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Other Films / Comin' at Ya! (1981) and in 3-D (2009)
« on: May 11, 2006, 09:36:12 AM »
Comin' At Ya! (1981)

Yendo Hacia Ti (Spain)


Directed by
Ferdinando Baldi

Story by Tony Pettito (Tony Anthony)
Camera by Fernando Arribas   
Original Music by
Carlo Savina   
Tony Anthony ....  H.H. Hart
Victoria Abril ....  Abilene
Gene Quintano ....  Pike
Ricardo Palacios ....  Polk
Joaquín Gómez Sáinz  (as Dan Barry)
Lewis Gordon

By 1981, the heyday of the SW was over..that golden era finished..played out...& pretty much left for dead. A few interesting stragglers trickled out...Mannaja in '77..Lucio Fulci delivered Silver Saddle in '78.. & Michele Lupo's Buddy Goes West in '81.  The  previously bustling sets in Almeria & other Spanish locations were abandoned...& allowed to fall into disrepair. Director Ferdinando Baldi & Producer/Actor Tony Anthony, who ten years earlier had collaborated on adapting & bringing the blind swordsman "Zatoichi" to the Spaghetti West..resulting in the entertaining ........Blindman,.............  decided to do it again.......... filming a loose remake of Blindman in Spain.

Producer Tony Anthony decided to film it in give it life... to make it stand out...& that's precisely what it did.  Originally called YENDO HACIA TI (GOING TOWARDS YOU) ,... Filmways picked up the film for North American distribution,  re-named it COMIN’ AT YA! wound up making a bundle at the box office...grossing $12,000,000 in the USA...becoming the 23rd highest grossing Western ever among all post 1980-present Westerns... & sparking a modest 3D revival.

Anthony stars as H.H. Hart...who's not given any backstory but I'd project him as a former gunslinger.  His wife, Abilene, is played by the gorgeous Victoria (TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!) Abril. Gene (TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS) Quintano plays the sleazy leader of the bad guys, Pike...unfortunately he plays it badly, in a terrible performance.. Quintano also had a hand in the script. Pike’s fat, disgusting brother, Polk, is played by Ricardo (ARK OF THE SUN GOD) Palacios.

After an opening credits sequence in which beans spill all over the camera, bullets fire at the audience, a snake slithers out of a basket.., and hands reach out for the viewer's face... this recycled, slightly fiddled & diddled with clone of Blindman....... ....gets going as Hart embarks on a rescue mission after his wife is kidnapped, he lies shot & left for dead......the priest shot & killed... by the Thompson brothers (Gene Quintano, Ricardo Palacios) the little border they exchange their vows...anticipating and influencing the chapel massacre in "Kill Bill".

We discover that the Thompsons & their gang have been kidnapping women all over the territory in order to sell them to Mexican brothels... taking them all down to Mexico to be sold to the highest bidder.  Hart follows, carrying a pump shotgun , blasting his way through the bad guys, getting beaten up several times (an Anthony trademark...he always gets pummeled a lot).  After capturing one of the brothers and giving him a beating. ..he then tracks down the other brother/rest of the gang, hoping to release the captive women...& save his wife. Release...escape..recapture..& murder ensue.

As Hart continues on his quest, we're treated to guys falling downstairs (in slooooow motion), spinning fiery pinwheels (for the five minute recap at the end), an attack of bats, spiders, scurrying (and hungry) rats, flaming arrows (the best part...& the 3D works), and even a baby's bare bottom.

As the gang kills time  in a windswept ghost town waiting for Hart to show up's an excuse for more gimmicks....yo-yos...paddleballs... playing cards flipped at Hart, despite being greatly outnumbered...  rides into town to save his wife....& exact his revenge. The explosive finale works well in 3D...or maybe I was just sufficiently cross eyed by that time.

The old, abandoned, crumbled, delapidated sets work well.......conveying an air of desolation & desperation.

Carlo Savina scored a lot of SW...all low budget "B" stuff. Here he contributes a spare, elegiac score......using ambient voices pleasingly. His best moments are during a 5 minute replay of its best 3D moments after the movie.....which I'm guessing was probably the original opening credits title tune.

