr Samaszko's entire fortune will go to his nearest relative, a first cousin who lives in San Rafael, California. She was tracked down by investigators using a list of people who had attended his mother's funeral 20 years before.

"This will be good for her," said Mr Glover. "She's a substitute school teacher who lives in an apartment."


Maybe a good, bad or an ugly idea for a film

General Discussion / Clint at the Republican convention 2012.
« on: August 31, 2012, 08:55:28 AM »

Clint Eastwood Mocks Obama At ConventionThe Obama campaign team laughs off Clint Eastwood's surreal sketch attacking him at the Republican convention.2:43pm UK, Friday 31 August 2012  Video: Eastwood And Obama's Empty Chair
Enlarge EmailThe Obama campaign team has shrugged off a bizarre attack on the president by Clint Eastwood at the Republican convention.

The Hollywood star, who is a staunch Republican supporter, appeared shortly before Mitt Romney's key speech and was supposed to be on stage for five minutes.

But he ended up speaking for 12 minutes in what was a surreal conversation with an imaginary Barack Obama on an empty chair beside him.

Eastwood told the chair where he felt Mr Obama had gone wrong and how he had failed to deliver on his promises, then declared that it was time for him to go.

"Mr President, how do you handle promises that you have made when you were running for election, and how do you handle them? I mean, what do you say to people?," he asked.

The Obama campaign hit back on Twitter
The 82-year-old actor and director also talked about the president's unfulfilled promise to close the US prison at Guantanamo, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and lawyers.

"When somebody doesn't do the job, you gotta let 'em go," Eastwood said. The tough guy actor of "Dirty Harry" fame then drew a finger across his throat.

The Obama campaign team was unruffled by the sketch. His office posted a photo on Twitter of the back of the president's chair with Mr Obama's head visible and the caption: "This seat's taken."

Spokesman Ben LaBolt made his own surrealist joke when asked to comment, saying: "Referring all questions on this to Salvador Dali."

The 20th century artist was famous for his surrealist paintings which, as well as being considered technically brilliant, contained the element of surprise and absurdity that characterises the surrealist school of art.

Eastwood appears in one of his films
Mr Obama's team was not the only group to find the whole appearance slightly bizarre.

Within minutes, Twitter was alight with comments mocking the Oscar-winning director and one joker started an invisible chair account @invisibleObama that had soon amassed tens of thousands of followers.

"Clint, my hero, is coming across as sad and pathetic," tweeted film critic Roger Ebert. "He didn't need to do this to himself. It's unworthy of him."

"I heard that Clint Eastwood was channelling me at the RNC," tweeted comic actor Bob Newhart, known for his one-sided conversation bits. "My lawyers and I are drafting our lawsuit."

"Is this a segment for 'Mrs. Eastwood and Company'?" asked Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto, referring to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality series starring Eastwood's wife, Dina.

The Romney campaign insisted the crowd had lapped up the mock interview.

"Judging an American icon like Clint Eastwood through a typical political lens doesn't work," a spokesman said.

"His ad-libbing was a break from all the political speeches, and the crowd enjoyed it."

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Enzo Petito
« on: August 08, 2012, 03:27:52 PM »

Wiki and other sources have him down as still alive, which would well make him over 100.

Does anyone know whatever happend to the actor that played that poor gunstore keeper

Off-Topic Discussion / Any Canadians out there.....
« on: August 02, 2012, 04:20:32 AM »
that have been involved in a "Canadian standoff"?

is this true or just an urban legend

Pulp Fiction/Goodfella´s (Joint 3rd)
Boogie Nights
Midnight run
Reservoir Dogs
Blues Brothers
Pelham 1 2 3
Capricorn One

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Why the 18 / (R) USA rating?
« on: June 28, 2012, 10:09:02 AM »
This has always bugged me..

Why does it have such a high certificate age rating for all the uncut verisons?

I have seen worse violence in Terminator 2, and that´s only a 15.

Unrealized projects

The Godfather

Leone was approached as a potential director of The Godfather, but turned down the offer in order to work on his prohibition era crime epic Once Upon a Time in America. The film was ultimately directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

A Place Only Mary Knows

The script was written by Leone, Luca Morsella, and Fabio Toncelli. Set at the height of the American Civil War, the treatment for Leone's idea of an "Americanized" western concerned a Union soldier and a Southern con man/drifter searching for buried treasure while avoiding the battles between the Confederate States of America and the North. It was to star Mickey Rourke and Richard Gere as the two main leads.

Although the written draft never got into pre-production, Leone's son Andrea had it published in 2004.

