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General Discussion / scripts
« on: May 20, 2006, 06:52:48 AM »
Anyone know if scripts to OUATITW (must be about 3 pages long ;)) or to Giù la testa (DYS, FoDynamite, OUATTR...) are available on the net somewhere, either in french or in english ?

Once Upon A Time In The West / Buried tracks enigma...
« on: May 07, 2006, 04:55:58 AM »
I just watched OUATITW again (must be my 100th viewing since 1969) and wondered about the buried railroad tracks.
In the scene where Harmonica and Cheyenne are at the McBains'. Harmonica runs a spike through the sand and unveils a stretch of railroad tracks.
Now the railroad is moving west for the first time ever and has just passed Flagstone. Sweetwater is the only location with water in a 50 mile radius west of Flagstone, therefore is the only place  to build a train station so the steam engines can be replenished.
So why are the railroad tracks there before the railroad crew arrive?
Did McBain himself lay those tracks in anticipation of the arrival of the railroad crew and garantee the passage of the railroad on his property? Or, is there another explanation?

Duck, You Sucker / On TV in Montréal
« on: April 30, 2005, 05:16:07 AM »
Il était une Révolution

On Canal D: May 12th midnite

For a Few Dollars More / FAFDM on TV in Montréal
« on: April 30, 2005, 05:13:39 AM »
On canal D:

May 11th midnite

A Fistful of Dollars / FOD on TV Montréal
« on: April 16, 2005, 08:28:07 AM »
A heads up to those who hav'nt a tape of Fisful of dollar$/Pour une poignée de dollars:
Canal D will be airing it in french, Sunday april 17th at 9h00AM, rev up the VCR.

Can anyone explain this caption we find under the title OUATIW on this board? I find it inaccurate.
To take her:
Did'nt Frank kidnap her and take her to the cliffs?
To love her:
Did'nt Frank make love to her (or at least try to) as far as we know?
To kill her: Frank again right?
So Frank is all three, IMHO.
OK! Lets be sentimental:
To take her: Harmonica if he had wanted to
To love her: Cheyenne in a fatherly way
To kill her: Frank and Morton, I suppose..

Once Upon A Time In The West / Harmonica's motive for the night scene
« on: February 13, 2005, 09:04:49 AM »
I am reflecting a lot on Harmonica these days. Mostly thanx to Joe's commentaries.
I am wondering what was Harmonica trying to do, that night when he plays outside the window. Surely not trying to comfort Jill, as she shoots at him.
And then the falling match.
Come to think of it, we don't see him smoking anytime in the film, when compared to Eastwood, who relights his butts constantly.

Once Upon A Time In The West / Out of sequence scenes
« on: February 05, 2005, 04:32:18 PM »
OUATITW is among my top 10 films, since I first saw it in 1969.
But to this day, I am bothered by the continuity in the middle of the film. You know the scenes: Jill and Frank with the miniature station in hand, then Frank in the cave with Morton (what's that about?), then back in bed with Frank. The DVD suggests Leone missed that one. I find it hard to believe.
Anyone have an idea on this one?

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