I've always liked Anthony...although he never achieved the status of a Nero, Eastwood or a Garko ... he always gave a good performance...was one of the most likeable SW "heroes" well as being a talented writer & producer.....& Baldi...never accorded the reverence of a Leone, a Corbucci.. always delivered the goods.......never afraid to take chances.

When presented in the theater...........viewers used  polarized (gray lenses) to gain the 3-D experience.
The  DVD utilizes Anaglyph 3-D,  centering around the wearing of glasses with red and blue effect the illusion of depth.
It's best to view the movie in a fully darkened room with the red lens over the right it appears to be Reverse Anaglyph.
The close, foreground shots don't work too well...........the foreground objects that are supposed to loom out at you are always breaking up & tend to produce a "ghosting" effect, which ruins the overall illusion of depth in the image. ..The 3-D actually works best............producing pretty good depth effects,  in the regular shots...the medium & background shots.

Could it stand on its own...w/out the 3d...something to be watched & watched again? No. The story...pretty much paint by numbers, point a--> point b--> point c.............doesn't warrant repeated viewings.
That being said...I'll watch it again........not for the story..but for the 3D.

In 1983...Baldi & Anthony collaborated on another 3D movie.."Treasure of the Four Crowns "....which marked the final on-screen performance by Tony Anthony, though he continued working for a time as a television producer.  From his experience working on the 3D film techniques for this movie, Tony Anthony now manufactures specialised lenses for the medical industry.

There are a couple of places that will send you a free pair of 3D glasses.........

Grab some buttered popcorn......a Giant x-large box of Junior Mints...& check it out. 8)

I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta (1966)
Long Days Of Vengeance
Directed by:
Florestano Vancini   (as Stan Vance)
Written by:
Augusto Caminito   
Fernando Di Leo   
Mahnahén Velasco   

Giuliano Gemma ....  Ted Barnett
Francisco Rabal ....  Sheriff Douglas
Gabriella Giorgelli ....  Dulcie
Conrado San Martín ....  Mr. Cobb
Franco Cobianchi ....  General Porfirio
Nieves Navarro ....  Dolly
Manuel Muñiz ....  Pajarito

  Original Music by
Armando Trovajoli   
Cinematography by
Francisco Marín   

The memorable main theme of composer Armando Trovaioli’s sole Western score, a slow and stately trumpet soaring over acoustic guitar and rolling percussion,  kicks off 1966’s Long Days Of Vengeance.

As 2 prisoners carry out a daring escape from a harsh, brutal military prison....we get our first look at Ted Barnett......, who, as we discover later,  is serving his 3rd year of a sentence of 30 at hard labor...framed for the murder of an Army part of an elaborate plan involving & including the murder of his father....slave labor..gun running.. & the ownership & control of a railroad.

The story quotes quite clearly from it's inspiration .... "The Count of Monte Cristo". Gemma, as Barnett..looking very much like the imprisoned Edmond Dantes....plots revenge against those who betrayed him.
After making his escape, ...and a not your typical day at the barber shop...he manages to find some helpers for his plan to exact revenge...from a traveling medicine show..who are VERY aware of the $10,000 bounty now on his head.

The only Western directed by Florestano Vancini ........he makes use of a good plot...with definite  noirish elements-- fall guy out for revenge..  the shady former lover , here  played by  Nieves Navarro , as the femme fatale, who may have access to evidence implicating the conspirators............greed,  redemption and payback.
It's a good could see it used in an 40's B&W well as a lean, mean 50s American Western..but here it gets the Spaghetti treatment. ...there's even  a bit of ninja fare thrown good effect, I might it plays into the final showdown..from which some will walk away unbowed, but none will walk away unbloodied.

Of course no Gemma film would be complete without the former stuntman's trademark athleticism.....he shows off his gymnast roots...but this is a slightly darker Gemma...the smile & the humor are there.....but also the grit of an avenger as one by one the conspirators are evidenced  by the lengths to which he'll go as he attempts to set the sides up for a fall...and by what  he sets himself up for to carry out his plan.

