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General Discussion / Re:the message board
« on: December 24, 2002, 05:04:04 PM »
i have to agree, this is the best forum i have been too  yet, the best topic, perfectly designed, easy to use and  very importantly there are a nice number of users, which will change no question of a doubt, as peole hear about it.

Web Site Announcements / Re:Edit Your Profile
« on: December 24, 2002, 08:22:45 AM »
could we have the picture of clint swinging round in his chair to shoot the two gang members in for a few more dollars?  I tried to get it as my picture but it wouldn't work cause its too big.


  I was quite surprised to see just how popular GBU was on this site in comparison to the other two SW's in the Clint/Leone trilogy.  Don't get me wrong, all three are wonderful movies, and destroy any western before that, but i do feel that GBU is slightly overrated by some of Leone's fans on this site.  People seem to argue that GBU’s plot, humour, character development and score are what makes it the classic Leone/Clint spaghetti western.   This I feel is somewhat faulted.  Although all these points are true, Morricone’s score is world renowned now, there is a great deal of humour and the plot is interesting, I feel that the movie has its weaknesses and does not match up to the standard set by For a Few Dollars More.
     Firstly, the score written by Morricone is good, but it does not hold the same suspense or splendour then that of FAFDM, where the mixture of the whistling and soprano singing bring you into such a state of frenzy that anything could be on the screen and it would be exciting.  Secondly I feel that compared to the first two movies the plot in GBU is of a low standard.  yes it is intricate, but this in itself is the downfall of it.  The fact that it twists and turns a few too many times just kills it, it is not too complicated its just too ‘hectic.’  The thing for me that defined its two predecessors was the simplicity and beauty of it, Leone obviously had a large budget to play with, and this I felt led him into bringing in too many characters.  For instance, of what importance to the whole movie is the bridge scene, entertaining yes, but it seems to come out as a pointless jibe at the stupidity of generals over the years.  Thirdly I feel that although funny, the movie’s humour is not as subtle as the movies before, but rather has to incorporate a character who is over the top in cartoonish way funny, Tuco.  Finally and most importantly, is character development.  Stated as one of the main reasons for this movies success.  This I debate seriously, we have three main characters, Blondie, Tuco and Angel Eyes, none of who seem to change dramatically over the whole movie.  Angel Eyes, is not used enough in the movie by Leone, he does not create that same sense of fear that Indio brought in FAFDM or Ramon in Fistful of Dollars, and hardly ever appears a threat to Blondie or Tuco’s chances of getting the money.  Also the development of the friendship between Tuco and Blondie is not nearly as good of that of Manco and Colonel Mortimer, which was very touching and gradual.  Blondie and Tuco leave on the same terms as they first met, as partners but not friends.  

   Sorry to have babbled on so long but I just felt that there was no one out there standing up for the criticism of GBU, or the sublimeness of For a Few More Dollars.

General Discussion / the message board
« on: December 24, 2002, 05:34:32 AM »
this is rather off the topic of leone but i was just wondering who designed the board.  Was it actually paid for by leone's family or by a private investor.  Just curios to know, as quite impressively there are very few adverts or pop ups, which is nice to see.

General Discussion / highly recomended
« on: December 22, 2002, 09:10:35 AM »
i seriously hope that you all visit a rather brilliant website that i have come across through this site.

very well done

For a Few Dollars More / Re:The Man With No Name
« on: December 22, 2002, 08:38:57 AM »
clint also has the apperance of a much younger person in gbu, the way he dresses and the fact that although he is a maverick, he uses a partner.  I am not an expert on american history (as i am english, and we are to stuborn minded to bother learning about it,) , so i wouldn't be able to criticise your chronological ordering by weapons.  Although i cannot feel that leone could have paid to much attention the actual date set of the movies, if we were to ask him i am sure that he would say he did not have a set date, but used a certain period around which he could set his movie.  So for instance he needed to use civil war times to create GBU, so he just tried to incorporate things from the time to give the movie a feel of realism, not a direct parrallel to the time.

General Discussion / Re:Viva Tuco
« on: December 22, 2002, 08:29:31 AM »
thanks mate

General Discussion / Re:What is your favorite Film?
« on: December 22, 2002, 08:20:59 AM »

General Discussion / Re:THE BEST SERGIO LEONE FILM...
« on: December 20, 2002, 07:02:36 AM »
as i have already explained elsewhere, for a few dollars more is the best of them all, for me.  it converted me to leone and eastwood, and also it seems to the moment when all three genius'  clint, sergio and ennio came together as one to make a superb movie with a damn cool lead man and best of all a score that could change a world.

it maybe a biased view as it was the converter but his movie really does it for me.  who wouldn't want to be manco????

General Discussion / Re:What is your favorite Film?
« on: December 20, 2002, 06:57:46 AM »
in my personal opinion fafmd is the best movie out of the 5 mentioned. the score itself does it for me, i could just listen to the movie.  It also has two great lead charachters, manco and the conel and it has some quality soundbites.  clint is also at his best in FDM, he has that suaveness and swagger about him which captivates the watcher.

i hated eastwood and westerns before i saw this movie, now i am in love with both, leone, morricone and eastwood are all legends.

General Discussion / Re:Viva Tuco
« on: December 20, 2002, 06:51:21 AM »
yeah tuco is alright, but any charachter played by clint is just so much cooler.  Although in TGTBTU clint is not quite as cool as in FOD or FAFMD where he just happens to be the king of cool.

one more thing, the name english bob comes from the movie unforgiven right?  with m freedman, clint E and gene hackman.

For a Few Dollars More / Re:The Man With No Name
« on: December 20, 2002, 06:44:53 AM »
thats a good point about the hand.  its intressting how leone brings across actors from all three films into different parts.  all the bandits in the first two seem to be the same.  There must be some meaning to these, and i'm guessing the monco/manco name has a direct link to FOD

For a Few Dollars More / Re:Questions that scream out for an answer
« on: December 20, 2002, 06:31:53 AM »
the whole matter of how the conel knew which way to go seems pretty obvious, he knew that manco would go the opposite of the agreed direction, the direction being north.  Well the opposite of north is south, so he could count out north and south as indio would never trust manco's advice.  so he is left with either west of east, they can't go west because that leads to el paso so they had to go east.  Pretty simple really, especially if you are the genious that is douglas mortimer

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