Leningrad: The 900 Days

While finishing work on Once Upon a Time in America in 1982, Leone was impressed with Harrison Salisbury's non-fiction book The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad, and he planned on adapting the book as a war epic. Although no formal script had been completed or leaked, Leone came up with the opening scene and basic plot. According to the documentary Once Upon a Time, Sergio Leone, the film opened in medias res as the camera goes from focusing on a Russian hiding from the Nazis' artillery fire to panning hundreds of feet away to show the German Panzer divisions approaching the walls of the city. The plot was to focus on an American photographer on assignment (whom Leone wanted to be played by Robert De Niro) becoming trapped in Russia as the German Luftwaffe begin to bombard the city. Throughout the course of the film, he becomes romantically involved with a Russian woman, whom he later impregnates, as they attempt to survive the prolonged siege and the secret police, because relationships with foreigners are forbidden. According to Leone, "In the end, the cameraman dies on the day of the liberation of the city, when he is currently filming the surrender of the Germans. And the girl is aware of his death by chance seeing a movie news: the camera sees it explode under a shell .... "[2]

By 1989, Leone had been able to acquire $100 million in financing from independent backers, and the film was to be a joint production with a Soviet film company. He had convinced Ennio Morricone to compose the film score, and Tonino Delli Colli was tapped to be the cinematographer. Shooting was scheduled to begin sometime in 1990. The project was canceled when Leone died two days before he was to officially sign on for the film.

In early 2003, Italian filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore sparked interest in announcing he would direct a film called Leningrad, and he expressed interest in casting Nicole Kidman in the role of the female love interest.[3] The film was in production by 2008, but whether or not it is related to the Leone project has yet to be revealed.

Don Quixote

According to Frayling's biography of Leone, Something to Do with Death, he envisioned a contemporary adaptation of Cervantes' 17th century novel Don Quixote with Clint Eastwood in the title role and Eli Wallach as Sancho Panza.[4] He had discussed doing the project throughout the 1960s-1970s, and he started seriously considering it towards the end of his life.

TV miniseries

In 1987, Sergio Leone contacted his old collaborators Sergio Donati and Fulvio Morsella, pitching an idea for a TV miniseries about a Colt revolver that passed from owner to owner throughout the Old West, similar to Anthony Mann's film Winchester '73 (1950). Donati indicated that Leone was interested in a more revisionist take on the genre than his earlier works, wanting to show the Old West "like it really was." Leone abandoned this project in favor of A Place Only Mary Knows, though Donati wrote a treatment and the project remained in gestation for years after Leone's death.[5]

Other planned films

Leone was also an avid fan of Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind and the 1939 film adaptation. His relatives and close friends stated that he always talked about filming a remake of the film that was closer to the original novel, but it never advanced beyond discussions to any serious form of production.

Leone was a fan of Louis-Ferdinand Céline's novel Journey to the End of the Night and was considering a film adaptation in the late 1960s; he incorporated elements of the story into The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Duck, You Sucker! but his idea of adapting the novel itself never got past the planning stages.

Leone also started writing a screenplay based on Lee Falk's The Phantom, and scouted locations for the project. Despite this, he never got to make a movie based on the comic book hero. He declared he would have liked to follow his Phantom project with a movie based on another Falk-created character, Mandrake the Magician.[6]

Leone was an early choice to direct Flash Gordon (1980). Leone was a fan of the original Alex Raymond comic strip, but turned down the film because the script didn't resemble Raymond's work.[7]

Other Films / Two ways to live in this world
« on: June 24, 2012, 04:16:42 AM »
I noticed this in Clint´s White Hunter, Black Heart (1990) movie. A year after SL died


Well, maybe l am. But l figure there's two ways to live in this world.
One is you can crawl and kiss ass and write their happy endings. . .

. . .sign their long-term contracts and never take a chance on anything. . .

. . .and never fly,never leave Hollywood.

Save all your goddamn money,every cent of it.

And then when you're a healthy-looking   you die of a stroke. . .

. . .because whatever was wild in you has eaten away the muscles of your heart.

The other way is to let the chips fall where they may.

Refuse to sign their contracts and tell off the guy who can cut your throat. . .

. . .and flatter the little guy who's hanging by a thread that you hold.

John, maybe you shouldn't be in the picture business.

Well, maybe you're right, kid. Maybe l shouldn't.

Maybe l should've wandered the planet gambling on oil wells. . .

. . .or stolen diamonds or pimped for maharajahs.

Maybe you should've but you know why you didn't?

Because somewhere deep inside of you is a small, tiny spark of hope.

Hope, hell.

I'll die broke in a downtown Los Angeles flophouse. And l won't be bitter.

I'll have contributed maybe five,  damn good pictures.

They'll name a special Academy Award for me. And you know something?

All the wrong guys will get it. And l'll be in hell, laughing my ass off.

Off-Topic Discussion / Kids films you remember as a child.
« on: June 21, 2012, 02:28:58 AM »
Barnaby And Me 1976

A man sets his sights on a very lovely lady and her daughter, who falls for his madcap antics, pressures her mother to love him. Also starring in this film is Barnaby, an endearing koala bear whose unprecedented screen antics will charm every member of the family.  

Usually this film use to be put up on the same ITV afternoon schelduling as Death on the Nile and the early bond films.

I have fond memories of this...It was my introduction to Sid Caesar even before I ever saw "Its a mad mad mad world"....

However after revisiting this film on Youtube ( ), as a grown up  . I can safely confirm that this is a Childs version of the movie Scarface (1983).  :o :o :o

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