A good supporting cast....which, untypically for most Italian Westerns, features 2 strong female supporting characters...the fetching Navarro....and a nice turn by Gabriella Giorgelli as the aptly named, sweet but feisty Dulcie...who proves equally adept w/ a guitar or rifle.

The catchy & varied score contains a variety of themes & influences...ranging from Morricone to Toots Thielman's harmonica soundtracks. The stunning main theme --> which can be heard here <--  appeared in Tarantino’s "Kill Bill", during the  “Origin of O-Ren Ishii” anime sequence.

An interesting story..well told.. badly dubbed... nicely filmed....a nice fit somewhere in the middle of anyone's SW collection.



Off-Topic Discussion / Waterloo
« on: April 29, 2006, 05:57:44 AM »
I watched Waterloo (1970) last night. Filmed in the starts with Napoleon's exile..& continues through the French defeat at Waterloo.
I was thoroughly impressed and very entertained.
First of all..what a cast.........--------->

Rod Steiger ....  Napoleon Bonaparte
Christopher Plummer ....  Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
Orson Welles ....  King Louis XVIII
Jack Hawkins ....  Gen. Sir Thomas Picton
Virginia McKenna ....  Duchess of Richmond
Dan O'Herlihy ....  Marshal Michel Ney
Rupert Davies ....  Lord Gordon
Philippe Forquet ....  Le Bedoyere
Gianni Garko ....  Gen. Drouot
Ivo Garrani ....  Marshal Soult
Ian Ogilvy ....  William De Lancey
Michael Wilding ....  Sir William Ponsonby

Steiger did this movie right before "Duck You Sucker".....& he was brilliant. Christopher Plummer's portayal as Wellington was a great bit of acting. the French artillery specialist General Drouot...had a smaller role...but it was nice to see him and hear his real voice in English.
The battle scenes were exceptional...and have been referred to in reviews I've read as historically accurate.
Music by Nino Rota.......the stunt coordinator was SW veteran actor Franco Fantasia.
Well worth your time...good one.


Trivia Games / Today's movie trivia question
« on: April 28, 2006, 04:48:14 PM »'s question is------->

In what movie did both Rod Steiger and Gianni Garko appear?

First person to get the right answer will win:
2 free passes to the annual Gabby Hayes film festival...held at the lovely Blintz Drive-In Theater in Noodle, Arkansas. :o

Other Films / Mille dollari sul nero aka Blood at Sundown (1966)
« on: April 20, 2006, 01:42:04 PM »
 Mille dollari sul nero (1966)
One Thousand Dollars On the Black (USA) 
Blood at Sundown (USA)

  Directed by 
Alberto Cardone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Written by
Ernesto Gastaldi
Rolf Olsen 

Original Music by
Michele Lacerenza
Antonio De Teffè ....  Johnny (as Anthony Steffen)
Gianni Garko ....  Sartana
Erika Blanc ....  Josalita
Franco Fantasia ....  Sheriff
Sieghardt Rupp ....  Ralph
Angelica Ott ....  Mary
Daniela Igliozzi ....  Rhonda

The sound of a plaintive solo trumpet.......a tight shot of Anthony Steffen as ex con Johnny Liston... introduces this slightly mad..somewhat fascinating...often bad but never dull SW from 1966. After spending 12 yrs in prison for a murder he didn't commit, he encounters a deadly ambush as he returns to town ........only to find it under the boot of a gang of vicious thugs...led by none other than his brother, Sartana (No..not that Sartana)....a loony self styled 'General' commanding the forces of a brutal protection racket. Johnny also discovers his former lover, Manuela, in his camp...(which looks kinda like a combination Aztec temple/fort built into the side of a mountain..)
He visits his wacked out in what looks (architecturally) like a Greek Temple...the "queen", if you will..of the town..deluded & under the spell of luxury & power...anointed by her mad son's butchery.

Quite a morning...huh?

Directed by Alberto Cardone..a/k/a Albert known for his work as assistant director on "Ben-Hur"..& second unit director on "Barbarella"...., this was Gianni Garko's first Western...and it's quite a  debut. You've never..& never will again..see Garko like a cruel, crazed, , psychotic maniac....with 3 entire towns under his domination......whose citizens are forced to pay return for his "protection".

