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Other Films / Re: The Magnificent Seven (1960)
« on: April 03, 2005, 06:35:43 AM »
This is one of my all time favorites... Not the best western ever made (although certainly a case can be made for it's being one of 'em).......but possibly the most fun. It really shouldn't have got Brynner..a bald, Russian/Mongolian emigre... as a gunfighter of "Cajun" heritage......McQueen... a "TV Cowboy"...whose few screen credits included a starring role in "The Blob", as your second lead...the Lithuanian-American that time a relatively unknown actor , as a Mexican/Irish half breed....a German actor named Horst as a young Latino known as "Chico"......Vladimir Sokoloff..a well known character actor born in Moscow as a wise old Mexican peasant........and Wallach..a Jewish method actor from the Broadway stage and TV as a ruthless Mexican bandit......... and it was so rousing..& so much fun..w/ that superb score...& it becomes a classic...who woulda thunk it?
One scene that sticks out for me is..after Brynner, as 'Chris'..& McQueen, as ' Vin' have driven the hearse back down from the cemetery..a guy comes up & offers Chris a drink...and asks "Where ya from"?........answered w/ a thumb pointing back over the shoulder............."Where ya headed"?....... a wordless point ahead. A simple scene...yet positively resonant & memorable...& defining. ......................
It recently played on the big screen at a local revival theater..& I'm still kicking myself for missing it.

Other Films / Re: Lyricsong DJANGo in Italian
« on: April 02, 2005, 06:38:02 AM »

'Tis I..H_ the _S....howdee!!!   :) Yes..I've been lurking around here for a couple of weeks...& joined up today.
Oh..& I'm the same 'guy'...but this "guy's" a lady.. :o he he he...who fell in love w/ movies...Westerns always being  a very special favorite...&  a pretty big  'Spaghetti-head.'
Great to hear from you.

Other Films / Re: A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die (1967)
« on: April 01, 2005, 07:51:51 AM »
I was very disappointed.
The 20 minutes cut (that's a lot) seems to have made a very choppy...rather unabsorbing film out of what apparently..with the INTENDED ironic & downbeat ending.. some nice bits..and a very good performance by Robert Ryan.....could have been at least a pretty good film. As it is's  often confusing.....and discordant...and exceptionally ordinary..a harkback, visually & musically, to the Hollywood carbon copy Westerns that Italy used to churn out before Leone got rolling. It was nice to see Arthur Kennedy & Ryan shoot it out with the bandits at the climax...and Alex Cord had a few good moments of action...other than that...a very forgettable film.
I'd like to see the 118 minute full version.

Blue Underground is announcing a special April 1 DVD release...the fully restored Director's cut of
Il Stompanato Gambero Farcito Cotto(1970)
Caliente the Miserable Sonofabitch
If you see Caliente..Shoot Yourself in the Head
Caliente meets Sartana...LET'S KILL SABATA!!!
Grovel, gringo..Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!

Directed by Pupi Castellarini (who had previously directed "Mighty Ursus vs. The Amazon Moon Women")
aka Paul Cohen, aka Zelmo Fabrizi

The original 312 minute running time having been mercillesly & arbitrarilly cut for American some cases down to 49 minutes...due to the film's brutality (the 22 minute crucifixion scene in which fingers are chopped off one by one and forcibly fed and particular), & desire to have 12 showings a day......thereby rendering an already convoluted plot virtually incomprehensible .. naturally the critics savaged it when it was released.

Guiseppe Guillermo (aka Bud Jones)
Ozzie Nelson
Klaus Kinski
Tomas Milian (as 'Fandango'...the blind deaf mute whose skill with an axe is legendary)

This new 2 disc set includes commentary by noted Castellarini scholar Manuel Labor, author of "Pasta & Pupi".

Happy April..y'all

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