Oozing with classical themes & references...elements of Greek tragedy...Shakespearean drama....high Italian opera..( I half expected to see someone  break into an aria at any moment... a Greek chorus commenting on the action wouldn't have been a surprise, either)....Oedipal themes...religious parables (Cain & Abel)...A Christian passion play of resurrection & redemption......all stirred and whipped into a very 'Italian' melodrama. ..and quite violent (babies, women..all's fair game here) Western.

As far as I know...this was the only pairing of Steffen & Garko, who star as the conflicted brothers..............and probably the first use of "Sartana" as a character's name.

As Sartana's 'troops' march into a nearby town to collect their booty....Johnny declares "this town's under my protection", setting up some gun battles, which are basically..boundary & limit defining  contests......leading up to the inevitable against brother......
& a starkly surreal & well filmed (best in the movie) ending......including, (but not limited to) the fires of Hell.......with the main street of the town acting as the river Styx' path to the Underworld...a biblical quote from Leviticus as we fade..with the heavens darkening & grumbling...(Zeus didn't make an appearance...but that doesn't mean he wasn't in the vicinity......)

Composer Michele Lacerenza was a trumpet player on the Fistful of Dollars score...& manages to come up with a serviceable soundtrack...including the melancholy  trumpet theme...numerous Morricone rips--> electric guitar & flute..., organ music...and what sounds like incidental opera music.

While there's no shortage of things gone a little wrong here...there are ridiculous shots of the sun accompanied by cheesy organ music...
some absurd dialogue..bad dubbing.....
silent film style- like overacting.....& some intense closeups of maniacal laughter...which we all know & love from countless SW...I would never dismiss this as one to avoid.
 There's a lot going on here..& while much of didn't work...some of it did...& can be quite a hoot if viewed w/ the right spirit.

It could qualify as a somewhat campy...fascinating failure of a stewpot of themes & references...& w/ the 'Wow' factor of Garko's SW 'debut'...the pairing of Steffen & Garko....
It can be a somewhat bizarre...weirdly entertaining hour and a half or so.

# 60 on my list.

Tough to find...Widescreen...not a pristine transfer by any means but least 1 web store has it (Video Search of Miami)
or...gimme a buzz ..maybe I can help.

Other Films / Django Strikes Again
« on: February 23, 2006, 10:10:25 PM »
Finally got a hold of the Anchor Bay Widescreen VHS & watched it .
Some thoughts-->'s worth seeing...if only to see Django digging up his long buried machine gun in a cemetery...and to see William Berger's cameo as an old gunfighter in the recovered 5 & 1/2 minute prologue...which exists only in Italian w/ English subs. 

Director Nello Rossati got the old SW spirit right's there...from the loony Hungarian self proclaimed leader of ex-mercenaries for the Emperor Maximilian...working a silver mine with captured peasants as slave some inventive ways of's wacky enough.

Gianfranco Plenizio's (he scored 1 & conducted 1 other SW back in the old days) score is not that bad..a harken back to the old stuff.
On the whole it was a good try...didn't totally feels a bit rushed...won't go to the top of many "quality movie" lists...
...but there's a fun factor here.

Off-Topic Discussion / The Sicilian Clan/TONIGHT
« on: February 17, 2006, 12:02:39 PM »
Feb. 17........8 PM.....Fox Movie Channel 

w/ a great cast...musical score by Ennio Morricone

Other Films / Long Days of Hate (I lunghi giorni dell'odio) (1967)
« on: December 30, 2005, 07:38:39 AM »
I Lunghi Giorni Dell'Odio (1967) (Long Days of Hate..;..This Man Can't Die)

Directed by  Gianfranco Baldanello 
Original Music by
Amedeo Tommasi   

Guy Madison ....  Martin Benson
Lucienne Bridou ....  Susy Benson
Rik Battaglia ....  Vic Graham
Rosalba Neri ....  Jenny Benson
Alberto Dell'Acqua  (as Robert Widmark)
Steve Merrick ....  Daniel Benson
Pietro Martellanza.... Tony Guy (as Peter Martell)

In Gianfranco Baldanello's third (of 6) Italian Western...Guy Madison stars as a mercenary undercover agent for the military...  in this minor..but on the whole pretty well done western.

Martin Benson hasn't quite made it home from the war..rather working undercover & gaining a reputation as an outlaw.
As 3 bad guys he helped to capture are hanging in the wind..he's offered a substantial amount of gold to find the leader of the gun & liquor  smuggling operation he's helped to bust up..even as.....gang members are out to get him..& target his family as well.
His parents are killed..younger sister raped..& he & his younger brother set out for revenge...also trying to stay the remaining family members (2 sisters..2 brothers) are still being stalked.

Madison, of course, knows his way around sixguns, fistfights & horses..& it shows. He's as comfortable to watch as wearing an old pair of worn in jeans.
There are no 'corrida' type showdowns..but some medium to larger gunfights...& probably pretty much how gunfights really were...shooting people anywhere & anyhow you the back..through windows...whatever works.

Amedeo Tommasi's (The House with Laughing Windows ) first & only SW score is imitation Morricone..but good imitation Morricone......strings & horns w/ the dominant electric guitar..& the title vocal tune is a typical catchy SW pop ballad. Overall , among the best Morricone rips I've ever heard.

So what we have here is kind of a mixture of the pre-Leone SW & some post Leone elements......brutality...rape..nudity...& the the usual bloody messes.
I don't believe that a widescreen version of this movie still's showing up on a lot of those 5..20..50 cheapo Movie packs...the fullscreen is watchable...I do recommend zooming it down to 1/2 if you come across the DVD.
It's worth a viewing.

General Discussion / no message
« on: December 29, 2005, 10:09:13 AM »

General Discussion / Encore Western Channel is worthless
« on: December 22, 2005, 09:22:35 PM »
GBU is at this moment showing on Encore Western fullscreen.......yes..fullscreen.
They've turned one helluva movie into crap.
I'm catching a scene now & then..& it looks awful.
I can't wait to see the final showdown ruined.

Other Films / The Man from Laramie (1955)
« on: December 15, 2005, 05:40:34 AM »
Anthony Mann's first Western in Cinemascope...... darker than most Westerns of its time...comparisons & similarities have been made to "King Lear".

The Man From Laramie (1955)
Director: Anthony Mann

TCM: Thursday, December 15 8:00 PM

Cast: James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Donald Crisp, Cathy O'Donnell, Alex Nicol, Aline MacMahon, Wallace Ford, Jack Elam, John War Eagle, James Millican, Gregg Barton, Boyd Stockman, Frank de Kova

General Discussion / Public Domain Spaghetti Westerns
« on: October 28, 2005, 09:56:17 PM »
Gunfight At Red Sands
The Grand Duel

are in the Public Domain..which means that their copyrights were not renewed & they're free & legally distributable by anyone. I've looked at the other movies listed, in various categories, & I recognize them as Public Domain..from hanging around the Internet Archive a lot.

Anyone w/ a BitTorrent client (Shareaza, for example) can use this site. The 700 MB file is supposed to be good quality...& I've burned AVI to DVD before. Proper aspect ratio? Don't know yet.
The more people that d/l a particular file...the faster it takes

Trivia Games / If........................
« on: October 24, 2005, 03:04:56 PM »
If Catherine Zeta-Jones married Tommy Lee Jones........she could be
Catherine Zeta-Jones-Jones

If Sarita Monteil (Vera Cruz ) had married Joe DaRita (Three Stooges )...she could have been --->Sarita DaRita.

Off-Topic Discussion / Un Pugno de Manifesti
« on: October 23, 2005, 02:11:30 PM »
Un Pugno de Manifesti (2005) (A Fistful Of Posters)

Directed by boardwalk_angelina
Music by Ennio Morricone

Click here to watch Fistful-Of-Posters

(You can r/click inside the player screen & zoom to Full Screen..if you like)

Off-Topic Discussion / Peckinpah's restored films on DVD 1/2006
« on: October 07, 2005, 01:51:09 PM »
"two-disc special editions of The Wild Bunch, enhanced for widescreen TVs for the first time, and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid , restored to the late director's original intention......................
also included--> Ride the High Country  and The Ballad of Cable Hogue "

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